Monday, January 29, 2024

Manjoe Taiwanese Dumplings (Kota Kemuning): A Rainbow of Colors

A few days ago, while in the midst of grocery shopping for our home, I stumbled upon Manjoe Taiwanese Dumplings in Kota Kemuning. The Rainbow Dumpling immediately caught my attention with its vibrant colors:

Earthy Green Spinach/Chives 

Bright Yellow Pumpkin/Signature 
Soft Red Beetroot/Spicy Kimchi 
Vibrant Blue Butterfly Peas Flowers/Fresh Prawns 
Original/Fresh Fish 
Mellow Black Charcoal/Cabbage  ...........all crafting a holistic wellness color allure on my palate.

Being in the holistic wellness business, I believe in the positive impact of color therapy, even in the realm of food. Despite time constraints, I packed the dumplings to enjoy at home. There, I relished each bite, dipping them into a spicy ginger concoction that elevated my senses to cloud nine. The soft, fresh  filling and expertly crafted dumpling wrappers made it a delightful experience.

While I wished for the dip to offer an extra level of spiciness, aligning with a true Malaysian's preference, the overall experience was undeniably worthwhile. 

This culinary adventure reinforced the understanding of how food colors influence taste, reflecting the interconnectedness of colors with our breath, body, mind, and soul - a concept resonant with yoga philosophy. Holistic wellness, encompassing both food color therapy and yoga, is about nurturing our overall well-being under the expansive umbrella of holistic care.


Now, I'm curious - what's your perspective on color therapy, harmoniously woven with the essence of breath, mind, body, and soul, much like the vibrant hues of yoga life?


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