Monday, December 14, 2020

Mughlai Style Vegetarian Korma

And so? Every now and then, or every often, we yearn for a different cooking style of the same dish. Of course. The same goes in my house. I mean, it can’t be the same cooking style for the same dishes all the time? No. It can’t be. This time, instead of my regularity to a similar Korma, or Kurma Gravy, or Curry, I did a different kinda Korma. Korma or Kurma (Navratan Korma, Vegetable Kurma & Mutton Kurma), I reckon is a popularity amongst the Indian community and perhaps, throughout the sub-continents of India (Hyderabadi Biryani & Vegetable Kadhi), also, other parts of the world. After all, food likings, food delights and food cooking from various part of the world, has, without a doubt, travelled throughout the globe. Therefore, the food of one country is the availability in other countries, and also, cooked by people like me in Malaysia who like to keep their food life interesting, trilling and aha, sex-citing as well. Sex-citing! Aha! If you are a true and true foodie, you will know what I mean. The rest of you? Go figure and I bet you will agree.

Muglai Style Vegetarian Korma. I took the easy way out. I settled for the store bought Muglai Korma mix and the outcome? This, thick, creamy, spicy, tangy, aromatic, luscious, delightful, salivating and packing an awesome punch of tastiness Korma. Every bit worthy to the korma mix of the brand. Except that,  the spiciness can be heaven and hell. Heaven for those of you who are in my category. The category to the highest level of spiciness. Whereas hell meaning, the burn baby burn, sensation on your palates. Otherwise? All will be well and good. To the recipe now please.

1 packet Shan korma mix 
2 carrots - remove skin and slice
3 potatoes – remove skin and slice 
2 brinjals - slice 
1 ½ tbsp ghee 
Yogurt - per taste 
1 tbsp ginger paste 
1 tbsp garlic paste  
10 shallots - remove skin and slice thinly 
Red chillies (as needed) - slice 
Some coriander leaves 
Salt per taste 
Water as needed

Heat ghee. 
Fry shallots till crispy. Remove and cool down. 

Once cool down, crush. 
In the same ghee, add ginger paste, garlic paste, potatoes, carrots, and red chilies.
Stir for a min or two. 
Add korma mix. 
Stir to combine in.
Pour water as needed for gravy. 
When potatoes and carrots are half cooked,
Add brinjals, salt and cook within veggies becomes soft and tender. 
Pour water if gravy is thickening. 
Once simmered and veggies are cooked, switch off the heat. 
Add fried crushed shallots, yogurt and coriander leaves. 
Stir in and done.

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