Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Nava's Zen: Cultivating Green Living in Urban Zen

The passion for sustainable living (Cultivating Sustainable Living) seamlessly transitioned into the heart of my nature-inspired fitness zen, Nava's Zen. This time around, I expanded the concept to embrace the essence of green living. Bringing this vision to life required significant self-financing, involving a substantial portion of my savings and a contribution from my husband. The transformation began with the porch of our zen, nestled in a double-storey link house adjacent to our home. This space underwent a complete makeover, with the contractor's fee, soil addition, and various other necessities being covered to convert it into a haven of green living (Cultivating Convenient Gardening).

Gradually and purposefully, I started cultivating an organic urban garden, planting herbs, vegetables, and plants sourced from nurseries and online sources. Some vegetables' seeds were carefully dried for future planting. The costs incurred included soil purchase, organic fertilizers, and pesticides to fend off pests - a recurring challenge in urban gardening. The struggle against pests, which occasionally destroy our efforts, often necessitates starting anew. It's an ongoing process. Even the vacant land adjacent to our zen has been repurposed to accommodate herbs and fruit trees that demand more space (The Indispendable Chillies).
Internally, we've seamlessly integrated small green living initiatives (Nature's Oasis: Inner Peace). One source of pride is our rainwater harvesting system, collecting rainwater for activities like porch washing. Establishing our zen as a green living space was no small feat, considering both the financial investment and the continuous effort required for maintaining our urban garden.

In the realm of sustainable energy, our passion for solar energy remains pending. Due to the significant investment, considerations regarding its feasibility in a double-storey link house, and challenges in acquiring support from relevant individuals and bodies, this initiative has faced delays.


Beyond the physical aspects, our commitment to green living extends to the very core of our yoga offerings. Nava's Zen takes immense pride in providing a unique experience with nature yoga. Clients not only engage in yoga practice but also enjoy a serene view of our thriving urban garden, fostering a deep connection with nature during their sessions. This not only enhances the overall well-being of the mind, body, and soul but also sets us apart in the yoga industry. In our quest for a harmonious blend of urban and green living, Nava's Zen has positioned itself as one of them. We take pride in creating a space where individuals can not only embrace a healthier lifestyle but also witness the beauty of nature amidst the urban hustle. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond trends - it's a way of life that we're passionate about sharing with our community.

As we navigate the intricate balance of maintaining our urban garden, offering unique yoga experiences, and promoting green living, our dedication to sustainability remains unwavering. We invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey, where health, nature, and urban living coexist harmoniously. 

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