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New Delhi - Nava's Travel

Back in New Delhi (New Delhi to Shimla). Not my first time, because Delhi was also the same in and out route during my previous North India trip (New Delhi - North India). Let alone, I was again back in Hotel Sohi Residency, Karol Bagh, which seemingly is the ideal location for those who, do or die, must shop in Delhi. Specifically, in "Karol Bagh Shopping Market". Ah, this shopping thing in India. Amongst the Malaysian Indians? The shop till your drop concept. For a matter of fact, even in other parts of India, including Chennai? Seemingly a major hype. Unbelievably it is. Sorry loves, I know I shouldn't judge others, but, I still can't comprehend. I'm lost for words actually, because for someone like me, you mean you only can buy India's goods in India? They are not available in Malaysia? Or have people not digested the reality to, you can shop for India's products online, which can be cheaper? I shut my big fat mouth now. I surrender. 

Aside to shopping, how about my room in Hotel Sohi Residency? Mmmm! Oh-God! Ambiance of room. Sincerely, maybe, best said as average. Yet, in terms of cleanliness? Hail Hotel Sohi and cleanliness, mind you, is the one thing that matters the most for me. What about buffet breakfast card next morning? Actually, I hardly ate, since I was all geared up for street food later at the streets of Karol Bagh (Karol Bagh, Delhi). Sure enough. I didn't miss the chance to Bhel Puri, Masala Corn, Rasmalai, Kheer Kesari & Vadilal Aam Chaska Falala & Saffron Almond Ice-Cream. No, no, not all by myself. But shared between the other 2 who opted out from shopping. Indeed, those street items I savoured into, wah, truly a street delight, except, for, Rasmalai & Kheer. The sugar content. Oh-My-God! Only if I would have taken the sugar test later. The test kit most probably would have shattered into pieces.   

Bye bye to Karol Bagh, we were back to the hotel for loading our bags and luggage, before starting the journey for lunch. Goodness me! New Delhi's flaming traffic during this lunch time and after school hours? Least to least, 2 hours, prior to stepping foot in Tamil Nadu House Canteen, at about 3.00pm. Tamil Nadu House Canteen. Said as the in place for the best Biryani, which logically, and assumingly, why the whole place was like a mad house and we being told to step aside instead of crowding at the dining area at the agitation of the staff. Another half an hour passing by, finally! Even so, 20 minutes of wait, and we hungrily tucking into Vegetarian Thali Set, Chicken Biryani, Fried Eggs & Bru Coffee. Was I floating in cloud 9, because food was an absolute delight to my palates? Honestly, didn't win me over. Another normal meal, except for Bru Coffee. Always the wonder love in India.   
Lunch was followed by sightseeing in Indira Gandhi Museum. My second time. Still, the worthy moment for respecting and honoring the legendary Indira Gandhi. Trust me, goosebumps as I walked from one section to the other, for viewing the displays. Especially the clothes Indira Gandhi wore when she was shot, and the path outside where she was shot as well. My goodness. The evil carnival who brought down this lady. What a sad reality. 
Up next. India Gate. Skipped. I didn't want to walk the distance from the main road, let alone, one which I have seen before. The end to New Delhi and this 8 days tour (Chandigarh Part 2, Kullu Manali Part 2 & Shimla Part 2). To the airport and the unexpected long snaking immigration queue. Almost 2 1/2 hours in the line, followed by, rushing like crazy to the  boarding gate for catching our flight. In the end, guess what? Fight delayed for 2 hours. Whatever. Glad I reached home in one piece. Fuh! The worst unknown people I have travelled alongside so far. The complainers, the unhappy lot, and the big mouths. Having said that, such a valuable eyes, ears and learning to shut my mouth learning curve, travel experience. 



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