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Kullu Manali - Nava's Travel (Part 2)

If its Kullu Manali (Kullu Manali Part 1) it has to be Rohtang Pass. Of course. Why you think I came this far (Shimla Part 2)? One of the top spots, one of the most spectacular nature delights in India, Rohtang Pass is indeed a major attraction for people of all walks of life. The gateway to fun, happiness, excitement and soul touching high altitude nature, ah, ah, ah, without a doubt, Rohtang Pass is truly a mesmerizing sight. Snow blanketed mountains, snow paths, streams of luscious and melting snow, and these being the winter essence of Rohtang Pass. Nevertheless, nothing new for me, neither not something I have not experienced before. Because I have had similar winter highlights in Turkey, Hokkaido/Sapporo & Norway. Having said that, for the majority in the tour group, they were all at their highest degree in love for the heights of the mountains and snow in Rohtang Pass. 
Once they headed to the mountains for snow activities, the five of us sat at the roadside stall and ordered India's Maggi Noodles, alongside coffee and biscuits. Maggi Noodles particular drew our attention. Not the same as how we cook Maggi noodles in Malaysia. We Malaysians love Maggi in loads of soup, whereas the ones we tucked into hardly had any. In fact, as if it is Maggi Noodles "Dry Style". Aha! Speak about social cultural factors to food delight?  

Anyway, our way at the stall - we ate, we rested, we spoke and we laughed our hearts out over silly witty jokes. Time indeed flew by, for drawing the curtains in Rohtang Pass. Thereafter, at about 3.00pm, we were already seated in AK Kitchen, near Atal Tunnel Bridge. Duh! What a slow service. The two guys manning the restaurant couldn't cope with the 30 of us. We had to wait patiently, before fried vegetarian samosa and vegetarian fried rice arrived. Lovely. However, due to time constraint, we called off the rest of the items. Also, because we wanted some time outside, where nature literally swept us off our feet.   

Now, the other soul touching experience to Kullu Manali? Atal Tunnel. My-My! To tell you the truth, I was almost in cloud 9. I truly felt that it was an honor passing through Atal Tunnel. World's longest highway tunnel above 10,000 feet, at a length of 9.02km, Atal Tunnel is named after former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Wow! I salute all those brains who came together for making Atal Tunnel as one of prides of India. Gosh! I sincerely loved the fact that I actually experienced the drive via Atal Tunnel.    

Another few hours of journeying, and by late evening, we were in Vashist, Himachal Pradesh. To Vashist Temple by walking up the hill, while passing by the line of shops on both sides. Vashist Temple.  The wooden structure beauty, apart from being Hinduism and Hindu Gods beauty. Let me be honest here. Of course, I am a god loving person, but to remove my shoes during winter for entering the temple? I didn't, because I was already frozen in every part of my body and I didn't want to risk my feet by walking barefooted into the temple. I mean, logically, god didn't say you must risk it all for getting close to him or her? Did he or did she? 

Up next? Mall Road. The long, long stretch of road, bustling with loads of people walking up and down, Let alone, Mall Road is also the crown to shopping. 
No, no, out of the question. I'm done and over with shopping whilst travelling. Enough. No more. Instead, I was all trilled and frilled for the street food. North Indian desserts, sweets, Pav Bhaji, Panipuri, and other I can't even recall the names, shared amongst the three of us. Awesome. Glad I tucked into these items. After all, for yours truly, aside to dining in restaurants, she simply adore tucking into street food.  

Over, Day 2 in Kullu Manali ended. 


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