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Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal)

Salted fish in sambal. OMG! Both of them. Salted fish and sambal in one, or in tandem or both akin synchronised together. Believe me. both of them, also, like match made in heaven, or the perfect combination in hell. Pretty much. Needless to say. Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal). The power house mouth packing, mouth watering, spicy salty Indonesian ( Terong Balado  & Ikan Goreng Bumbu Sambal ) or Malaysian side dish. I am, yes, me, myself and I alright, mind you, let me admit. Yes, yes, yes, all the yesses in the food world, I am the number one sambal queen ( Sambal Goreng Udang Pete & Sambal Tumis Telur ). Any kinda sambal ( Nyonya Okra Sambal ) for your information. Strange though. I can't help but wonder. What went wrong where. By right, I should be hailing, clapping, praising and jumping high up for Indian food ( South Indian Fish Curry  & Mushroom Sour Curry ). Me the born and bred Indian who should, by right, be loving Indian food. Indian food. On