Tuesday, October 15, 2019

South India - Mysore/Coimbatore (Nava K Explored)

From Bangalore/Bangaluru, approximately, give in and take, our 4 hours drive landing us in Mysore. The start in Mysore/Mysuru? We being driven up the hill via the tight narrow route to Chamundeswari Temple (New Kantharaj Urs Rd).

Indeed, this Durga temple atop a hill and once we got down from the van, rain had caught up on us. Rain which created some chaotic situation. Did we have any choice? Not really. Rain or shine, travellingram must go on right? Especially when you want to pay homage to god? Of course. Of course. First thing first for us. We literally dashing into the toilet. Toilet? Mmmm! When nature badly is shouting, shattering and pushing you so hard down there? Oh-yes. No matter even the worst toilet, you will do it. But please, not saying all, don't pee anywhere you like, like some of the South Indians I was practically forced to see. As much I wanted to avoid seeing? They zipping in front of you for shooting. 

Out of the toilet in a jiffy whilst still watching our steps due to pools of water here and there, we then walked towards the temple in the carnival like holiness amongst the hundreds. Holiness in South India me figuring out by this day. Holiness sincerely really profound and if you want to shorten your stand in the queue, pay. Just pay for the express lane and once you are inside Chamundeswari/Chanmundi Temple. please, no long mantras please. Instead, you should quickly pray and quickly move on. Otherwise, don't be surprise if the police men or women hit you hard on your hand. Which by way happen to me. Damn! Honestly, I was shocked. Then again, like I could have done anything in return? No. Moreover, the crowd. Mostly, South Indian, Indians. Oh-boy! They care less. They will push and shove you like nobody's business. All in the name of holiness in the survival of the fittest situation like. All again, for the sake of god, and no, not for the faint-heart. Duh! What an experience.

Out of the temple, we collected a big ball of laddu each, thereafter, the drive downwards the hill which, oh-my, aw admirable. Nature at its, one of its best. and prior to tucking into our lunch in Karama Restaurant (Hotel Adeline, Krishna Vilas Road, Mysuru). Lunch? The same food story. Pretty much the same South Indian items. Biriyani for some reason or rather, always the top seller and vegetarian meals are the other. What did we tuck into? Had to be Thali Set and Biriyani. How? Sure. Quite an appreciated meal for ditching our hunger aside.

After lunch? For the next, let's says next 4 hours the least. Shopping! I honestly, to tell you the truth, I was getting restless. I mean, what is there to get excited in a shopping mall like the ones we have back home? But, the rest of the tour buddies? They were frantically shopping as though its the end of the world to shopping or come one, come all, its free shopping. Ahhhhh!! What did I do during these hours which I thought was really a killing killer to killing time? I had a cuppa of coffee at the top floor food court and instead of blindly tailing the tour buddies, I split up. I walked up and down, to and fro, back and forth on the ground floor, as well as from the outside and back into mall, and before leaving, a few of us crossed the road to try Pani Puri. Pani Puri? Nope. Not the best like those I have even tried back home in Malaysia and by 7.00pm, from the mall, passing by Mysore Palace.

End of our itinerary in Mysore, subsequently we making our way into Regenta Central Herald Mysore Hotel. Surprise! Surprise! Compared to me having being told by those who have visited South India that rooms in 3 stars hotels in South India can be trashy, my room turned out as my happiness. The only thing? Well, as usual, when you sleep alone in a hotel room? Your fear to hammer house of horror hammering you.

For dinner, I joined 4 of our tour buddies in the hotel itself. Me just basically nibbling over the fried rice, mushroom fry and other side items, before heading back to my room for calling it a night, and next morning. Ya.Ya. The same South Indian breakfast and Bru Coffee, as usual, my breakfast pride.

Breakfast allocated time gone by when clock ticked 8.30am, thereafter, our journey to Coimbatore.  Almost, more or less 5 hours of staying put in the van, of course, rest room break in between and later, lunch in Hotel Anandhaa Pure Vegetarian. How did lunch go? Like a budget meal, just a basic meal, you shouldn't open your mouth and say anything in a no-frill ambiance. Vegetarian Beriyani, Banana Leaf Meal, Vegetarian Fried Rice, Panner Chilli and my addiction, yes please, Bru Coffee addiction.

On the road again, and our god worshipping in Coimbatore? Maruthamalai Murugan Temple. From the foothill we catching the bus, for which you have to pay and prior to getting down in front of Maruthamalai Temple for Murugan's blessings. Thank god, no madness to rushing and pushing, and we going up the steps, all the way to the main alter. We prayed, we walked downwards via the same steps, and this time, in the long queue which has mounted for boarding the bus, prior to returning downhill. 

Next. Isha Yoga Center. Ooooo!! Impressive. Nature surrounding, but when it came to going inside? Into the mainframe garden. I backed off. I didn't want to. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my handphone in the locker. Whilst some still went aside, the rest of us sat outside and once they returned, after making us wait for at least 2 hours, we paid for the bullock-card ride for heading to, the quite a distance 12 feet athiyogi statue. Wow!The huge solid black statue? Meaningful, heart touching and mesmerising. My-my! What a feeling. What about paying for the prayers? Neh! A clean heart is a god's heart and not how hard or how many times you pay and pray.

Sightseeing in Coimbatore over and done, subsequently, we making our way into Zip By Spree Coimbatore Hotel. My room? Pleasant and pleasing to my senses. Quite an absolute overnight comfort zone indeed.

Once I got into my room, I didn't want any disturbance. I just wanted to be left alone for my alone moment. Whereas, the rest, they were out for shopping. I on the other hand, had a thorough shower up and down, down and up, and for dinner, since I was already missing our Malaysian food by this day, out came the Instant Noodle Cup from my luggage. Oh My God! How satisfying! Tomyam Soup Noodle. Now, should I tell you about our buffet breakfast next morning? I don't think so. In fact, I was already getting tired of the same South Indian breakfast by now. I mean, like I have already told you before, what can be different? The only thing maybe? Bru Coffee.

Next change? Kodaikanal. 

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