Friday, October 25, 2019

South India - Kodaikanal (Nava K Explored)

Kodaikanal! The high up altitude. Yea. High up. Up there. 2,000 meters above sea level, also, a city in the hill of Dindigul district and obviously, sure, Kodaikanal as a nature grandeur. Of course. Of course. Me and nature? Nava K the nature loving and hailing person, though, lemme admit, no, nature walking or nature hiking is not my interest. Pretty much. Nevertheless, I am sincerely with any one of you who are into admiring nature and coming with it sightseeing. Henceforth, the moment we departed from Coimbatore (South India - Mysore/Coimbatore), I was already geared up for embracing nature in Kodaikanal. After all, throughout the years, much I have read and digested about Kodaikanal in the virtual world and should I also must mention all those Kodaikanal sharing on social media? No need right?

Kodaikanal too, way back then, already been awarded a big shining star as the fame destination in India for? Aha! Honeymoon. Honeymoon? Or maybe even horny-moon for me personally? Over and done many moons ago and considering that me alone, without my other half-half hopping into this South India tour (South India - Bangalore)? Neh! How could I have looked forward to Kodaikanal as also, my honeymoon or horny-moon destination for rekindling my marriage? Unless. Unless, if I won't mind, a part-time lover or part-time husband in Kodaikanal? Just kidding!

Anyway, from Coimbatore, our approximately 4 1/2 hours journey. Particularly, specifically, the drive up and higher up to Kodaikanal via the really tight route? Oh-boy! Quite terrifying! For questioning myself if I will make it to Kodaikanal or what if I head straight up to heaven. Lorries, buses, cars. and motorbikes so close to each other, and every now and then, when they don't give way for one another, out came flying the filthy words. Literally. They actually, believe me you, making it a point in abusing each other with filthy words before driving off. Duh! And I, yes me alright, as much as I didn't want to hear the words, those words like sharp pricks in my ears. God! Still, in one piece we still making it for arriving at Silver Cascade Falls (Ghat Road). Wahhhh!! The sound of water cascading from high up there and the chilly mist lingering in the air. Just so, so, so, body, mind and soul moving.

On the road again, we thereafter, we arriving at Holiday Home Resort for our overnight chalet style.  The old kinda colonial chalet, furnished with those days furnitures and fittings, and for your bath time, you will be doing the bucket scooping bathing. To tell you the truth, I didn't mind. I was pretty much super fine. In fact, I felt as though I have returned to the government houses I used to stay during my growing up years in Jalan Scott and Jalan Chan Ah Tong Brickfields,

My things aside in the chalet, I then rushed to the dining area for lunch. Lunch at 2.30pm. Can you believe it? Due to hiccups in time? Mmm! Thank god my stomach juices hasn't wrestle me yet and what was for lunch? Fresh from their kitchen, worth the, give in and take fifteen minutes waiting time for such a pleasing meal. Then again? When in South India. Expect the expected. Another standard South Indian meal.

Lunch pretty much putting our hunger into place, subsequently, the moment to truth. The truth to personally witnessing Kodaikanal and what it holds. The going up and down slope drive opening up to Kodaikanal nature wonder. Simply breathtaking. Furthermore, the fresh vegetables sold at the roadside stalls? Wooooowww!!

Kodaikanal nature! Nature still reserved or preserved still like yesteryears and if I am not mistaken, the reason being a favourite haunt for movie shooting. Oh-yes. We had to as well. Our share to camera clicking. Me and my posey-mosey, like in Tamil movies. Back and forth amongst the tall trees photo shooting. In the midst of, skin touching rubbing and even to the extent of touching deeper into our bones cold misty, rain drops falling on us weather.

Rain. Rain which creative some messiness, but didn't break our enthusiasm in continuing our sightseeing by getting us up, close and personal next at Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary. The view. Ooooo!! Truly, mind-blowing. Did we bump into any wild life? Nothing. As much as we looked forward to.

Sadly too, when it came to our moment next at Guna Cave? Time out visiting time since clock has ticked past 5pm. Duh! Then again, since we were already prior told that, cave is out of bound? What then? Unless, if we didn't mind viewing Guna Cave from a distance or lingering within the outside surrounding. No lost I suppose.
The next point of ours? Retail therapy in Kauveri Spices. My-My! I was almost in turmoil. As much as temptation ran high for wanting to grab all the spices and natural ingredients made soaps, shampoos and what not. Logically, in the end, I settled for only 500grams of those home made chocolates and yes, for my beauty care, a bottle of Saffron Almond Oil. Saffron Almond Oil. Supposedly the purest kinda for ditching wrinkles and dark spots. Yessss. Hope in this oil by paying RM110.00 for my skin keeping.

The last on our list of Kodaikanal sightseeing. Kodaikanal Lake. Honestly, I couldn't be bothered. In fact, I didn't even get down from the van. Like what for me? Unless I was gamed for leisurely walking around, or renting a bicycle for cycling up and down, or boat riding, or paying for the horse ride or horse riding me? Oh please.

In the van I sat and when the rest hopped in, we returned to Holiday Home Resort. Dinner? Resort dining itself. Duh!
A tiny bit of food for the sake of keeping my tummy warm and, off to my chalet. The best part of it all in my chalet? Half way bathing, no more hot water. Imagine? Can you imagine how it must have been? Kodaikanal shivering bathing. No choice. In a jiffy out the bathroom, a cup of hot tea and, of course, all lights in full alert mode sleeping, plus I had two saviors for my no spookiness sleeping. One, my Ganesha statue I always carry when travelling, the other, bible which was on the side table beside my bed. Bible! But why? Why bible in my chalet? Curiosity definitely needled me. Still, I didn't dare finding out why.

Kodaikanal! Indeed. Utterly the nature splendour of India. Now, the question is. What about our Cameron Highlands? Our Malaysian nature pride (Cameron Highlands Pahang). Or even Fraser's Hill, or what about Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka?


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