Friday, January 10, 2020

Varanasi - North India (Part 1)

South India! Oh-My-God. Hallelujah. Finally. After all these years. Me in this earth for 55 years. Finally. I achieved. I achieved a fair share of South India (Chennai). 3 months ago. Having said that, there's still, still, a good number of places in South India, yet for Nava K to be seen and explored. Those places. Aha! Call me the earliest worm for putting my globe trekking in place, those places have already been plotted and projected as part and parcel of my, towards 3/4 of year 2020 travelling itinerary. Furthermore. If all goes well, hopefully, as I badly want to, this coming South India holidaying of mine. Yes please. Back to solo. All by myself in an arranged tour. Solo travelling personally for me? To tell you the truth, I've been missing it. I do, mind you, long for solo travelling every now and then. Why? Well. Obviously. I can do as I like. At my own whims and fancy. My free and easy time. Plus, I tend to embark on soul searching on my future each time I travel alone. 

Anyway, for your information. India is still new to me. Like at, still at an infant baby crawling stage travelling embracing. Yet. Nothing. Literally none. Can stop, pause, or put a brake, or hold me back from getting further up, close and personal towards India. Not even. Those supposedly my close friends who are forever belittling and they won't, I know, stop looking down on India as a filthy, topsy-tipsy-turvy-trashy, ugly side of a country to travel to. Huh! Like I care? Like I give a damn? These so called Indians. Yucks! Who believe they are a class about the rest of the Indians. Nonsense. Utter nonsense. Let these clowns be, whilst I am definitely going to embrace Incredible India deeper in depth. 

Now, what's latest? What has already been the latest for my Incredible India tripping? Aha! Another minestrone achievement. 2 months ago. North India - Varanasi, Jaipur, Agra and New Delhi. In a tour as well. Because of one prominent, main, particular reasoning. Rape, raping and rapists. The terrifying, horrifying "Raping". Raping which for whatever reasons it may have been, rape and raping already being the central stage highlight, limelight in North India. God! So frightening. The thought of being raped. Not by one man, but? Otherwise. It would have been North India me, myself and I, my solo time.

Okay. My North India travelled? Nava K flying up in the air for arriving in Delhi, and prior to overnight in Hotel Arch during this winter. Winter. Early winter in India. Was not like, really cold. Sort of, you will be feeling as though you are in an air-conditioned room. My room? Basic. Yet. Clean. Even so, my ass luck to hot water. God! Wonder why? What's with hot water trouble troubling me each time I travel and trust me, seemingly quite regularly in other hotels in other countries too. Even in five star hotels. Damn!

Hotel Arch and their breakfast? Specially put together before 7.00am because of our early flight. Back to Delhi airport for heading to Varanasi? Honestly! Nothing much. Nothing much I would like to say about the cold sandwiches during breakfast. On the other hand, coffee culture in India? Whichever part of India. Including this one in Hotel Arch? India definitely is in the league for offering the best coffee. In fact. Believe me. Coffee in India is sincerely, genuinely, a class about the rest and can out-beat, out-trash and bash-up those I have had even in Italy.
Alright. By 11.0am? We landing in Varanasi. Thereafter, to Hotel Silk City for putting our luggage and bags aside, and of course, up next, food. Lunch. Lunching in Annapurna. Annapurna vegetarianism due to popular demand of holiness. Ahhhhh! Holiness, vegetarianism and India. Somehow. Always and forever in tandem. No matter. Whichever part of India when you are visiting temples. Grrrr! One of those things I really can't compute, or comprehend, neither, tell me. How to dispute with people who believe that, as if, if you eat meat before visiting temples, god will rip your eye balls apart or god will brand you a traitor or sinner. You tell me please. Whatever. Whatever food for me because I am basically someone who don't fuss about food. I am fine. Any kinda food goes.


Our meal in Annapurna. The sharing is caring concept between the two of us. Due to knowing well its gonna be big, huge portions for small eaters like us. Burnt Garlic Noodle and two types chilli sauces for going with it, also Cheese Burger, plus Pickled Shallots and Mango Pickle. Pickled shallots primarily, either for nibbling, or to be eaten alongside the two items? Ohhhh! To a certain extent. Smoke slightly fuming out of my nose, ears and butt as well. Holy smoke.

Burnt Garlic Noodle on the contrary? Fabulous. Wah! Truly a delight. Al-dente and Indian style to spices enhanced spicy noodle. The great thing had to be aplenty crunchy vegetables which gave me food happiness. 
What about Cheese Burger? Not bad. Quite favorable actually. Apple Pie and Ice Cream we included later? Sad case. No. Nope. Certainly didn't walk all over my tummy though. Mmmmm!! Wonder what when wrong where. Most probably when apple pie assembled alongside ice cream and ice cream, by then, by the time it hit our table, has massively melted.

Thali Vegetarian set the rest tucked into? Seemingly. The comfort food for them. Though, they too commented that, portion is big for finishing up.
Annapurna. Oh yes! There's more in Annapurna besides the items for your regular meals. They do offer so much more. Much much more actually. Indian sweets, Indian desserts, cakes, confectioneries, bread and what not. Which you can grab for eating in or for packing back.

Did I? Did I sample or did I grab any of these for buying back? Nope. I knew. Gonna be such a waste to my money. I, mind you have put a stop to eating too much of sweets or eating later towards the night because I tend to put on weight. Yea. The older I get, the further I need to watch my diet and eating. Otherwise. How to maintain my shape? Hahahahha!!! True actually.
Next change - Varanasi Part 2. 

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