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Showing posts from January 3, 2020

Antipodean Central Market (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

No. No. Not over yet. Not yet. Yet. Well, can't possibly be. Especially when Central Market has already been gazetted on our list, as the major central mission of the day? Of course. Otherwise. Like what? Coming this far, especially for someone like me who hardly head to the city from where I reside in a really quiet neighbourhood in Shah Alam. You know what? Sometimes I feel, I am actually living in a dead, lifeless, far end zone. Pretty much. Therefore, thus, hence, the mission possible of making it a point in coming this far to Central Market must be accomplished right? Of course. And so. We did. Leisurely walking all throughout Central Market after lunching ( Ginger Thai Restaurant ), and this, followed by pampering our feet and legs in ManjaKaki Central Market outlet. Duh! Nang! Not the best pampering because I have had better moment to the "greatest goodness" pampering my feet and legs in other reflexology centres before. Nevertheless. To a certain extent, Man