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Penang Food Guide - My Food Story

Endless debate. Constant debate. We can go on and go and debate on which state within Malaysia is the best food paradise. Ask the Penangites and they won’t stop swearing till the end that Penang definitely must be recognized. In fact, many claim nothing like food from the land of Penang. Of course, even Nava K won’t deny. Penang is undoubtedly a food paradise and where you can not only eat none stop, but literally till your stomach most probably can be busted. Basically, its eat till you drop. Anywhere for the matter. From the high end posh restaurants to the street stalls. Choices are massively aplenty mind you. All you gotto to do is drive around or walk the streets for trying out whichever lures you, whether you live to eat or eat to live. Food overall I must say is definitely our Malaysian profoundness. Trust me, we can eat and we can eat anytime of the day. Nothing is more important for us from the start and till the end of the day except food. 

The first question which possibly will pop on our mind the moment we are up from bed I reckon is what to eat and when Penang is a concern for me, I am already visualising food even when I am up in the air. Subsequently, once I step foot in Penang airport, I am like a hyped up food mad max. Penang by far is a familiar ground for me. Family obligation mostly is the primary reason (Penang Pearl Of The Orient Part 3), the other is when I feel I should get up, close and personal to Lord Murugan (Penang Thaipusam), of course how can I not simultaneously line up as many food ventures one after the other. During this another family is the calling to Penang, remember, I have already spoken in great length earlier, my black, red and white colorful family (The Wembley Penang)? That's right. This Penang Good Guide, Nava K's food story, another one of my Penang food chapter is merely a guide. You really don't have to trust my food palate because as I always preach, to each our own. One man’s or millions of women's food joy may not be applicable to the rest of us. Nevertheless, in all fairness, unless you Penang food trend beside me, you will never know what's in store for you. 

Dehappy Seafood Restaurant
62, Jalan Macalister
George Town

Halal, pork free and alcohol free, Dehappy Seafood Restaurant located a stone away from the famous Macalister (Penang Part 2) hawker street (Red Garden Food Paradise George Town) is quite a winner to me in terms of their ambiance. A corner lot plants and all that eye soothing eatery which offers various types of the fresh catch swimming in the aquariums (Golden Thai Seafood Village Batu Ferringhi) I bet you will notice across the outside dining area. Dehappy Seafood Restaurant for whatever reason it may have been was literally catching flies when we walked in at about 8.00pm. In fact, we were the only group of 6 customers. Attended to almost immediately, obviously, from their menu featuring more than ample choices, we opted for Stir Fried 4 Types of Beans, Egg Bitter Gourd, Lotus Root Stir Fried, Seafood Tom Yam Soup and Chilli Chicken. Reasonably priced, value for money and dishes elevated decently, all in all, we had no complains whatsoever. Not bad. Yet we concluded that Dehappy Seafood Restaurant can't be listed as one of the best among the rest of the other Chinese eateries each of us have dined in before. Let alone in Penang or within our own respective states.

Bite N Eat Dindigul Biriyani
43, Lebuh Penang
George Town

Akin a bonus discovery, after walking up and down along the whole street, we spotted Bite N Eat Dindigul Biriyani. Not at all a regret (Karaikudi Lebuh Pasar). Biriyani obviously is the food highlight in Dindigul Biriyani, the hearty portion of Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Beriyani, cooked with different types of spices, paired alongside raita and curry, inclusive of payasam for a tiny mouth full of sweet delight, cascaded into an appreciated pleasure. However, Madurai Fish Curry we later called for was a major revelation of deliciousness until I couldn’t stop scooping and drinking the fab curry by itself. I'm assuming its either the spices or cooking technic or both, honestly, Madurai Fish Curry was a magical rocker. Equally worth mentioning are their Madras Bru Coffee, Masala Tea and Chukkumalli Coffee. As if made in India and air flown to Penang. We actually regretted why we didn’t add another two or three dishes to be eaten with rice instead of straightway ordering Biriyani. I am certainly not going to let go off Bite N Eat Dindigul Biriyani. A must do again when I return to Penang again.  

My Own Café
2, Cannon Street
George Town

Without having any clue where lunch should be, we stumbled upon My Own Café. Just like that. A homey  and cosy café (Coffee Lane Georgetown), option between dining inside or outside, I foresee you will be served by the friendly and cheerful owner. If by any chance you don't bump into him, it won’t take you long to identify who he is. Look at the drawing on the wall at the inside dining area, and you will figure out. Such a wonderful character, he even gave us the tourist pamphlet, but when he assumed my other half-half is my father, doom! Duh! Wasn't something nice to my other half-half ears. Of course, I was floating on cloud nine. The do or die must try in My Own Café is their Asam Laksa. Oh-my-my! Splendidness. My kinda truly spicy and tangy assam laksa. To all you asam laksa lovers, you gotto try this one. I am absolutely certain you won’t regret. Frankly speaking, I was so close to ordering another bowl. Then again, once I sipped off the barley, I had to sound my greedy stomach to behave.      

Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul
Jalan Penang

Stand in the long queue, additionally, best of luck to sweating on the days our Malaysian sun takes its revenge. Otherwise, you can try the cendul from the stall across where there were hardly any customers. But lemme tell you that its worth the wait and sweat. Queue moves quite fast anyway and Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul (Penang Road Famous Chendul Sunway Pyramid) is sincerely a class of its own. No sulking neither showing their ugly faces, in fact, they were a cool lot and my bowl chendul came with a smile. I slurped in and I brimmed like the chendul. Not overly sweet, packed with generous amount of chendul and red beans, atop shaved ice and Gula Melaka syrup, seriously guys, you should give a go to Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul. For me personally, maybe I shouldn't compare, yet I still feel those really thick and creamy coconut milk ladled Jonker Walk Chendul are unbeatable (Melaka Jonker Walk). Wish I had some space in my tummy for squeezing in the ice kacang/abc, raved by the guy was standing beside me. Maybe next time (Kulim Best Cendol).  

Thali-NR Sweets Café
Lebuh Penang

Another random food discovery, breakfast in the impressive ambiance of Thali-NR Sweets Café opened up with Upma/Semolina/Rave savory thick porridge for my other half half whereas I opted for Paper Ghee Tosai. Both were not a letdown. Home style food which tickled our tastebuds, big bold Indian quintessential aroma and tastes, Upma paired alongside sambar and two types of chutney, similarly the same pairing for the thin crispy tosai.  Oher half-half wouldn’t stop nodding his head for affirming that upma made his tummy happy, I too must mention tosai was worthy. There's also something magical about coffee and tea in most such Indian eateries (Restaurant D'Maduras Batu Caves). Just wondering what's the guarded secret so that I can make at home. Thali-NR Sweet Cafe notably can also be your choice for packing back or prior ordering their colorful and vibrant Indian sweets.

Bangkok Lane’s Mee Goreng
280, Jalan Burma

Caught me by surprise. Mee Rebus Sotong Telur and Mee Goreng Sotong Telur absolutely went down in my Malaysia food book of records as a stealer (Nasi Kandar Line Clear), even though I am not at all a fan of mee goreng. Packing a role play of flavours, cooked to almost perfection and I must specifically mention that the thick vibrant gravy for mee rebus was diviners. Spicy and tangy gravy indeed instantly punched awoke my throat and tongue. Roti Bakar/Bread Toast Kaya and Butter additionally is a good run out of the kitchen of this Chinese coffee shop. Service wise, expect nothing much. Not even a faint smile. Order, enjoy your food, and leave before it gets really crowded and sweaty. 

Hunger is killing you right now right? I know.  Go ahead, opt between these eateries when Penang is your call. 


  1. I love homey dishes like those...they all look very appetizing and moreish to me.

  2. I have bookmarked it :) On my next trip to Penang, I shall try to visit these restaurants!

  3. We are all partial to our own origins!! Lovely food and clicks Nava..

  4. That's so much of food... hehe... hoping to visit Malaysia this year if things go well...

  5. You look absolutely charming with the wrap over your head, dear! Great picks! xoxo

  6. I did not have much knowledge abt Malaysian cuisine but after reading your blogs I do have a fair idea now .. Every dish is so tempting and ur post is a great guide for those who live there

  7. Nava, by reading your foodie post,you making my mouth watering now :). No doublt Penang is food heaven. Other than that Penang street art always amazed me because I love architechture so much. Thanks Nava for your great posting.



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