Monday, June 9, 2014

Red Garden Food Paradise - Leith Street, George Town (Penang)

Except for the spa (Deluxcious spa) which rocketed my pressure, it has been quite a relaxing first day in Penang (Eastern & Oriental Hotel). The second day was a bit wishy-washy because of family sentiment and other half's work commitment (Restoran Jaya). Later in the evening, I returned to the hotel after lunching at Coffee Lane Cafe and my half-half was back as well.

For dinner, we took the long walk. Really! Quite a walk. Actually we could have dined at any of the restaurants along the way but a pricey meal? No. We didn’t want. Instead, we continued walking until somehow or rather we arrived in front of red garden which we didn't know existed. Red garden is surely a food paradise. Rows and rows of hawker stalls featuring not only local food but from across the board and across the sea. Quite a huge selection, thrown in with free entertainment from the three piece band. The singers?? Oh well!! Dressed to kill and they sing only Chinese songs.   

Unlike at Gurney Drive where you order, you pay and carry food and drinks to your table, it is still self-service at rose garden but upon ordering, you return to your table and they will deliver and then you pay.  
We ordered salmon sashimi, grilled ikan pari, English platter and a big bottle of Carlsberg. Salmon sashimi consisted of fresh as ever sliced salmon, cushioned over thin strips of Japanese radish and cucumber, oranges on both sides of the plate, and wasabi and soy sauce. Delightful, pleasurable and attractively presented. it is the dish you can happily tuck in without worrying about the calories. Also, a little unbelievable that this dish came from a  hawker stall because you can equate it to the pricey ones from Japanese restaurants. Sincerely impressive and thumbs up to the dish and the stall owner. 
Worth ordering was the grilled ikan pari (stingray) paired with the "power rangers" belacan chilli dip. Charred and crispy fish atop banana leaf, when eaten with the dip, what more can I say except walla-wei!! So good we agreed. 
The English platter was a big serving of grilled lamb dripped alongside toasted bread, baked beans, fresh salad, and for dip, mayonnaise and chilli sauce. This platter was another sensation - we loved every-bit of everything. Washed down with chilled beer, we waited a while for food to digest and slowly walked backed to the hotel. 

Red garden is no ordinary hawker paradise. Though quite pricey, portions are quite big, free entertainment, appeared clean and decent crowd, mostly Malaysians. Parking is right in front and you have to pay.   

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  1. This place was surely a eating paradise.. I love Asian food.. nice pics too :)

  2. Wonderful place to hang out and the food pictures look so good!!!

  3. Craving for some fresh fish here...u are tempting me Nava !

  4. Great pictures & I miss all that fresh fish,

  5. Nice you hear you had a lovely time this time! Made up for the spa!

  6. Mouth watering display...Very nice...

  7. Gosh, how could I have missed this delicious post! I wanna try the claypot frog leg porridge!

  8. Looks like a nice and clean place.

  9. I like purchasing fresh fish this place will be a place I will shop at if I lived there.


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