Friday, May 30, 2014

Coffee Lane Cafe - Georgetown (Penang)

The "hush-rush-bush" lunch at Restoran Jaya with the family was over, instead of returning to Eastern & Oriental hotel, other half left to meet his clients whereas I followed my cousin to Georgetown. We parked and we walked from one end of the street to the other just to kill time. After an hour, we agreed that walking around aimlessly is not doing any good to the legs. Perhaps resting while having a meal should be better, better also it should be at coffee lane cafe my cousin regularly visited.

Occupying the first corner of a colonial/ heritage building, coffee lane is a medium size small cafe, and when you walk in, you feel as though you have walked into someone's house. Indeed, a colonial interior with Chinese antique decorations, dark wooden tables and chairs, coffee grinders and the aroma of coffee waffling in the air, the menu is somewhat limited, but you get a good bit of home style dishes and of course, coffee is the word. 

We called for the "Thai style" chicken chop, black pepper chicken chop,"Syphon Brewed" coffee and "Flat White" coffee. Now, upon ordering, I didn't just want to sit and stare at the wall. So, on the pretext of using the "loo" which I eventually did, walking towards and back again to the dining area, I had a good glimpse of the open kitchen and the short passage resembling a miniature nature reserve with sun shining through the open roof.  Nice,  such a pretty sight.  

Just then as I returned our table, the food and drinks had arrived. Tender and juicy and with a crunchy coating, the breaded tom yam chicken chop was topped with thinly sliced carrot, shallots and cucumber in a spicy-sweet-sour sauce, and paired with fries and salad. Oh-lovely!! I loved the crunch -munch and I also loved the sauce.  
The black pepper chicken chop came with the same type of breaded crispy fried chicken, this one atop salad leaf and teamed with fries, tomato and cucumber. The pepper creamy sauce generously tipped on the chicken however was just so-so, lacking in the peppery taste and slightly salty. Still, the chicken was fab.
The flat white coffee I should also rave about, not overly sweet and nice to look at before sipping.
Equally worth the order was the "syphon brewed" coffee, simply said, "I like my coffee this way" with tiny bit of sugar and without milk.    

Coffee lane  is the place for "coffee is the love of my life"and the home cooked food I'm sure you can afford to pay. However, space is limited, perhaps, seven to eight tables at the main dining area just as you walk in from the entrance.

Coffee Lane Cafe
10B, Lebuh King
George Town

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  1. Penang,food capital of Malaysia.

  2. het Sweety , Just nominated you for a very inspiring Blogger Award , plede do check it
    and would love to read you award post :)

  3. Sweets coffe looks so tempting, I wish I could drink it but sadly my teeth surgery dissent allow me too.
    You make sound chicken so yummy that despite being a non veg hater I feel like eating it
    Happy weekend

  4. Must be an excellent treat to a coffee lover like me...Nice clicks!

  5. Good post Nava . Wonderfull clicks

  6. Your clicks makes me wish i was with you to enjoy the coffee.. Would love to meet you someday Navs! :)

  7. Great place to enjoy a cup of coffee


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