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Osaka, Japan - Nava K Did It (Part 1)

Osaka Day 1. Gonna be a whole day of walking we were already prior told. Henceforth, logically, I must pack my walking legs with lotsa food. I surely did. Walla! What else could have been a wonder morning start up for this lady except the massively tempting loads of the crispy fried crispy bacon. Super-duper my forever desire. Honestly, for once, after a long time, I pigged out. Buffet breakfast on this particular day (Kobe Japan) lemme tell you was a sheer Japanese pleasure. Crispy fried bacon, Japanese steamed cakes, half boiled egg with a dash of Japanese soy sauce and  I couldn’t possibly resist the coconut oil coffee. 
Initially, I couldn't figure out what's with coconut oil at the hot beverage section. Did I brush it aside? No, I didn't. I asked and I was told that  a tiny or aplenty of coconut oil can be stirred into coffee. Of course, I tried. Not bad. Even the Japanese are hailing the goodness of coconut oil. Unlike Malaysians who have already been brainwashed by Westerners that all coconut based products are inferior for our well-being all because they badly wanted to market their olive oil. We Malaysians, especially Indians undoubtedly fell for it until coconut oil and coconut milk became a major taboo in our kitchen. But the same westerners, of course they are constantly researching, wouldn’t they, are now preaching about virgin coconut oil as health nourishment. What? Change of tide over the years? The problem is not the westerners. It’s us Malaysians who must get carried away with western food ideology. Oh please, come of it. As if our Malaysian coconut oil has never been a virgin? Of course, I can’t remain a virgin forever, yet I am still quite liberal with coconut based products for my cooking, additionally, a tablespoon of our Malaysian coconut oil is a perquisite in the morning for keeping the rhythm and blues of my fifties heart.  
Coconut oil coffee in Osaka I must say sincerely impressed me. In fact, breakfast on the whole was a pride and joy, so much so I couldn't stop pigging out like a small greedy pig (Kyoto Day 2, Kyoto Part 2 & Kyoto Arashiyama). Subsequently, as expected, we started walking like one cheerful cheeky family from Hotel New Otani Osaka via the path that took us towards the bridge and the walls of Osaka Castle, prior to us walking up the steep slope while simultaneously glimpsing at Osaka Castle itself.

One of Japan’s most famous landmarks which played a major rule in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century, covering approximately 15 acres and containing thirteen structures that has been designated as important cultural assets by the Japanese government, what can you potentially expect once you land yourself at the huge open area across Osaka Castle? Nothing much actually for us. Neither were we keen in paying for viewing the museum inside.

We just stood around the row of stalls and amongst the hundreds of other tourists for firstly catching our breathe. It's quite a thing mind you walking up the slope and by next half an hour, we walked again. A pit stop at the Time Tunnel, we continued walking while passing by Masugata Square, thereafter we crossed over the road for heading to the underground train station and off we bullet trained to Shinsaibashi Suji.


One of Osaka’s oldest and busiest shopping destination which runs around a kilometer in length between Umeda and Namba, and at Datambori, Shinsaibashi Sui becomes Ebisubashi Suji, though the same shopping atmosphere remains, obviously, I'm sure you must have guessed? Indeed retail therapy. Till 6pm. Didn't do down well with me. I think I have already told you before that I am done and over with shopping. Well, I suppose its one of those things you can't avoid when you are tour group travelling? You bet. Anyway, we spilled up for the rest and along with the other couple, we agreed for lunching in Mithila Indian Restaurant. Admirable ambiance but such a cramped dining area, we opted for the set meals and while tucking in, a big group of Malaysian Malays walked in. Was food anything fabulous fantastic? Just a decent meal. Naan, mutton beriyani, stir fried veggies, chicken curry, tea and the sad case vanilla ice cream were no doubt a fair bit of justice to our tastebuds, but really, nothing special.  

After lunch we checked out some of the outlets. I thought I might as well, then again, what else is new in Japan anyway (Chitose Japan & Sapporo Japan) or even Korea (Seoul Korea), thereafter, we had a comfort break over coffee in Toki Toki Escape café, and guess what we did next?

We flagged a cab and before 2pm, we were already in our room. The most sensible thing to do instead of aimlessly idling our time at the shopping arcade and trust me, I am never comfortable with winter wrapping layers of cloths. Off they went immediately, no, no, we didn’t make babies, I can’t anyway, though my tunnel is still functioning, after changing into our worn out home clothes which we made sure we packed, for the few hours we vegged on bed. Slumberland.  For dinner, we headed to the 15 minutes walked distance. Consequently, at once I decided. McDonalds in Osaka. Sign language ordering, please do not attempt to speak, just point to what you want, otherwise you will confuse the staff. Two pork burgers and some donuts from Mister Donut and back to our room. Pork burgers, believe me were utterly satisfying. Goody good till the last bite compared to the steamboat and hot plate grilling meals I have had so far. I sincerely felt food. My first ever experience of McDonalds while travelling and the soft and melting moment donuts were not a letdown either. Glad I tried McDonalds especially. One small feature up on my traveling gram.  

Just when we thought we are done for the day, fellow buddies swarmed into our room at about 9.00pm with the balance of the grilled meat from the restaurant they had dined in. In all fairness, I literally forced a few sticks on me, and once our room gambling session started, I really don’t know what time it ended, I bundled myself in bed. Good night day 1 Osaka.  

To be continued.


  1. Having a great time in Japan, huh? You look beautiful!

  2. Sounds like an exciting time in Osaka! Beautiful place too!

  3. I would like to visit Japan someday

  4. I love that you are enjoying your days travelling and taking good care of yourself... so agree on the coconut oil, we all shifted to palm olein, caused major stress to our arteries and heart valves, and now realizing our folly are slowly moving back to our old coconut oil... hehe... I do have coffee with coconut oil at times, because I am off creamers and it tastes really good... loving the pictures and the feel of Japan... hope to come back to read more...

  5. Oh wow, you were in Osaka too? How fun! xoxo

  6. Ahaaa! That's a wonderful read :) This place seems so beautiful! And you are looking lovely <3
    Natural Beauty And Makeup

  7. The food looks delicous and inviting.. You had fun!!


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