Friday, December 15, 2017

Kyoto, Japan (Part 2) - Nava K Did It

Where did I pulled the brake previously? Oh-yes, I took all of you all the way to Arashiyama right? Of course I did (Kyoto Arashiyama). Arashiyama, till this day, let me tell you, is still lingering on my mind. An absolute memory capsule, truly, I have pinned Arashiyama as a major travelling badge achievement on my fleshy chest. Arashiyama on the whole is utterly stunning, nevertheless, the one spot which captured conquered me the most is Sagano Bamboo Groove. Grooving colourful bamboo and Nava K grooving along with it. Literally. Lemme now continue with what we did after our first ever meal in Osaka. We headed to Gion District. What’s there in Gion, are you asking me? Well, for those of you who have already visited Gion, I speak no further. Yet for the benefit of the rest who will be visiting it in the near future, I bet you will because Gion has already made its mark on Kyoto's map, moreover, its where you don't want to miss out on being seen for social media purposes. Don't forget to carry your selfie stick. Nevermind if you accidentally or purposely poke others. Who cares right? Let's be labelled as the selfish travellers, why not, all for the sake of social media fame and popularity? 

Lying at the heart of Kyoto, Gion basically is an entertainment district. Maintained as a romantic and nostalgic rustic district till this day, Gion obviously will transport you back through the time tunnel. Additionally, when we speak about entertainment in Japan by itself, we must mention Sake and Geishas. Sake or Japanese rice wine of course is the after working hours tonic which presumably may or may not lead to Japanese bondage, whereas Geishas, lets call them as the professional entertainers, are most probably the bate to ignite fire starting it. How they do it I really don't know because I have never even been an Indian Geisha before. Actually, I did have my chance to being transformed as a Geisha. Like the sweet young things, I could have paid for renting a kimono and dolling up. Then again, seriously, wonder how on earth these sweeties do it during winter? Believe me, albeit I was all covered up akin a Taliban or Samurai and still shivering, they on the other hand were parading by daintily walking throughout the street, lined on both sides with shops, bars, restaurants and tea-houses.
Maybe, let me guess. Unlike Nava K who have already menopause many years ago, they must be still fresh-fresh and sex-citing. Trust me, winter definitely will mercilessly lash into the bones of those of you who have stopped leaking red once a month. Thank god, I managed, but by late evening once we started walking from Gion and towards the retails outlets while glimpsing at two of the significant temples, winter caught up with me again.

Nonetheless, I continued walking until a stop called for due to the over-excitement of noticing Pablo. Standing in the long queue was unavoidable, prior to entering Pablo which left no room except for standing and pointing to the cheesecakes. I picked up two large ones, mind you, not cheap, neither tasted anything special. I think our Made In Malaysia cheesecakes are far out a whole lot tastier. Nevertheless, glad that I tried. Otherwise, I could have been fooled or conned by Malaysians who, as usual, will blow hot air on anything and everything they taste in Korea and Japan (Korea Day 1 & Seoul Day 7 & 8).

Right after, we hopped into our coach and journeyed to Yunohana Keizankaku Onsen Resort for our first night in Kyoto. Traditional, soothing to the senses and spacious lobby area, Onsen Resort is one of those resorts where you will feel you as though you have walked into a well preserved ancient Japanese house. Our room too couldn’t be faulted, and bathrooms in Japanese resorts/hotels somehow are wondrously comfy. Speak about the generous lavish toiletries and warming up your butt toilet bowl, also the press buttons for splashing water till right there after doing your business. What a Japanese pleasure. On the contrary, we weren't like jumping for joy over the kimono wearing concept for dinner since we have already done it Hokkaido (Noboribetsu). What difference it will actually make if you don a kimono or not? Tell me? But in all fairness for going with the flow as one happy tour group, we didn't want to rock the boat. 

To the downstairs dining area thereafter, dinner opened and closed promisingly. Sure. Aplenty to eat, but what can possibly be in Japan other than hot pot or steamboat especially for winter? Beats me.
Whatever, I did tuck in, subsequently, I debated withing myself if it should be a yes or no for the Onsen Bath. Onsen Bath? Nude bath. Yes. Nude bath amongst women and not like the all for one baring it all nudist camp. Eventually, after being constantly coax by the ladies who told me that I must try onsen bath as least once in my lifetime, I gave a go. Me being the only Indian of course, photos obviously not allowed, sincerely, once you walk in and strip, nobody really care who’s bush can catch fire or who's mango or papaya is bigger. Everything is potentially a fair play for Onsen Bath. Strip, shower by opting for the different choices of shampoos, conditioners and body baths, while sitting on the stool and showering side by side with the rest. Thereafter, you can either flaunt your nudity by taking your time to dip in the hot stream or for first timers like me, quickly dash in the hot stream. Shyness slowly without me realising left me alone as I started appreciating this good doing to your well being bath, more importantly hats off to Nava K for her bravely. Naturally, I love it and I won't mind another round of onsen bath should there be another knock-knock here I come again Japan.
To be continued.....

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