Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chocolate Genoise

On the go. Baking is still on the go? Looks like it, but perhaps sooner or later, most probably sooner I foresee I will be pulling the brakes to baking (Easy Banana Bread & Cocoa Butter Cake). Enough. I think enough of practice and trying to make perfect, and also putting some much of effort on baking. Done it and I am quite satisfied actually (Lemon Bars, Mandarin Orange Cake, Milo Cake & Sujee Cake). Pretty much satisfaction attained, but I thought I will still do one for the road and out came from the oven this Chocolate Genoise. The other side of the coin to Classic Genoise. Of course the intention was also for finishing up the box of cocoa (Chocolate Cheesecake & Cayenne Chocolate Cookies). Chocolate Genoise as you can see is an ultimate sweet delight right? And the technic to making? Remember, the folding must be done daintily and without rushing. Otherwise? You tell me please (Traditional Butter Cake). 
3 eggs (room temperature)
80g sugar
30g warm melted butter 
70g cake flour
15g cocoa powder
15g corn flour

Create a double boiler (a bowl placed on top of a pan simmering with water)
Whisk eggs and sugar (on the bowl) till slightly warm and foamy.
Remove from heat.
Whisk to the ribbon stage (drop to see a line)
Combine/mix cake flour, corn flour and cocoa together. 
Sift the flour mixture over the egg mixture.
Carefully fold in. Do not over fold but ensure there's no lumps. 
Stream warm melted butter inside and fold in.
Tip cake mixture onto a greased baking pan (size depends on how thick or thin you prefer the cake)
Bake at 170C (preheated for 5 mins) for about 40 mins or until cooked.
(Note; adjust heat according to your oven and baking time, depending on the size of the pan).
Remove from oven, cool down and optional - dust some icing sugar atop. 


  1. Lovely, I had made genoise for making the black forest cake...

  2. sure to try these delicious chocolate dessert :) yumm

  3. It's good that you stick to baking cakes that you have tasted. It made me think about the kitchen failures I have had trying out recipes just because they look so good. Your chocolate genoise looks soft and delish!

  4. looking so perfect amazingly presented :) shall try them nava

  5. Lovely soft cake, thanks for sharing this on my birthday.

  6. great post
    looks yummy <3 love it
    would you like to follow each other?
    i'll follow back too

  7. Loved this amazing chocolate cake.

  8. Cake looks soft and delicious....... Nicely presented!

  9. Lovely genoise! But yes, tricky to bakes these!

  10. I first saw a genoise recipe by Lorraine Pascal. It sure is tricky to make. Loving these chocolaty ones. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lovely and drooling chocolate genoise......... :)

  12. I also had made genoise once but then that just became so hard... never had the courage to try it again... urs looks so good...

  13. looks like a delicious cake and the name is interesting too.I am not much good in baking so not familiar with some of these terms too :) This is the first time I heard about this cake.Interesting post!

  14. No explanation needed. The photograph says it all. It look delicious.

  15. Looks superb! I have never tried this.

  16. Mmmm..... I'm not familiar with that but reading through your explanation, I roughly got a rough idea. Looks tough to achieve a good texture.......

  17. I so want to try a genoise.. I hope i do it soon..

  18. I tend to like to try recipes which I've tasted too! :) I love genoise! Your version looks really good!

  19. soft and delish..the chocolate genoise looks really too good...

  20. Hi Nava, very beautiful and tempting. Pls pass over one piece... Cheers :)

  21. So lovely plating n the dish itself....


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