Monday, September 15, 2014

Bergen - Norway (Day 2 & 3)

Down to the last two days before curtains are permanently drawn on our Denmark and Norway tour. On this second last day, our sightseeing started at Bergen's waterfront port (Bergen Norway Day 1). Vessels, ships and boats, we actually had the chance to being nearest to the sea. I loved it. Honestly. I am crazy about anything that water "gotto" to do. Sea, river, waterfall or even ponds (Vossestrand, Gol, Fjord & Flam). Basically, I am a nature lover, nonetheless, I can also truly immerse myself in history (Oslo Norway). Undoubtedly, for keeping me wise as I grow older, in my book of knowledge. Already a few volumes, one which is close to my body, mind and soul for stirring me up in the most tantalising, teasing regards (Copenhagen Day 2, Copenhagen Day 1 Part 2 & Copenhagen Day 1 Part 1). Henceforth, at this Bergen port, I stood so close to the edge, I threw in me, my, myself moment of fun clowning, simultaneously I pictured for memory external drive.  

Fun over soon, anyway, there is nothing much except allowing your mind to drift far and beyond the sea view. Our next point of stop was Floibanen Funicular. At the center heart of Bergen, a 26-degree cable car ride will reach you to the 320m above sea level Mount Floyen. Stunning. Magnificent. Grandeur. Broad helicopter or umbrella view opening up to the whole widest, width and length of Bergen. I did feel as if I most probably gripped my Bergen travelling call card. I did none nothing else, except stretching towards the furthest far high up, down and around field of vision. 

Back to ground level within the next hour, off we left for Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum. A long walk via the garden pathway, all for sake of finding out who is Edvard Greig. His legacy, his music, his life and what he did till he left the world. Honestly, I have never heard of him. If I didn't visit this place, I don't think I would have known that Edvard Greig existed. He of course is one of reasons for Bergen tourists luring, so, I might as well salute him. Into his museum I went for viewing his pictures and his music genuineness, evidently. Picturing however is really a restricted rule. No picturing except outside, which further slouched me massively. I was not keen there forth on what else I should know about Edvard Grieg, I remained in the garden where I tree climbed for the whole composite of his Swish style villa, built in 1885 and overlooking Lake Nordas, I doubt I noticed his grave. Done for me. I awaited for the rest, prior to walking out from Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum. 

That's about all for us on this second last day. Back to the hotel, I locked myself in the room, the others I think walked to the nearby streets. Next morning, we did a walking tour that led us to Bergen Market. Local produce. Seriously, I didn't want to look at salmon at all, enough, but so close I was for buying those luscious and glossy fruits. Didn't materialized because I was told that they may take a slow death after our long flight. Fellow buddies seemingly were very keen on some of the stuffs, I didn't bother finding out if they bought. 

From the market, we crossed over to walk along the shops, we continued walking to the Cafe Szechuan behind our hotel. Thank god for the Chinese meal I badly needed for bouncing back my food life. Finally, to the airport. Home bound and home ground Malaysia.  
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