Friday, September 5, 2014

Norway - Vossestrand, Gol, Fjord & Flam

Throwback Norway and Denmark (Oslo Norway, Copenhagen Day 2, Copenhagen Part 2 & Copenhagen Part 1). Consecutively, a morning kick jump start all the way to Vossestrand. Of course, must be interlinked alongside comfort breaks. First brekkie at one of the road side cafes for easing and hot coffee, some preferred ice cream which they believe will keep them warm during winter. Beats me though. Back on the road, at about, roughly 1pm, we lunched in Solstad Hotel, Gol. Salmon alongside potatoes and veggies rated as okay, for me nonetheless, nothing is a meal unless its rice and spicy dishes. Regardless, tummy filling was essential and then, as we walked before hopping into the coach and also, while journeying, there was no short of crystal clear view of Gol. In fact, all the way from where we started, Norway by itself, from any angle you look at, even from this side is sensual. Calm and serene, non pressured life, albeit service with a smile is yet to be affirmed, but, our driver, who hardly spoke, was totally nature free with his smile.   

A long journey, really, by the time we arrived in Oppheim Hotel & Resort, located across the huge lake, against far out mountains, weather literally broke my hot temperature. I actually felt as if I have been hit struck hard bottom by a major winter pendulum. So, not another moment outside, straight up to our apartment room which came with a balcony. Dinner was next. Roast or fish, paired alongside, what else is new in Norway, except boiled or roasted potatoes and veggies. I ate, I did sulk too, before making my way to the room. Wiki? Hell hack. Wouldn't just move at all. Henceforth, I showered and hopped into bed. Breakfast next morning fared far out much better compared to last night's dinner. Utterly loved. For the first time ever, I tasted Goat's Cheese. Caramelized creamy. Yum.

10 minutes further extended for loitering outside, actually, while our bags were loaded and while waiting for the last comers, right after, started our roller coaster ride. Up and down, right from the top to slopping deep down via the really narrow and tight road, massively corner cutting as well. Adventurously spellbinding. At the same time, we had to put all the faith in the world at the driver's hands.  He did it. No hiccups whatsoever. Hip-hip-hooray!

Ride eventually brought us to Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord, billed as UNESCO World Heritage,  for our Fjord Cruise. Before anything else, please hand-phone or camera capture yourself. Utterly beautiful surrounding, Simply marvelous. All happily conquered as many times as we wanted, later, once ship arrived, we queued, we couldn't do anything about being pushed aside by the Chinese tourist. Did they stop with pushing only? No. They rushed for the best seats too. Let them be we decided. Instead, we stood outside for pleasuring into the breathtaking scenery. But within the next half an hour, once winter began eating into our bones, and also, pretty much we felt as if it the same scenery over and over again, we stayed put sat inside. 

Docking off in Flam, speak about the unspeakable rush and push for loo and also lunch scavenging. Food disappeared as quickly as it was refilled because people wouldn't stop loading their plates, again and again. We did manage to pick up some, we quickly ate and walked off to sit outside for a cuppa of coffee. With another hour in hand, we aimlessly went up and down within this rather small area, subsequently, once train arrived, our Flam Railway ride started. Edgy, rugged, trilling, fast beat and supersonic speed.

A 20km ride, cutting through mountains, in and out of dark tunnels, every now and then flashing sunshine beaming in as train did its marathon run, sometimes so close to huge trees and plants until you want to reach out to touch. But you can't due to safety windows shut. An interval stop was included at the huge streaming and gushing constantly waterfall. I did it. Superbly majestic and scenic drop dead gorgeous views , from the start till the end. Millions of thumbs up already loaded on my travel bucket list. I achieved it.

As always, all good travelling rides must come to an end, Myral was our point, where we picked up again on road journeying towards Bergen.
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