Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bergen, Norway (Day 1)

Bergen. The rainy city. Indeed. Rain trailed behind and in front of us. From the time we arrived till dinner, rain stubbornly followed us to the hotel too. Dinner definitely did wonders. Much looked forward since its been quite an action packed, exuberant and back to back seventh heaven day. Power adventurous, as well as tiring (Vossestrand, Gol, Fjord & Flam). In fact, by this day, tiredness had crushed us up much deeper (Oslo Norway, Copenhagen Day 2, Copenhagen Day 1 Part 2 & Copenhagen Day 1 Part 1). Therefore, most of us I think knocked off sound and safe throughout the whole night. Next morning, after the Norwegian buffet breakfast which by far was already up to my throat, I ate so little by the way, lazily we began our Bergen sightseeing. First stop at Bergen Aquarium in the messy wet weather. Shielded under the given umbrella, we walked within the compound for our animal loving moment. Penguins! Right there. Right in front. Penguins at once akin showered aplenty cheerfulness on me. I just so couldn't take my eyes off from these care free, black, grey and white beauties. Prettiness. In their own pride, prejudice they were too. Aha! Proud Penguins. 
Penguin admiring over, next was seeing the hungry and wild crocodiles busting biting the meat chunks thrown into their cages. Feeding of crocodiles. One of it in Bergen Aquarium, followed by touching and holding the harmless sea crawlies, sea lion show is the other attraction for Bergen tourism. Later, we made our way into the akin underground tunnel aquarium for admiring the colourful, various sizes, shapes and by the dozens freshwater and seawater fish. Swimming aimlessly, but really focused in their right about turn, up and down direction. Amazing. Fruitful happy animal activist morning continued with 3D cartoon movie, finally, 10 minutes at the merchandise outlet, prior to bidding bye-bye to Bergen Aquarium.  


Lunch came earlier on this day. In a shopping mall, on the 3rd or 4th floor, I can't exactly recall, I hated that I had to dig into a salmon platter. Salmon again? I wouldn't want to touch. Luckily, the lady I was seated with brought out cans of ikan bilis/anchovy sambal and sotong/squid sambal. Oh-what-a-pleasure! No one was allowed to come close, I quickly dived by dipping the bread slices into these Made In Malaysian spicy chilli gravy. Malaysian food satisfaction. Truly!

On our itinerary line thereafter was Bergen Museum. Not many takers. Almost 3/4 decided that coffee in the cafe is a better option instead of walking Bergen Museum. Frankly speaking, I really couldn't comprehend why, then again like I cared, silly billy people coming this far and wouldn't want to explore Bergen Museum. Guess so much only from those who, no matter what, not interested in history. Bergen Museum is obviously all about Bergen bulls eye history and can't be detached from it internal and external correlations of other world leaders .

Built around the remaining 12th century foundations of 5 or 6 wooden houses and also along interesting displays of Bergen's 1000 years past traces, Bergen City Museum houses a viking boat on the ground floor, and once your get to the second floor, more is unveiled on Bergen history, nevertheless, you might be shaken up, either positively or negatively, over the nudity posters and prints.     

An hour in Bergen Museum, for the next two hours, we were let loose at nearby Bergen streets. Nothing much for me in the retail outlets. I just took my moment for basically, seeing only. Our day 1 in Bergen ended with dinner, before returning to the hotel.  

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  1. norway must have been an amazing place to visit..The penguins look so cute..seriously :D

  2. Hope you had a great time, I must take my son to place like this he love penguins.

  3. seems like you had an awesome time :)

  4. Norway is another wonderful the pic of urs with a jacket and red umbrella.....nice write up :)

  5. such a lovely weather dear// i am so scared with the horrible snakes :D but in love with the penguins and stuffed toy so cute <3

  6. How fun, Nava! I've only seen penguins once in their natural habitat which was in Melbourne & that was an awesome experience!

  7. Wow the animals in the aquarium looks beautiful,wish u had a great time

  8. I wish I get to visit Norway one day :)

  9. Its nice to know u had a great time.. those sea lions def look adorable :)


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