Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kesari (Semolina Indian Sweet)

Sugar loaded stuffs are kept apart from our diet. Age people! You know what havoc sugar can play on our health? I absolutely know albeit I like a slight sugar tinge on my tongue every now and then. Especially after a savoury meal, I love just a bit of dessert, most of the time its the easy preasy Malaysian desserts (Mango Coconut Jelly, Mango Gula Melaka Sorbet, Pandan Coconut Jelly & Sago Gula Melaka), sometimes when I am in the mood, I do make other types of slightly time taking desserts (Watermelon Milk Sorbet, Cream Puff & Dates Sunflower Cake) and when I dine out, somehow I can't avoid ordering desserts (Chocolate Rum TartAlmond Brownies Chocolate Cheesecake) which generally is shared among with my dining companions (Strawberry Shortcake & Fried Apple Fritters).

Now, lets talk about Indian desserts/sweets. God! Lotsa sugar, ghee and usually scented with cinnamon (Saffron Cinnamon Poached Pear) or cardamom, akin the traditional Kesari, aka semolina cake. But we don't necessarily have to blindly follow mums who are happy with tipping aplenty sugar into desserts. So, when I made this nava-k's (yes, that's me, the owner of this blog, I am) Kesari, recipe still pinched from mum. I gave the recipe my twist and turn. I really don't like colouring, so I used the slightly pricey saffron strands. You of course can still stay true to orange/yellow colouring, sugar was portioned out, and instead of cardamom, I wanted to use up the nutmeg powder and instead of cashews, I had a packet of almonds at home. Healthy Kesari I would say but you still need that bit of sugar. Otherwise a dessert cannot be a sweet treat.  

1 cup semolina flour
1/4 tsp saffron strands
1/4 tsp nutmeg powder
2 tbsp ghee
3/4 cup sugar
4 tbsp almond pieces 
3 tbsp raisins
1 1/2 cup water

Heat ghee and when heated, fry almond pieces till crispy and light brown in color.
Remove and keep aside. 
Do the same for raisins - fry to blister, remove and keep aside.
Pour water in the same pan, add sugar and saffron.
When the sugary liquid starts to simmer, add semolina.
Stir and stir to ensure semolina doesn't remain lumpy.
Stir till dried up. 
Add fried almond and raisins.
Stir once or twice, tip into a greased pan/tray and spread evenly.
Cool down and cut into pieces.
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  1. Lovely, lovely kesari dear, I like the twist of nutmeg...

  2. expected usual round kesari,surprised by the square kesari,lovely presentation.

  3. I see that u have some exotic ingredients added to the traditional kesari.. It looks cute.. Also urs look more firm & cutting it into squares make it even more pretty :)

  4. You are absolutely right when you say saffron can enhance the taste of kesari not just by giving the color. I love the flavor of them pretty much on any sweet, especially shrikand.
    Your kesari looks yummy and I'm used to having kesari in a flowy consistency but I think have them cubed is a good idea. Looks more cool.

  5. you are a good cook! Having followed u for so long. You always have different recipes for different type of food/cuisine!

    Pls keep this blog going =)

  6. Lovely kesari! I love it!! :)

  7. tempting sweet..looks perfect and cute

  8. A favourite delicious dessert to which you do justice :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Oh Kesari looks so inviting Nava I can almost get the ghee smell here.I always wonder what the box of saffron would contain when I see cheaper boxes.

  10. This was my go to recipe to make anytime we have guests.Now I don't even remember when I made it last. I should make it again someday. I love saffron and extensively use in making biryani and other sweet dishes. You have nicely done it in perfect square and almond sand raisins look like jewels. Beautiful!

  11. I havent try this before,, it's look so tempting oh... i want some of it!! :D

  12. Love the taste but can't manage much because I am still not much of a sweet tooth:D

  13. Irresistible kesari. I love the color and perfectly cut cubes. I add cashew nuts instead of almonds. Delicious.

  14. Wow! Yummiest dessert ever.. Nice version of kesari with nutmeg pdr.. Very well made.. Looks delicious Nava... Will try this soon.. Loved the beautiful clicks :-)

  15. Hi Nava, I love sugee cake but never try kesari...looks very inviting with the colour and almond and raisins, wow, awesome!

    mentioning abt saffron, I bought it at Mustafa singapore, and still remain beautiful in packet after 2 years...somehow I feel so stingy to use it's very expensive you know...hahah

    hmm Nava, dont you think you will remove your WV someday? hehehe

  16. Just read two days ago about the benefits of semolina (at least feel better eating the pasta, not just enjoy it but get health benefits too), now this dessert-sure learnt a lot from this article and what a classy and mouth watering offer.

  17. Wish I could grab one block of the kesari. First time seeing it cubed. Good idea and luv the yellow colour.

  18. it looks perfect.. and like the color too..

  19. Wow Nava, Mouth watering sweet out there. :-)

  20. Looks so delicious and colorful...Adding nutmeg powder is new to me

  21. have made ths so many times but u made it look so appetising....very very nicely presented

  22. never had it before. i wonder how it taste like. Must try

  23. looks awesome & this cubing it is a new idea,makes it more attractive :)

  24. Wow, perfect bites to satisfy the sweet tooth :)

  25. I will like to try these since I never did and they look so delish.


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