Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cream Puffs

To tell you the truth, I was rather confused why on earth did I take up the baking course. Of course, initially I was all hyped up, new broom must sweep well right, I know, but after 4 classes my interest fizzled. I wasn't sure, I was confused and I felt I am wasting my time (Creme Caramel and Lemon Buttermilk Cake). No doubt, knowledge is never ever a lost, but with millions of recipes available on www, some comes with videos as well, don't you think I could have learned on my own? Maybe. Possibly. After all, practice make perfect. But no, I paid for finding out I will be learning in pairs, and that I didn't really have an interest for taking up baking as my career. Nothing much I could do anyway since I have already paid. So, I guess I had to pull up my socks. These cream puffs were next. Choux pastry and cream to be filled into the piped puffs after baking. Cream puff is one of my fav, though overall I am not a sweet tooth person. I ate one piece, the rest dropped off at my family for their sweet desires.   
The Choux Pastry
100ml water
50ml milk
60g butter
100g bread flour
3 eggs

Bring water, milk and butter to boil.
Add flour and cook till it leaves the sides.
Transfer to a mixing bowl, add eggs one at a time and whisk.
Pipe batter into a piping bag, then pipe out to desired shapes and bake until golden brown.
The Cream:
240ml whipping cream
14g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Add all ingredients into a mixer and whip until fluffy.
Slit/cut baked puff and pipe the cream.

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  1. Cream puffs look yummy..loved it

  2. Oh, i am drooling, thanks for sharing the recipe, i love cream puffs, so this is must try for me!


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