Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pandan (Screwpine) Cheesecake

What's next after the pretty-pretty Mango Cheesecake & No Bake Cheesecake? Obviously, as you have already noted, Pandan (Screwpine) Cheesecake. Idea invention tumbling down from? No where actually. One of those things I suppose. One of those when you keep thinking and thinking. How far by the way I could I gone? Basically, the two previous cheesecakes being the idea ideology. After all, you tell me. Those of you who have already had a hands-on experience to baking (Lemon Cream Pie) cheesecake, I bet you know. You know which are the standard ingredients we need? Precisely. Cheese and the bottom biscuity layer. Right. But the challenger for me really was how much of, pandan/juice should I add instead of, of course, we love citrusy fruitiness and most probably can I say from mangoes (Mango Coconut Jelly, Mango Coconut Cake, Prawn Mango Curry & Mango Cucumber Salad). Or maybe even fruits, but I was so adamant about how can I incorporate Pandan juice from pandan leaves. Those of you are growing them, I bet you can connect to me? Why not to our garden harvested scent? Of course. I am one of them alright. Typical Malaysian my (Pandan Jelly With Coconut, Poached Pears in Citrus Syrup & Coconut Panna Cotta). What else should I say. Can I assume you are triggered? You like can't wait to make this Pandan (Screwpine) Cheesecake? 

Crust/bottom layer
150g cream crackers or digestive biscuits
75g soften salted butter

Cheese topping
200g mascarpone cheese
150g cream cheese
1/2 cup castor sugar
1/3 cup yogurt
3 eggs
10 pandan/screwpine leaves - process/blend with 1/4 cup water and extract juice
Crust/bottom layer
Crush cream crackers till smooth and crumble with buttter.
Press into a greased spring board pan.
Let it set in the fridge and proceed with making the cheese topping

Cheese topping
With a mixer on low speed, beat both types of cheese, yoghurt and sugar until smooth.
Add pandan juice and eggs one by one and continue to beat.
Pour over the crust and bake at preheated oven at 170C for about 1 hour or until  the cake is brown on top.

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