Monday, September 10, 2012

Saffron Poached Pears

Such beauties, don't you think so? These Saffron Poached Pears? I believe so. In fact, I am impressed with myself and the outcome to this style to poaching pears. Can you still recall my previous Poached Pears In Citrus Syrup? Right. Idea toying spilling over thereafter and instead of like many of the rest, many other foodies who swear by red wine poached pears. Saffron obviously is the key tuner. Yes. You need the saffron strands which can be on a pricey side and can be purchase from the Indian shops. Not all shops sell saffron strands, so, perhaps you need to? Go and look for those stores. A box of saffron will cost like? Maybe RM15 - RM20. I am guessing. I am not really sure. My saffron strands on the other hand, me paying RM10.00 and coming home with me from Bangkok (Bangkok Through My Canon) Alongside saffron and the rest of the ingredients listed below, I also included tiny sticks of cinnamon and the outcome? These loveable and melting in your mouth sweet treat (Grapefruit Coconut Jelly, Coconut Panna Cotta, Cream Puffs & Baked Rice Pudding). 

3 green pears - peel, either all of the skin or to create a pattern but leave the stems intact.
A pinch of saffron strands 
3-4 small sticks of cinnamon
1/2 lemon - squeeze the juice out and peel the skin into small pieces (without the white bitter part)
1/4 cup white/brown sugar 
2 cups of water.

Rub lemon juice all over the pears.
Add all ingredients into a pan (including the pears and lemon skin) and simmer.
Continue to cook, turning the pears occasionally so that they become evenly saturated. 
When the pears are tender, remove and place on a serving plate.
Continue to simmer the syrup, depending on how thick you like it to be, 
Pour over the pears before serving. 


  1. Saffron is one of the most versatile spices around & I must commend u for the clever use of this on your dessert :)

  2. Oh I love a good poached pear and the flavors of these is outstanding! The color is gorgeous and would blow away dinner guests! Beautiful!

  3. looks a very nice dessert..
    last week my wife make some pear soup...

  4. So interesting this pears...saffron and cinnamon...looks beautiful Nava :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. Beautiful, perfect, and delicious.

  6. it;s such a lovely idea. Hmmm making pattern of the skin...never tjought of that before :)

  7. Stunning, Nava! I made poached pears to share this week, but the saffron added to yours make these breathtaking!

  8. These pears look incredible my friend, the saffron must really add to their wonderful flavour :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Nava, I have seen poached pears before, soaked in chocolate or various liqueurs. This is one of a kind with lemon sugar syrup and saffron has truly won my heart. love the color.

  10. Using saffron is a brilliant idea. The usual poached pears look really ugly:(

  11. Cinnamon - yes! Saffron and Cinnamon - WOW! Great combination, Nava!


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