Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spicy Thai-Style Eggplant

People who swear that vegetarian food is boring must be branded as crack pots (Curry Leaves Potato ChipsFried Prawn Mee & Tomato Vegetable Soup). The worst crack pots in fact. Who, in the right frame of mind, mind you will agree with these people? Not me though (Tapioca Poriyal & Cauliflower Curry). I may not be the number one vegetarian, neither I want to just for the sake of proving to others that I am a strong animal advocate, neither to the rest who believe that being a vegetarian means you are healthier and also closer to god. Rubbish. Utter garbage rubbish. Oh please. Look around you and you will know what I mean. Vegetarians can be rolly-polly ugly fat, they are also not the best people in attitude and behaviour. They can be really mean ugly people. Being a vegetarian, believe me, does not make you superior, I am definitely not condoning vegetarianism, go ahead be one for reasons best known for yourself. But please, for god sake, don't think that by being a vegetarian, you have secured a place in heaven. No one is guaranteed. Vegetarians by far have massive health problems as well.

For me, its a balance. Sometimes its a vegetarian meal, other times I love my babi/pork (Siew Yoke/Roasted Pork). Potentially too, our daily meal is a balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. We by the way, are not big meat eaters either. Therefore, in a way or rather, we do abstain from meat when we want to, not because being forced to. Vegetarian food too not necessarily must be Indian dishes only (Pepper Garlic Rasam, Gobi 65 & Chilli Stir Fried Potatoes). We can, believe me, do other vegetarian cuisines. Malay (Kerabu Taugeh & Mee Rojak) Chinese (Chinese Burdock Soup), Japanese (Crispy Japanese Tofu & Japanese Lotus Root Soup) Western (Mango Salad, Avocado Mint Dip, Mushroom Soup & Rosemary Cheesy Potato) and what not (Curry Leaves Hummus). Look at this Spicy-Thai Style Eggplant (Tom Yum Soup, Thai Style Mango Fish, Thai Massaman Lamb Curry, Thai Laksa & Thai Style Fried Chicken). Doesn't it say  that we shouldn't limit vegetarianism to Indian dishes only (Tom Yum Soup Vegetarian & Vegetable Green Curry)?

Enough said I suppose, lets get going to making this Spicy Thai Style Eggplant (Fried Masala Brinjal), Eggplant Curry Leaves, Brinjal Stir Fried & Eggplant Spicy Sauce). Nothing is compromised,  believe it, its still the quintessential beloved Thai tastes. Brinjals in a spicy tangy and scented with kaffir lime thick gravy for  "Let's Go Thai Vegetarian". 

1 medium size Chinese eggplant - cut into two, then into medium size pieces and flower out as seen in this picture. 
1 tsp rice flour
1 tsp corn flour

For the gravy
1 tbsp dried chilli paste (blended/grounded dried red chillies)
1 medium size onion - chopped
1 small ball of tamarind/assam - mix with 1/2 cup water to extract juice
A small piece of palm sugar
3 to 4 kaffir lime leaves - sliced thinly
Oil as needed
Salt for taste
Mix eggplant with rice flour, corn flour and a pinch of salt.
Deep fry, remove and keep aside.
Leave about 2 tbsp of oil in the same pan.
Saute onion and add chilli paste.
Fry over low heat till aromatic.
Pour in tamarind juice and season with palm sugar and salt.
Stir and let simmer.
Add fried eggplant and lime leaves.
Stir all in and dish out.
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  1. I am not a fan of eggplant. But this chilli can be used for other vegetables too =D

  2. i love eggplant and love this preparation, perfect with rice, soon its going to be in my plate.

  3. That's a different style of eggplant.I thought it was some meaty dish ...Yummy one

  4. Unique way of cutting the eggplant & goes well with chappati.

  5. thats a great way to make eggplant taste yummy, i am going to pass this recipe to my mum
    Keep in touch

  6. Love ur idea of frying eggplant I should try this here after.Yummy looking stir fry.

  7. Looks a lot like a bowl full of proteins! :D Love eggplants btw & would you like to follow each other on GFC, Google+
    & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets keep in touch!


    1. Followed you back on GFC, G+ & Bloglovin!


  8. i love eggplant and shall try this recipe soon :) this is really looking so amazing :)

  9. wow..delicious..perfect with rotis

  10. I am having this in my list to try.. U r tempting me to try sooner.. looks yum!

  11. i love eggplant recipes, but my other half hate it :( . will try this one for sure :D

  12. Made my mouth water! I love eggplant and this recipe is wonderful! A variation from the ones we generally have here.

  13. Very interesting...never tried brinjals in thai gravy!!

  14. wowww...This is a superb dish! Lovely recipe dear :)

  15. Wow. That looks like a really good dish.

  16. Never tried anything with eggplant but this looks yummy :)

  17. Hi Nava, nice eggplant dish, look so appetizing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe.

    Have a fun weekend, regards.

  18. Someone who does nt eat egg plant will also eat this.. so yum.. thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  19. Drool! My family enjoys eggplant especially with sambal chilli!

  20. Hi Nava, eggplant is one of my favorite fruit vegetables. Never get tired of it and if cooked it spicy, wow, yummy and irresistible. Thanks for sharing this fabulous eggplant recipe and cheers :)


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