Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Malaysian Banana Sweet Porridge/Pengat Pisang

Whatever said and whatever done, at the end of it all, nothing like our Malaysian desserts, aka kuih-muih. For this lady, who goes by her pen name “The Crazy Lover”. she, yes, she alright, will never stop jumping up and down, and as high up to the sky as well for her country loved traditional desserts. After all, the fact is that, the best desserts in the world can’t be from any other country except Malaysia. Yeh! Shout out to this, typical, authentic and traditional Malaysian. Our Malaysian desserts. They are not super dependent on oven. They just need a stove. Also, the open air, over the charcoal grilling and of course, why not to oven baking when the need warrants for.

What is the Malaysian dessert of the day? It’s the typical traditional, authentic Malaysian dessert. Most probably, one of the most loved, easy cooking, cooked over the stove sweet burst. Malaysian Banana Sweet Porridge/Pengat Pisang (Malaysian Banana Fritters, Malaysian Banana Pancakes & Malaysian Banana Flambe). Ingredients? Of course, nothing can beat our so loved, from our coconut tree creamy luscious coconut milk, our packed with natural sweetness bananas, plus, pandan/screwpine leaves as the forever wonder world scent and when sugar is a concern, we won’t compromise our Gula Melaka/palm sugar for none. Oh! Oh! Before I forget, sago is the other  favourite for our Malaysian desserts as well. Mouth-watering  right? I know. Let’s cook darlings!!

6 bananas (any type and you can use more bananas if you want to) - slice 
3 cups thick coconut milk 
Palm sugar/Gula Melaka - per taste 
A pinch of salt 
Screwpine/Pandan Leaves - a few, knotted 
½ cup sago - soak for 10 minutes and gently rinse under running water

For sago 
Heat some water and when heated through, add sago and cook till translucent. Thereafter rinse in running water. Keep aside. 
In a pot or pan, add coconut milk, palm sugar, screwpine leaves and salt. 
Simmer. Only simmer. Do not boil to prevent milk from splitting. 
Next, add sago and banana.  
Simmer to heat through, off the heat and we are done. 



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