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GARNIER White Speed Yoghurt Sleeping Mask

Sleeping mask. A must? Is sleeping mask a must as your sleeping beauty, beauty mask? Should you, can you, must you include sleeping mask as part and parcel of your beauty regime and routine? Well. In all fairness. Its all about you. If you want to, if you strongly feel that a sleeping mask will do some beauty goodness or, a whole lot of "beauty bag" goodies, as in, in maintaining, repairing or enhancing your skin, by all means. After all, your skin, you should know better? Yet. the point to note before you purchase a beauty mask? Trust me, it won't hurt you anywhere, even your "Down There" (ahem), if you do your fair share of your homework on and about the various types of sleeping masks. Especially in wanting to know which mask will be suited or fitted for your skin type, or for your beauty needy skin.