Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Jogyakarta, Indonesia - Day 2, (Part 2)

What a start for the day. Interesting, trilling, exciting, mind boggling and sweat dripping profusely as well. In fact, I must tell you that its been a promising Jogyakarta so far. First day basically exposing us to our first full blown Jogyakarta meal, followed by the hours, around, all around as far further as we could by walking our legs in and out of Jalan Malioboro (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). This morning on the other hand, anyone for the matter who come this far to Jogyakarta will, must seek and explore Borobudur. Borobudur definitely being the height for sunrise watching and Borobudur Temple by itself the lock, stock and barrel of Yogyakarta travelling porn. Thereafter, we heading to the other packaged together tourist spots (Yogyakarta Day 2) and later, my-my, the other side of Jogyakarta must experience, mountain trailing Mount Merapi adventure (Mount Merapi Jeep Tour), which by far is about understanding and gasping the facts to Mount Merapi and its after effects, fieriness consequences. Up next? Our scheduled lunch brekkie. Badly looked forward to due to jeep tour ending us energy drained, plus, remember, we wee hours jump starting our day? Honestly, once Merapi Jeep Tour ended, food hunger throne had automatically taken charge of our mind until it didn't matter where lunch will be. Neither did we bother checking with our tour guide. Nevertheless, never did we expect in our slightest moment that lunch will be a top notch, on all counts stealer in Restaurant Timpul Roso.      

Rustic, typical Indonesian garden setting or you call it a mini jungle surrounding if you like, wooden chairs and tables and humbleness to ushering in. Bang! Instantly I was awoken. I wouldn’t stop admiring the ambiance. So indeed soothing the moment we walked in. Wish we had sat at one of the huts a few steps below, but this group of five I was with didn't want to. They were adamant about being seated at the central open dining area. To tell you the truth, I was rather disappointed. I really wanted to sit in the hut. Then again? No point debating nor sulking. No point shaking the friendship boat, don't you think so? So, I left it as it is. Unless I am pushed beyond my limit for other valid reasons. In this case, just the preference to where we should rest our butts for meal tucking? Not a big deal right?    
Restaurant Timpul Roso additionally was outrightly a food winning point of contact. Indonesian different role-play enhanced food revelation. Nothing no we didn’t love. Lunch absolutely capturing the essence of a splendid meal. Super satisfying. Especially for someone like me who have been best friends with Indonesian food for the longest time. We,  mind you, we can go on and on forever without battling with each other for the rest of our lives. In Restaurant Timpul Roso, we started off by nibbling on the boiled plump peanuts before tucking into the rest. Tempe Goreng/Fried, Tofu, Ullam/Raw Salad, Grilled Fish, Fried Chicken, Gado Gado, and power ranger Sambal Belacan. Utterly the authentic Indonesian food pride. Power ranger Sambal Belacan amongst all was the most appreciated for this spicy queen Nava K.   

Lunch heartily tucked into, and we subsequently continuing our afternoon sightseeing by journeying and arriving in nature at its eye popping best Museum Ullen Sentalu. Ushered and guided by the sweet demure lady guide, picturing mind you, is not allowed inside this museum that showcases the the back then life and style of the Sultans. Basically for seeing the portraits of the Sultans and their generations thereafter, their wives, who married who, how many children they made, so on and so forth. Also, museum housing all things related, and we simultaneously lending our ears to the guide who patiently narrated all of it, one by one.  

Another 10 minutes or so allocated at the surrounding where the exit is, we then routing out of Museum Ullen Sentalu for continuing our road tripping and prior to dining in Restaurant Lombok Idjo Djogdja. Favourable dinner, no doubt, in this modern twist, yet still Indonesian rustic ambiance. Not bad. Regardless not all the dishes were a stand-out in terms of tastes. Nonetheless, worthy and more than enough to go around for the 6 of us. Indonesian sambal spiciness of course on the whole shouldn't be disputed, my all time favourite as I have already told you earlier and fried chicken seemingly as we have already noted, is an Indonesian favourite.     

End of Day 2.
To be continued……….

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