Saturday, March 16, 2013

Salted Fish Bone Curry

Salted Fish. Remember, I told you before? I did, let me remain you (Masak Lemak Ikan Masin Nenas & Pineapple Salted Fish Curry). Saltiness and Nava K? What should I possibly say. Definitely my weakness because I so love saltiness. In fact, anything salty goes for me and of course, all those like dried anchovies/ikan bilis and dried shrimp (Anchovies Fried Mee HoonSambal Tumis Ikan Bilis & Dried Shrimp Sambal). However, seems like I am more fond of salted fish. Only god knows why or maybe I should say, old eating habits die hard, or its just me, like I have already told you, saltiness has become and will still continue to be one of the ingredients best friend of mine. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am really eager to share with all of you this Salted Fish Bone Curry. Trust me, nothing like the bones compared to flesh of salted fish which is the choice for my other half-half (Bean Sprouts Salted Fish & Salted Fish Pickle), whereas for me, I'll stick to my guns and I am a die hard fan of the bones (Sambal Kentang Ikan Asin). Coming back to this salted fish bone curry, I also added some drumsticks/ muringakkai which were there already in my kitchen. So, I might as well use them right (Meen Muringakkai Kulambu & Drumstick Sambar). Is it a weird combination? No. Not at all. Stop doubting me and stop doubting if you should add drumstick into salted fish curry. Trust me, its just so sensational. Imagine spicy and salty Salted Fish Bone Curry drenched over rice and eating away while nibbling the salted fish bone and drumsticks as well? Mouthwatering right? Indeed.

500 thread-fin salted fish bone - soaked and rinsed. 
5 muringakkai -  peel the thick skin and cut into 1 inch length.
1/2 tbsp fish curry powder
1/2 tbsp plain chilli powder
1/2  tsp black pepper powder
3 green chillies - slit until 3/4 way 
2 medium size tomatoes - sliced
1 large red onion - chopped
5 garlic - chopped
1 inch ginger - chopped
1 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 tbsp thick tamarind juice
4 tbsp of oil
Salt for taste (if needed)
1 small bunch coriander leaves - sliced thinly
Mix fish curry powder, chilli powder and pepper powder with some water for a thick paste. Keep aside.
When oil is heated, sauté onion, garlic, ginger, fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds.
When seeds start to splatter, add curry paste.
Fry till aromatic and oil splits. .
Put in beans and tomato.
Stir for a 2-3 minutes.
Pour 1/2 litre of water and stir. 
Add salted fish, tamarind juice, green chillies and salt if needed.
Simmer to soften salted fish.
Stir, combine in coriander leaves and off the heat.  


  1. Tasty,reminds me of the famous Sempalit Chicken Curry in Raub.

  2. Lovely dish!! Wonderful snaps!

  3. I hv seen these beans being sold in market but never really tasted it before.

    Craving for curry n steaming rice now..raining.

  4. my dad use to cook curry salty fish head..
    I am not sure whether it the same taste like yours...

  5. Hey Nava, u know what? I've never tried salted fish in curry. Wonder how it tastes like. Must be good with a bowl of rice......

  6. Yummy! Love salted fish in curry and having tasted drumstick recently, I am certainly interested to try making this myself.

  7. What away a lovely curry my friend :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. So delicious and with great ingredients


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