Monday, August 18, 2014

Wajik (Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake)

Wajik? Quite mind boggling on how to explain. Malaysians I'm sure don't need much explanation. Wajik obviously is made with glutinous rice/pulut, coconut milk, palm sugar and scented with screwpine/pandan leaves. Don't know how and where it originated from. So to cut short on a long intro, let me say that I have never made before. But indeed I was curious to start somewhere. Used to see mum making. Stirring the mixture for hours until her hands almost fell apart.

I didn't want to follow her technic and then start complaining that I can't lift up my arms. I made a small amount and I did it my way. Rice was steamed till really soft. Coconut milk and palm sugar simmered for a thick consistency with pandan leaves. Followed by about 10 minutes of stirring all together and tipping it on a try lined with pandan leaves.

1 cup glutinous/pulut rice
1 1/2 cups thick coconut milk
1/2 cup palm sugar
Screwpine leaves - as needed (depends on the size of the leaves)
Soak rice if possible overnight to fasten the steaming process.
Steam till soft.
Keep aside.
Pour coconut milk in a large work/pan, add palm sugar and  a few pandan leaves knotted together.
Simmer while stirring for a thick syrup.
Add steamed rice and stir till it clings in the syrup.
Line pan with pandan leaves.
Tip rice mixture inside and spread evenly.
Let it cool down and cut into pieces.
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  1. New recipe for me,..nice presentation

  2. This Rice Cake Looks Too Gud!! Im sure it should be rich in taste. But I surely want to know the taste of pandan leaves someday :)

  3. Rice cake looks delicious. Going to buy pandan leaves asap.

  4. New & innovative rice recipe................looks to try this.

  5. Nava, I'm new to this sweet treat! Is this Chinese or Indian dessert? Very interesting!

  6. Ohhh my i wud gobble all this.. Thanks fr sharing the recipe..:)

  7. The cakes look fabulous! I went through the ingredients and I know I'll love the taste!

  8. Tempting pic..sweet rice cake looks delish.

  9. Oh the cake looks fabulous .I am not sure i get screwpine leaves here ,Can i use any other leaves instead?

  10. Quite interesting recipe & falls in line with very traditional dish called palm cakes

  11. These rice cakes look lovely, I have never tried them before but I would like to remedy that :P

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Mmmmm....never tried before but see from the ingredients, must taste very good

  13. Hi Nava, I used to buy wajik from Pasar Malam and I like this glutinous rice cake because of its coconut milk and palm sugar. You did it very well. So beautiful and sedap. Thanks for sharing and regards :)

  14. Delicious rice cake . Very new to me

  15. I have not tried this before. The rice cakes look so delicious!

  16. this sweet really looks yum and worth trying plus so simple to make nom nom

  17. WOW! Your recipes are always interesting and delicious!


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