Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mor Rasam/Buttermilk Rasam

Remember, I think I have already told you before? There's no boundaries to cooking (Meen Muringakka Kulambu/Drumstick Fish Curry). There's basically no limit to inventing or trying out new recipes. Either, you coin your own recipes or you pretty much trend behind other people's recipes (Fish Sambar & Creamy Coconut Lentil Curry). Either way, I think, is fine and not necessarily you must follow recipes as they are 100%. Always allowed, please go ahead and tweet recipes as per your liking, how about you giving a go to this my Mor Rasam/Buttermilk Rasam (Mor Kuzhambu)? Heard before or you have not, or your only familiarity is Plain Rasam? I don't know, you have to tell me (Egg Rasam & Nandu Rasam). Whatever or whichever, I hope you won't hold yourself from trying this Mor Rasam/Buttermilk Rasam. Mor or buttermilk basically a replacement for tamarind and for a natural depth of sourness and creaminess. Cooking game on? The game changer instead of plain rasam? 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Meen Muringakka Kulambu

Who said you can't? Not me. Did I say that you can't add muringakka into fish curry, aka drumstick fish curry (Shark Curry, Assam Fish Curry & Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry). Please. Go ahead. I can vouch. I can assure that you will not regret. I know what I am saying. After all, evidently this Meen Muringakkai Kulambu speaks for itself in terms of mouthwatering and mouth packing deliciousness. Curries of course, as you know, must pack spiciness, tanginess and curry leaves aroma and not necessarily drumstick/muringakka must be swimming in sambar only (Fish Sambar).  So, lets now get to the business of cooking. Actually, I don't think I need to speak further because recipe is already attached. Grab it and make this Meen Muringakka Kulambu (Chilli Lime Fish, Ikan Pari Sambal, Steamed White Pompret & Chilli Soy Fish). 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Restaurant Makbul Nasi Kandar - (Taipan, Subang Jaya)

Hard to miss. I bet you won't miss seeing Restaurant Makbul Nasi Kandar if you are in Taipan or even if you are passing by the main road. Restaurant Makbul Nasi Kandar, as far as I know is already like a permanent landmark in Taipan. Our reason for dining in Restaurant Makbul? In fact, our first time. Just like that after running some errands and amongst the rest of the eateries, Restaurant Makbul was randomly selected and seemingly like the right hour. Dishes for a rice meal making way to the food counter. Piping hot and fresh-fresh just cooked dishes. Wow! Right on. In the queue for our choice of dishes over the plate of rice before being seated, and also calling for Teh Tarik and Sky Juice. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mysore Sambar

Mysore Sambar. The front door, or back door, or straight door to the other side of sambal/Indian dal curry. Sambar by far? How can sambar not be a popularity amongst Indians for the matter. In fact, our food life is not complete without sambar and walk into whichever Indian eateries, from the high end to the street stalls, sambar will joyously greet you. Point blank, do I have to actually speak any further about sambar? I don't think so because I think I have giving more than enough hints on sambar being the must have, maybe not every day, but at least once a week (Bitter Gourd Sambar or Plain Sambar)? I too am a cooking hero when sambar is a concern. What do you expect.? Indian husbands and their profound love for sambar? Regardless, each time I make sambar, I try to coin another version and this Mysore Sambar has already be trended in my house (Mor Kuzhambu/Yogurt Curry, Cauliflower Curry, Indian Tofu Curry & Indian Vegetable Curry) and there's no limit to the type of lentil/dal you should or can use. I settled for chana dal. The only dal actually instead of a combination of two or three types for an easy interpretation and not eating up into our time in making, plus instead of the usual vegetables you will see swimming in a sambar, its white radish. Having said that, I can assure you that there's no shortcoming for my version of Mysore Sambar. Truly delightful and like, I can get no satisfaction.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chocolate Rum Tart

What a, proud moment of mine baking breakthrough. Believe me you. Can you believe it that I made Chocolate Rum Tart? Joy to the world. Okay, okay, I am not floating in cloud 9 no more. I am back to reality. But still, such a breakthrough for me (Lemon Bars & Pineapple Bread Pudding). I guess when the mind is set, I guess nothing is impossible. Never mind if we are not the first at the finishing line. An achievement is still an achievement (Cream Puffs & Soft Rolls), for me, really, though I am not at all a fan of chocs, but for choc lovers, I can assure you that these chocolate tarts are a heavenly retreat (Dates Sunflower Seeds Cake & Fried Apple Fritters). Vanilla scented pastry and within it, rum infused dark chocolate. Rum of course is optional unless you are a once a while drunkard like me, these tarts by the way must be chilled first to set the choc filling prior to luxuriating in. I love you too everyone.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chilli Lime Fish

Fish is trended again and of course, how can I not trend chillies simultaneously. Both in fact has become like a customary thingy in my house. Fish without a doubt, do I have to repeat myself? Must I repeat again and again (Grilled Fish Sandwich, Vietnamese Fish Soup, Thai Green Fish Curry, Kerala Fish Fry & Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish)? No need right? Thank you so much. So, what's the cooking story for fish today (Nyonya Assam Fish Curry, Grilled SalmonMalaysian Indian Fish Curry, Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf & Grilled Fish Sambal Stuffed)? Pretty much, you know me right? I don't get all worked up in my kitchen. I don't have the time anyway. So, I fried the fish marinated with turmeric powder and chilli powder and then, the chilli lime aromatic sauce tipped atop. Bang! Explosion of our Malaysian tastes!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chicken Varuval

So, another chicken dish today by far? Previously, can you still recall my Curried Roast Chicken?  I hope you can still remember? Otherwise, perhaps you would like to flip over to the recipe and then, get up, close and personal to this Chicken Varuval, also known as dry style masala chicken (Jacket Potatoes Chicken Mince). One which I think is not the standard like the many Chicken Varuval. My version of course, as usual, must have the touch of me. A touch of natural sweet burst from dried raisins. Just a touch, nothing over-powering, a touch for the role play between spiciness, sweetness and awesome aroma of garam masala and coriander leaves (Honey Chilli Chicken & Sweet Chilli Chicken). Anything else is there for me to say (Butter Chicken, Ayam Masak Merah & Cashew Nut Masala Chicken)? I sincerely doubt. 

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