Friday, November 18, 2011

Carrot Poriyal

Carrots are at their best when you just crunch into them. As raw as they are. Why not. After all, its healthiness and packing aplenty major values? Wouldn't you agree? Sincerely. Then again, it can't be rawness daily. Carrots, believe me, are deliciousness when converted to an Indian style stir fried dish (Aloo Gobi, Brinjal Stir Fried & Beans Thoran). Take this Indian Carrot Poriyal as an example. A lovely side for teaming alongside other sides (Dum Aloo, Red Cabbage Thoran & Potato Balls). Of course, some gravies thrown in as well (Indian Vegetable Curry, Egg Rasam & Sodhi) and how about specifically made rice dishes instead of plain, boring white rice (Lemon Cashew Rice & Ghee Rice)? So, ladies and gentlemen, here is my version of Carrot Poriyal. Carrot stir fried alongside spices, fresh coconut and curry leaves. Tempting right? I know. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Char Kway Teow

Sincerely I wonder. I wonder why for years we have been reminded that women must learn to cook? Is it some sort of a cultural thingy? How about the men? What? They only eat whereas we women are the ones who must slog in the kitchen? I really don't know. You tell me. Years and years of being drilled that I must learn to cook, from as young as I was, seemingly is the cause of confusion. Especially, don't you think in Indian households? But why? I can understand back then marriage story whereby men worked and women were the home keepers. Not anymore. We work as well and we contribute money package as well. So then (Home Made Curry Mee, Malaysian Fried Mee, Hokkien Mee, Curry Chicken Noodles & Bee Hoon Soup)? Duh! Alright. Weekend food when I am struggling with time. Fried noodles. Either the dry style (Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon & Mee Siam) or soupy version (Penang Mee Yoke, Penang Assam Laksa, Mee Rebus, Curry Mee, Laksam Kelantan & Mee Rojak) Char Kway Teow is? Malaysian famed street noodle. Broad rice noodles/kway teow interestingly fried alongside bean sprouts, eggs, cockles, fish balls, seasoned with dark sauce and light sauce.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Braised Chicken Feet

Chinese food delightfulness and this Indian lady? Oh-yes please. We have already bonded and we will mind you, remain forever as best friends (Fried Lotus Root Chips, Fried Shrimp Wantons, Salted Egg Chicken, Chinese Fried Rice & Chinese Prawn Fritters). Now and forever and for the longest time. Anything Chinese goes for me. Simple, easy-preasy and even lazily put together dishes (Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish) or more elaborated ones (Chinese Chicken Meatball Soup, Chicken Wanton Soup, Sesame Chicken & Sweet Chilli Chicken) and today, according to my cooking technic, it is a time taking cooking. Especially for ensuring chicken feet is cooked to its tenderness. Chicken Feet? Remember, I have already told you before (Chicken Feet Kerabu/Salad)? So, lemme get to the recipe instead of dwelling on chicken, which part, which you fancy, so on and so forth (Baked Cornflakes Chicken). Super moist, super succulent chicken soaking in tadbit bit of gravy/sauce, made with the quintessential Chinese ingredients (Chick Kut Teh, Chap Chai/Mixed Vegetable Stew & Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken).    

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thai Green Fish Curry

I decided to go green. In fact, I have already. Green, the nature loved shade and green is also said as "green, green, greedy pig. Haha! What a punchy waking up intro, wouldn't you agree? Let's forget about greediness, but we will still hail nature being green and instead of fish for other styles (Chilli Soy Fish, Grilled Sambal Stuffed Fish, Stingray Spicy Sauce & Tuna Cutlets), its a Thai style Green Fish Curry. Thai? Of course. Thais are the best people for producing green curries.They know it all. They have been doing it for years and Thai cuisine is much loved throughout the world for their big, bold and lighting up a food glow on your tongue, mouth, throat and tummy. How do we make this Thai Green Fish Curry. We will make the green curry paste and though generally fish is tipped into the later made green curry (Asam Fish Curry, Indian Chicken Curry, Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry, Fish Sambar & Kerala Fish Curry), I fried the fish pieces alongside the ingredients listed under "for the fish" (Tuna Cutlet & Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish). While fish is being fried, we shall get down to making the curry and once done, fish is tipped inside. Tickling appetizing creamy, spicy and aromatic green curry, soaking up crispy on the outside and tender melt inside fried fish . Bye guys. Got to go. Time is biting into my schedule. See you next time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baked Cornflakes Chicken

After all the many years behind the road, when you invest in an oven, don't you think we should start baking? Utterly. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of investing in a new kitchen equipment. Don't you think so? I reckon. All these while, I have been the over the stove portable grilling pan person (Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf & Grilled Salmon). So, oven investment seemingly has brought a broad smile on my face. Nevertheless, I must also say that we Malaysians, unless you are baking enthusiast, we generally prefer on fire under our pots and pans cooking. Anyway, I am not regretting. Never know, it may spiral me to start seriously baking? Early to throw words though and mind you, I have already started and here is the latest from my oven. Baked Cornflakes Chicken (Grilled Chicken Wings). Any part will do (Sesame Chicken & Sweet Chilli Chicken), of course, I love the sinful wings (Chicken Feet Kerabu/Salad), but remember, as far as I know, baking is healthier compared to frying (Fried Shrimp Wanton). Dried herbs I already had went into this baked cornflakes chicken, of course you have the liberty to to other herbs, fresh or dried. Crispy, yummy and mouth crunching pop-ohlalala Baked Cornflakes Chicken, paired alongside sweet potatoes, optional. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indian Potato Balls

Potatoes? We can't get enough, can we? I know. I think I have already told you before (Dum Aloo)? Love of ours for potatoes undeniably is undivided right (Gado Gado, Chilli Aloo, Bonda  & Aloo Gobi)?  I know and I bet you are agreeing. Today, its potatoes for these fried, crispy on the outside and soft bite inside absolutely (Sardine Rolls, Fried Shrimp Wanton & Tuna Cutlets) mouth watering Indian Potato Balls, paired alongside mint sauce.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

La Bodega Spanish Restaurant (Empire Subang)

For the number of times I've been in Empire Subang (Serai & Chilli's),  sometimes I really can't decide where to meal. Today especially, coming over before 11am, many of the eateries were not ready to usher in customers. Between the few that has just opened their doors, La Bodega I thought will be a good change since I've never tried before and seldom is the call for a Western lunch. I sat at the outside dining area and as much as I wanted to start my day with an early lunch, I was disappointed because lunch meals I was told will only come on board after 12pm. 

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