Friday, April 28, 2023

Nava's Menopause: Zen Yoga Healing

Menopause, once cloaked in silence, now steps into the spotlight, shedding light on a journey often veiled in secrecy. As an Indian woman, I've traversed this path, navigating the turbulent waters of hormonal shifts and societal whispers. But remaining silent was not an option; I knew that by sharing my story, I could extend a comforting hand to others walking a similar path.


At 45, my body began its farewell to the reproductive years, yet the journey of menopause had commenced long before. It tiptoed into my life, casting shadows over my days and nights. The symptoms arrived uninvited: hot flashes, restless nights, and tears flowing without cause. Seeking guidance, I consulted medical experts, only to receive responses ranging from dismissive to disheartening. It was a male gynecologist who finally offered the advice I needed.

He cautioned against hormone tablets and encouraged me to indulge in activities that brought joy. So, I embarked on a journey of exploration, traveling, experimenting with new recipes, and nurturing my garden.


Gradually, my symptoms began to subside. But as I approached 50, they returned with a vengeance, compounded by job dissatisfaction. Ultimately, I resigned to focus on my well-being. I returned to gardening therapy, seeking solace amidst the chaos.


Two years later, my symptoms resurfaced, fiercer than ever. Severe headaches, body pains, and palpitations overwhelmed me, compounded by my husband's business struggles. Lost and adrift, a male doctor diagnosed me with migraines and menopause symptoms, prescribing tablets and suggesting natural remedies. It was then that a friend recommended yoga.

Reluctantly, I began practicing yoga, embracing its transformative power through gentle poses and rhythmic breathing. Within weeks, I felt a profound shift within myself. The connection with yoga transcended the physical, offering solace to my troubled mind and easing the weariness of my body. Breathwork calmed my anxiety, while gentle stretches relieved tension in my muscles and joints.


Delving deeper into yoga, I discovered its myriad benefits for both mind and body. Beyond physical improvements, it provided a haven for mental clarity and emotional well-being. Mindfulness and meditation empowered me to face life's challenges with grace and poise. Additionally, yoga enhanced my strength, balance, and circulation, enriching my vitality and quality of life.

So, let's shatter the taboo surrounding menopause and speak openly about it. Sharing our stories can offer support and solidarity to others on this journey. As for me, yoga became my guiding Zen, leading me to a place of peace and healing.

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