Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Plant Based Breakfast Platters

Hi Darlings, Seems like I am activated all over. All over, hah. After abandoning this precious space of mine, I am up, and about today. I told myself, what the hack, I shall find some time for pitching my cooking terminology today. Tadaa! Actually, the truth is, because I have rebranded, its pitching our “Nava’s Zen. Holistic Wellness” food and recipe stories, and also for informing all you darlings that, we will still willingly share our recipes. Apart from, letting you know again that, only if the founder, me alright, Nava K, have the time for splashing unlimited and undivided bundles of cooking love soul, you can most probably expect a breakfast platter. For our private, exclusive and only through referrals, “Home Dining” and “Homestay”. Featuring our zen grown plants, herbs and we are growing our own fruits as well. Of course, in certain instances, as and when required, we do scout for the best quality, organically grown “Plant Based” ingredients.

For a fact, expecting the expected, “Cooked by Nava K”, is subjective matter. It all depends whether Nava K is conducting any physical and mental fitness classes or not, on the specific day. In other words, she decides which is her priority. Should it be pampering her clients to the classes, or pampering others clients to food and cooking. No, no, please don’t get her wrong. Its not her arrogance speaking, its actually which it or which are her priorities. Enough said for keeping this introduction sassy and sexy, to the recipes right now for these “Breakfast Platters”. Take care darlings. 

**Note - ingredients and plating style, as you wish please. 

Messy Platter 
Cherry tomatoes 
Sweet potatoes 

Hot Apple 
Red apples 
Premix salad leaves 
Chill sauce
Bright Morning 
Chia seeds 
Red apple 
Purple Green 
Purple sweet potato 
Sunflower seeds 
Thousand island dressing
Clean And Lean 
Chia seeds 
Soft And Crunch 
Sunflower seeds  
Salad leaves
And, before I sign off, since these sensational and beautiful "Plant Based Breakfast Platters" fall under the category and segment of "Health & Wellness", you might as well watch the video attached below. The impromptu and fun video whereby of course, I am featured. Lots of love.  

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