Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perth, Australia (My Knowledge Travel Venture) Part 2

Three full days of training? Ohhhhh! Brains fried up. By the time we returned to the hotel (Perth Part 1), nothing much expected. Except picking up dinner and back to the room. Of course, in between the training, a trip by ourselves to Fremantle was thrown in (Fremantle Perth). Not a bonus, remember I have already told you? We paying for ourselves? However, the least I expected was sightseeing on this Saturday at the courtesy of our Perth University counter parts. Wow! Would you say no? I of course was trilled and excited. All arrangements like on a silver platter, plus all paid for. We being fetched from the hotel and to Mandurah for Dolphin Lunch Cruise. Cruising (Venice, MalaccaAyutthaya Halong Bay Vietnam). Not new for me. Of course, each cruise to its own? A different package supposedly? Meanwhile, whist awaiting for the rest to arrive and to kill time, we checked out the surrounding area within where cruise will be taking off. Eateries and some retails and some arts designs. 


By the next half an hour? Dolphin Lunch Cruise as planned. We taking our seats in the boat for cruising up and down Mandurah river. Impressive. For me personally because I love water seeing which does have a positive impact on my well being and while at it, food popping up. Fish and Chips, and canned drinks. Not bad and the fun of it all had to be enjoying your meal and simultaneously allowing your mind to wonder towards the nature scenery.  
Worthiness of cruising was also? Anticipating and eagerly waiting for Dolphins. Did they? Initially, they were stubborn. They just wouldn't show themselves until we felt as though hopes are going to be dashed. Then? Tadaa!  Dolphins flipping, swimming aimlessly and going in and out of the water at their speed. Five minutes the most, they just disappeared. No more show to dolphins. Sadly. Boat on the other hand making a u-turn right at the heart where the rich and famous are staying by the water. and pretty much the same scenery on your way back to the pier. Overall, me loving every minute of this Dolphin Lunch Cruise.   

Sightseeing is not over yet we were told. Where to? Kings Park. The nature in Perth. My-my. Whoever my Malaysian friends who described Kings Park as boring? They should kick themselves. No. Not boring at all. How can nature be boring and this nature in Kings Park. In a huge area, plants and trees and the green-green grass of Kings Park where you can veg out or at your own whims and fancy and containing history as well.  

Two hours in Kings Park and back to Murray Street, and we heading for dinner in one of the eateries. Furthermore, after dinner stopping over in Chocolateria San Churro. Literally packed. Like a mad house in fact and we quickly securing the only and one empty table outside before the friends ordering for us at the self service counter. Chocolateria San Churro? Not for me. I am definitely not into thick and really sweet and different types of milkshakes. Even the churros I shared with my friend? Yucks! Couldn't even digest due to extreme sweetness of the white choc dip and dark chock dip. My counterparts on the contrary? They loved and loved those milkshakes.

Back to training for the next two days and me squeezing in some time for visiting Western Australian Museum which is located within a walking distance from our hotel. I mean, you might as well instead of locking yourself in the room and trust me, how many rounds can you do up and down Murray Street? Obviously, I couldn't. That's why I headed to Western Australian Museum. Like every other museum in the world, and of course Australian museum must be in tandem to their own legendary history. Throughout the three floors. All related to Australia, including Dampier Marine, mammals, birds and butterflies. 

More of sightseeing in the morning prior to me leaving Perth? Flagging a cab in front of Murray Street for heading to Perth Zoo all by myself, Paying and not free entrance. Into zoo and spending at least an hour plus, in fact I had to rush due to another sightseeing lined up later. Perth Zoo! Dating back to year 1898. Featuring at least 1,200 different animals and over 160 species. Huge area. Wish I had more time in hand, but the reality was otherwise. Nevertheless, I managed in seeing the recreated natural habitats, African savanna, Australian and Asian wetlands, and Australian bush-walk.

From Perth Zoo and having a bit trouble in getting a cab for the next 20 minutes for heading to Bell Tower. Eventually. to this one of Perth's most unique landmarks, a cultural icon showcasing bells and clocks from all over the world and restored and preserved throughout the years. Nothing much I could view from the outside, except standing and staring at the structure, and of course taking a look at the surrounding area until my friends arrived.

To Govinda's at their recommendation (William Street, Northbridge). Lunch in Govinda's. Took me by surprise. Delicious vegetarian meal. Outrightly. Pow-Wow! Vegetarian food haven. Yum. Aroma waffling in the air in this Hare Rama and paying for a worthy cause restaurant. Marvelous, really fab superb food.
Finally, to the airport and up in the air for home sweet home. I made it right? I made it in one piece in and out of Perth. I also, don't you think, I need a pat on my shoulders? Braving myself for self sightseeing?  


  1. Nothing more enjoyable than a calming, peaceful cruise, get to see and experience both land and water and have time to daydream and mull things. That 6th photo reminds me of the Taiping Lake Gardens way back in the past. Harks back to the good 'ole days minus the hustle and bustle.

  2. So beautiful. The water so clear over there. can even see the stone the bird standing on

  3. I love cruises...not many cruises available in malaysia for day trips.


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