Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perth, Australia (My Knowledge Travel Venture) Part 2

Perth and me, myself and I? Did we click and jive together happily? We did. So we did. We embraced each other though not everything pleased me utmostly. What didn't go down well for me? Australians. Not all of them regardless. Some (Fremantle Perth & Perth, Australia Part 1). Those I couldn't avoid and those I bump into by virtue of me being in Perth for a week. Australians? They somehow? I really don't know what to say. I guess just like us in Malaysia, we Malaysians, Australians are packaged in various shapes, sizes, attitude, character and behaviour? They sure are. Great exposure for me. I actually found out for myself instead of believing those who blow hot air about Australians and those who have migrated to Australia? Don't you think they must brag that Australians are the most beautiful people on earth? Duh! The problem with especially Malaysians who are now settled in Australia. Thank god I don't have to lock, stock and barrel wholesomely believe them anymore because my own experience speaks for itself and for myself. Yeh!

Of course, all said and done, I must appreciate my Australian counterparts who made it a point in throwing some sightseeing on this Saturday. Thank you so much. Our day starting off energetically, we tucking into the wide spread of  breakfast in Ms Maud Restaurant and then we hopping into the van for journeying to Mandurah. Arriving earlier than the rest, we killed time by walking around, as far as we could. Not many things to see except the few retails and eateries. Time indeed flew by in the air and before we knew, when our counterparts arrived, all of us, within the stipulated time hopping into the boat for our Dolphin Lunch Cruise (Venice Cruising). 

What an absolute mind touching pleasure once boat started cruising and we sitting back for admiring this nature in this part of Perth (Halong Bay Vietnam). I loved it honestly. I love such a thing to water cruising which potentially does wonders as a mode of calming me and my inner senses. Especially during mid-morning when sun is slowly rising for directly or indirectly shining Vitamin D on me. In the midst of all of it, food popped up. Fish and chips, washed down with canned drinks. An appreciated meal, without a doubt, batter coated fried fish showcasing the fresh catch. Crunch into alongside the batons of crispy fried potatoes. Filling wholesome meal. 
Worthiness of cruising was also waiting patiently and looking out for the dolphins. They definitely took their time until we were not even sure if we will be seeing them. Not until after the first half an hour or so. Dolphins flipping, swimming aimlessly and going in and out of the water at their speed and then? Five minutes the most, they just disappeared. They wouldn't show themselves again sadly. We on the other hand once boat made a U-turn at the far end, we literally jaw dropping over the huge houses of the rich and famous and their boats. Wow! Mesmerizing elite lifestyle. It’s all about the money honey, wouldn't you agree? Of course. Money bomb for luxurious lifestyle?  

Returning back to the pier within the 45 minutes feeling as though we have achieved a major sightseeing milestone, up next? The other sightseeing in Kings Park. Amazing. Wonder why on earth some of my friends have branded Kings Part as boredomness? Why? Unbelievable. I sincerely don't think so. Luscious green-green grass and nature captivating Kings Park at your helms supposedly a boring place? Oh-please! Kings Park for me personally? The park for relaxation. Veg-out, walk, stare at the sky, admire the surrounding and while you are still at it, make sure you don't miss out on history which has already been made in Kings Park. Those historical significant structures. 
Moreover, Kings Park is the place for tying the knot. Weddings. We did notice and once I walked further inside, I took my moment at the hilltop for a helicopter view of Swan Lake and the contour of Perth, plus, whatever, every bit of whatever that caught  my attention.

Bye bye Kings Park prior to us returning to Murray Street by late evening. Subsequently, we taking the long walk to James Street for dinner. The Indian food we tucked into was not a letdown, but waiting to be served almost tested our patience. We basically had to wait due to full house. Dinner over, on our way back to Ms Maud Hotel, we had a stop in Chocolateria San Churro. Massively spilling over with customers and we quickly grabbing the one and only empty table outside. Order noted by our friends who volunteered in heading to the self service counter and then returning back with the sweet notes. Not for me. These kinda really sweet stuffs. In fact between the two of us, we struggled in finishing off the churros, but the rest were extremely happy. They strawed every bit of the milk shake.

The next day, remember I told you about our trip to Fremantle Day? Back from Fremantle, I walked to Western Australian Museum from Perth station. But because time was not on my side, half an hour before closing time, I had to quickly rushed through at the constant reminder of the staff. Floor to floor till the third floor, the staff wouldn't leave me alone. She kept reminding me over and over on the rule to close time. Duh! Regardless, within the short span of time, I managed. I made sure I covered the whole museum. All of it. Australia and its years ago, the displays and collection of objects, Dampier Marine, mammal, bird and butterfly galleries.

On the last day before me departing from Perth, I wouldn't still keep quiet. I was gamed for more sightseeing. On my own. I flagged down a cab and me and the cab driver? Indonesian cab driver and myself becoming friends and he telling the reality to being in Australia. Money earning, what else can it be. Time out to our conversation once I got down in front of Perth Zoo. Entrance fees paid, thereafter Perth Zoo was all mine for the next an hour.  Perth Zoo dating back to 1898, and  featuring at least 1,200 different animals and over 160 species. Huge area. Wish I had more time in hand, but the reality was otherwise. Nevertheless, my previous time within an hour exposing me to the recreated natural habitats, African savanna, Australian and Asian wetlands, and Australian bush-walk.

First sightseeing mission accomplished, next was trying to get a cab to Bell Tower (Ayutthaya Thailand). Back and forth, to and fro crossing the road for cab, finally. Bell Tower. One of Perth's most unique landmarks, a cultural icon showcasing bells and clocks from all over the world and restored and preserved throughout the years. Nothing much I could view from the outside, except standing and staring at the structure, and of course taking a look at the surrounding until my friends arrived.

Lunch was on our card. We too mutually agreeing for lunching in Govinda's Restaurant (William Street, Northbridge - Perth,WA). Pow-Wow! Vegetarian food haven. Yum. Aroma waffling in the air in this Hare Rama and paying for a worthy cause restaurant. Marvelous, really fab superb food.
Finally, to the airport and up in the air for back to home sweet home. I made it right? I made it in one piece in and out of Perth. I also, don't you think I need a pat on my shoulders? Braving myself for self sightseeing?  

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  1. Nothing more enjoyable than a calming, peaceful cruise, get to see and experience both land and water and have time to daydream and mull things. That 6th photo reminds me of the Taiping Lake Gardens way back in the past. Harks back to the good 'ole days minus the hustle and bustle.

  2. So beautiful. The water so clear over there. can even see the stone the bird standing on

  3. I love cruises...not many cruises available in malaysia for day trips.


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