Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Venice - A Day In Venice (Italy)

Venice! Never did I think I will make it this far to Venice. All this while, Venice only existed in my dreams, in TV watching and of course, proudly showcased in the visual world. Venice, forever sensationalized as the must do, must see and must experience. Easier of course said than done, for those in Europe, I am not saying that Venice is like a dash across, but definitely so much more convenient for popping over compared to us Malaysians. We on the other hand need aplenty money because there is not a fine line, but a broad thickest line between Euro to our RM. Money! Flight ticket ripping our money apart, furthermore, lodging, sightseeing and if at all we shop, our budget for travelling to Venice can rocket to the sky. Not cheap mind you. Hence, who else should I be grateful to except my other half-half and his hard earned money for this “A Day In Venice”.

Day started off from the moment we packed and loaded our luggage in the coach (Florence & Rome) and prior to journeying to Venice, followed by Venice water journeying while passing by the big huge cruise ships and Venice iconic structures and buildings. Lovely start! Awesomeness. Wow! Me gonna to explore Venice. But once we arrived at the pier, oh-god-lord! Massive. Human traffic on this Sunday? Patience is the virtue, 10 minutes of waiting before receiving the green light for getting down. Guide leading us in the forefront, while also reminding us not to loose sight of him and staying close to our tour group instead of going astray and ending up disrupting our sightseeing. I couldn't agree more with him. In fact, I couldn't even see what's going on, what's in front and where we are actually heading. What a scene. Venice and its popularity during summer for people from all walks of life.  
We had to, no monkey Malaysian tricks of us being a hero in Venice, we obediently followed our guide and after walking for almost 20 minutes, we were greeted by our local Italian guide at the heart of Piazza San Marco. Our local guide? He must be in his 70’s, and his strong Italian accent? He briefing us on what to expect in Piazza San Marco. Honestly, quite a thing trying to understand what he was saying. Still we pretended and at the end of it all, we managed to put two and two together. Piazza San Marco, bundled with centuries of history, is the location for important government buildings and others facilities central in Venice. Guide left, we subsequently took it upon us for leisurely walking around, simultaneously viewing St Mark's Church, Campanile Bell Tower, Doge Palace, shops, stalls and cafes. While at it, one of our tour buddies started feeding the pigeons. Came charging this big size officer who rudely shouted in Italian language. We were lost. We didn’t know what was going on. Thank god our guide quickly intercepted to tell us us that pigeons feeding is barred. Fine, but what's with rudeness and literally screaming? Nonsense. One down for the enforcement in Venice. What a shame to treating tourists who are actually contributing to Italy's tourism industry. 

Anyway, nothing really shocking to tell you the truth. For the last three days we have been in Italy, we felt that Italians are not friendly people. Service with a sour dough face a norm, we even realize that some service staff were indirectly throwing plates when serving us and you better not ask for anything extra. Just shut your mouth, eat what you are served and leave. Wondering why. Some sort of skin biases? I am not sure. But really, I didn't expect. Whatever. Our tour in Venice continued in Murano Glass Center where we sat through a mini demonstration on how glass is blown and shaped as many different things. Animals, ornaments, decorations and jewelries. I bought two pendants for remembrance and after getting down from the first floor Murano retail outlet, we headed for our meal in the stipulated and already for restaurant. Nothing I want to even mention because Italian food and I are not even distant cousins. I still ate though. I didn’t have a choice.

An hour for lunch, next was the moment everyone was like nail and teeth biting waiting. Shopping! Malaysian Chinese, in fact all Chinese from other parts of the world were going gaga rowdy unruly over Luis Vuitton, whereas I opted for Gucci and Prada. Not cheap but definitely worth compared to paying a fortune in Malaysia. Almost 3 hours for shopping, the other much eagerly looked forward to awaited was next in line. The world known and everyone badly want to do “Venice Gondola Ride”. Yet, as eager as I was, I didn't like the fact we were hurriedly and literally pushed rushed into the gondola/boat. I couldn’t understand what’s with rushing and hurrying? We have booked, paid and time already allocated and agreed upon? Another black mark for Venice and its pride tourism? Perhaps. Nevertheless, I must wholeheartedly agree that Venice Gondola Ride is fantastic. Honestly. Bottom line, utter-gutter sensational. 
Being water maneuvered so close to the buildings, colorful houses, going under Bridge of Sighs, different types of ravishing gondolas going up and down and the whole package of this water world of Venice. Happening. Though sun literally ripped our skin apart. Hot! Bloody. 

Less than an hour, ride was over, an hour thrown in again in Venice and by 5.00pm, Venice was over and done for us. Hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed, I can return to Venice before it starts disappearing or sinking, as I have been already told, in the near future. Hopefully too, god will throw money down so that I can furthermore explore Venice. Mind you, I didn't get enough of Venice. I want to return again. 

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  1. I'm salivating not by your food, but the bags this time.......... I've a weakness for bags!

  2. Amazing city! I went to this venice last year!

  3. Such a beautiful city...loved the shots of the churches, and of course, the bags!!

  4. Venice is such a beautiful city
    Keep in touch,

  5. I Love Venice.. Went to Venice 5 years back.. Nice photos.. We went to Murano Island also..

  6. Oh my god .Venice .. a dream place i want to visit.Gandola is boat ride over there . i am happy i guessed it right :)

  7. Wow! glad to see Venice through ur eyes Nava.

  8. Beautiful clicks... Loved the bags.. Looking forward for your next post Nava.. Have fun.. Hugsxx

  9. Oh mine dream place of all times....just cannot imagine how gorgeous that beauty is from street to street...have fun nava

  10. Thanks for the virtual tour. Enjoyed the pics...

  11. One of my list places to go before died...
    btw, my sister got robbed by a bunch of punk while visiting Venice.....


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