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Fremantle - Perth (Australia)

Not a bonus. No. Of course not. Not like the unexpected bonus for me being in Perth for training (Perth My Knowledge Travel Venture Part 1). This my one day trip to Fremantle alongside the rest of the counterparts from other parts of the world? We paying. Each paying for themselves. Basically going Dutch. How, where and what to the start to Fremantle? We walking from Miss Maud Hotel to Perth station, followed by machine supported buying our tickets and prior to getting into the train. Nice view from atop. Especially when train started getting closer and closer into Fremantle and we later stepping foot out of Fremantle station. Fremantle! The port city in Western Australia. Also, part of Perth's metropolitan area. Known for its maritime history, Victorian architecture and remnants from Australia's days as a British penal colony. Furthermore, history has it. Fremantle and its prison for convicts from 1850s to 1991. What can you expect in Fremantle? Quite a good bit actually. In fact, you can spent a whole day eating, sightseeing and idling your time away at the sea and wherever conducive for you.   

For us? Walking. Walking from Fremantle station. In between taking stops for glimpsing at the outlets, the church and the rest of the buildings while a whist continuing walking till Explorer’s Mronument at the far end and in an open area. Explorer's Monument. Dedicated to Vasco Da Gama and where you will see the fin shaped structure or can be said as the art pride of Fremantle. Of course one must check out the waters of Fremantle. Some time at the shore or beach?   

Across or close by to Explorer's Monument? Not to be missed. For history buffs. Make it a point in entering WA Shipwrecks Museum. No. You don't have to pay, but some donation will be appreciated on your way in or out. WA Shipwrecks Museum. Again said, history has it. History which will take you back to many many years back then. In this foremost maritime archaeological museum located at the southern hemisphere and housed in the 1850s-era Commissariat building. Outside the museum, there are various shapes and sizes of anchors, and inside. Ship wrecks from the coast of Western Australia,  galleries showcasing hundreds of relics, original timbers of Batavia (wrecked in 1629), de Vlamingh plate, countless artifacts from Dutch shipwrecks Zuytdorp, Zeewijk and Vergulde Draeck, and various documents, charts and books from early Dutch explorers. The core central  attraction? If I am not wrong, Batavia ship. Part of the Dutch East India fleet, wrecked on WA coast in 1600s and portion of it rebuild from original timbers. The other obvious attraction? Skeleton of one of the first Europeans in Australia.

Up next? Lunch. Lunch in Cicerellos. Honestly, if I am to speak my mind, nothing great for me personally though Fremantle fresh catch shouldn't be disputed. Fish and chips, and what not sea catch, and self service is the way in Cicerellos. The portions? Oh-god. The Aussie portions I suppose? Well and good, if you are big eater. Otherwise? Money wasted. 

After lunch? Fremantle Market, Corner of Henderson & South Terrace. Obviously, retail therapy and where you can rest your legs by ordering some food and drinks. Product or produce wise? Not only made in Australia, but from other parts of the worlds. And mind you, you will bump into Malaysians who have migrated to Australia and are part of the traders in this market.  

Did any of us shop? Oh-yes. Me buying two costume jewelry. Pricey purchase and like we can't buy these in Malaysia? Call it my greedy eyes. Out of Fremantle Market, we stood around to watch the street show and prior to? Back on the train for heading back to Murray Street.  

To be continued..........


  1. It is more like Iam walking with u along the roads and visited fremantle. Nice clicks, waiting for more...

  2. Hi Nava, if u dont mind can u remove the word verification, Iam getting it wrong most of the time and kicked out...

  3. Thanks for taking me to australia. nice post Nava

  4. HiPriya,

    Thanks for the request to remove the word verification but its sort of a protection mechanism, actually encouraged by blogger. Also to prevent spamming and to moderate the comments before postings. I can understand your concern but sorry am comfortable with it.

  5. "The thought of carrying the tins all over the place held me back" - How true is that!! I always like to loiter around without even carrying my hand bag, hence I always carry a backpack, lazy me :)
    It was good to see and get to know Perth and it's old charm and in specific the famous Notre Dame.
    As always nice write up, Nava!

  6. Very nice post Nava, you are best tour guide.

  7. Agree about the tin cans, sure looks like collector's item (for people who don't stay there)

  8. Very informative post... Loved the clicks Nava :-)

  9. I would have happily bought at least one the packing design:D

  10. love the photos.... feels like going there...well maybe one day i will be able to go

  11. Oh looks like an interesting place :) Seems like a weekend full of fun for you


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