Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fremantle - Perth (Australia)

Been a fruitful knowledge gathering and gaining so far (Perth My Knowledge Travel Venture Part 1). But brain indeed put to test. Brain maximized and over-worked due to thinking, discussing, presenting and of course, at the end of it all, I must say learning gasping worthiness. Came the first weekend, will tell you later what we did on Saturday, right now, lemme take you through our this Sunday trip to Fremantle. Fremantle! The port city in Western Australia and part of Perth metropolitan area, known for its maritime history, Victorian architecture and remnants from Australia's days as a British penal colony. Additionally, Fremantle Prison which housed convicts from 1850s to 1991. Our Fremantle tripping starting off after buffet breakfast in Ms Maud Restaurant and we later, walking to Perth station for our train ride. But not before another rude encounter. Rude station officer. We not being sure how to purchase tickets and he jumping the gun, thinking we are some sort alien group who were trying to vandalize the machine. Duh! Only if he had the patience to ask instead of getting agitated? Perth, oh-my Perth. Why? What's wrong with such a kinda Perth people? You tell me? Unbelievable. 

Anyway, we into the train and then getting down in Fremantle Station where its all about walking from one end to the end throughout the hours. Literally back to back packed by mostly Westerners, and we walking alongside them and checking out the outlets, the church and those other landmarks, a stop at the shore as well, thereafter, to Explorer’s Monument which by far, is dedicated to Vasco Da Gama and where you will see the fin like sculpture.   

Subsequently, we heading to the close-by WA Shipwrecks Museum.The foremost maritime archaeology museum located at the southern hemisphere and housed in the 1850s-era Commissariat building. Entry is free, of course you can drop some notes in the donation box at the entrance and WA Shipwrecks Museum notably is a must visit for history buffs. At least an hour for viewing the ship wrecks from the coast of Western Australia, also, the galleries showcasing hundreds of relics, the original timbers of Batavia (wrecked in 1629), the de Vlamingh plate, the countless artifacts from Dutch shipwrecks Zuytdorp, Zeewijk and Vergulde Draeck, and various documents, charts and books from early Dutch explorers. The highlight naturally, if I am not mistaken is Batavia ship. Batavia ship, part of the Dutch East India fleet, wrecked on WA coast in 1600s and portion of it rebuild from original timbers and another which will draw your attention is the skeleton of one of the first Europeans in Australia..

From WA Shipwrecks Museum, we walked again, before everyone unanimously agreed for lunching in Cicerellos. Frankly speaking, wasn’t really great for me, though fresh catch in Fremantle shouldn’t be disputed. After lunching, on our way back to Fremantle Station, we stopped at Fremantle Market, Corner of Henderson & South Terrace. Basically, for retail therapy and where you can rest your legs over some some food and drinks. Aplenty choices to shopping mind you, however, not entirely in country Australian produce. You do get choices to Asian things. Speak about Perth’s multi-cultural dynamism? Asians and Australians in one life and style. 

Fremantle Market basically, you can call it a bazaar. Nothing special, nor any different to every other bazaar in your country or mine. Retail therapy in Fremantle Market is not cheap too. Not for a Malaysian like me. Regardless, if you have made it a point in coming to this far to Fremantle, you might as well visit Fremantle Market. I did pick up two pieces of costume jewelry for remembrance. I also gave a go to the iced chocolate strawberries. 

Existing out of Fremantle Market, we passed by some of the other outlets we didn’t really notice while on our way into Fremantle, a stop too for watching the street show and then back on the train for another round of Fremantle’s Ariel view, prior to back to Murray Street.  

To be continued..........

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  1. It is more like Iam walking with u along the roads and visited fremantle. Nice clicks, waiting for more...

  2. Hi Nava, if u dont mind can u remove the word verification, Iam getting it wrong most of the time and kicked out...

  3. Thanks for taking me to australia. nice post Nava

  4. HiPriya,

    Thanks for the request to remove the word verification but its sort of a protection mechanism, actually encouraged by blogger. Also to prevent spamming and to moderate the comments before postings. I can understand your concern but sorry am comfortable with it.

  5. "The thought of carrying the tins all over the place held me back" - How true is that!! I always like to loiter around without even carrying my hand bag, hence I always carry a backpack, lazy me :)
    It was good to see and get to know Perth and it's old charm and in specific the famous Notre Dame.
    As always nice write up, Nava!

  6. Very nice post Nava, you are best tour guide.

  7. Agree about the tin cans, sure looks like collector's item (for people who don't stay there)

  8. Very informative post... Loved the clicks Nava :-)

  9. I would have happily bought at least one the packing design:D

  10. love the photos.... feels like going there...well maybe one day i will be able to go

  11. Oh looks like an interesting place :) Seems like a weekend full of fun for you


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