Monday, June 4, 2012

Malacca (Malaysia) – Travel By Nava K (Part 1)

Where can our sightseeing in Malacca possibly begin? If you are asking me, I will suggest you start in Jonker Walk (Philea Resort & Spa). Why? Because Jonker Walk is supposedly the star attraction. We paying RM70.00 for our taxi ride from Philea Resort due to the distance and prior to walking amongst the hundreds. What can you expect in Jonker Walk? Eateries of course and also shopping, plus if you are willing to walk from one end to the other, you can do some sightseeing. We on the other hand started off by buying a packet of the “Gula Ketuk”. Remember gula ketuk? If you are around my age, I bet you can recall. Gula Ketuk we bought from the trader who comes by aound our housing area? This gula ketuk from Jonker Walk? Such to waste to our couple of dollars. In fact, after tasting a few pieces of this hard as rock and tasteless gula ketuk, we had to threw the balance.  

Subsequently, as we continuing walking, we arrived in front of Cheng Hoong Teng Temple. A Taoist temple founded in 1600’s, the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia dedicated to Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and the central worship place for Melaka Buddhist community. Just a quick in and out. To the main altar and then a right about turn out of this temple which has garnered a prestigious UNESCO award for its outstanding architectural structure. 

Up next? Kampung Kling Mosque for viewing from the outside. Kampung Kling Mosque, also known as Masjid Kampung Pali (Kampung Pali Mosque), Masjid Kampung Balik Pali (Kampung Balik Pali Mosque) and Masjid Kampung Kapur (Kampung Kapur Mosque).

From Kampung Kling Mosque, we arrived at Cheng Ho Cultural Museum. My two friends were not keen. I of course, made my way in. I paid for the entrance fee, I watched the documentary about Ming dynasty Admiral Cheng Ho and then, into the different sections for viewing and also reading about the artifacts/exhibits in this, the one and only museum outside China, dedicated to admiral Cheng Ho.

Out of Cheng Ho Cultural Museum and to Christ Church which is like the centrality for tourists in Jonker Walk. Christ Church. Easily identified due to its brick-red structure and a white cross right atop and Christ Church being the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. Grabbing a drink from the stalls and resting our within the fountain area and across the main road where you have a choice to rickshaw ride. These rickshaws drivers? No, no they are pushy, but they will try their best for their earnings.   

Where to next? Muara Jetty next to Quayside Heritate Centre and Marine Time Musuem for Malacca River Cruise. RM10.00 only and trust me, I just so loved this ride or cruise which took us up and down Malacca river, passing by the colorful artistic murals, Kampung Morten, Pirate Park, Malacca Ghost Bridge, Kampung Jawa, Clock Tower and Jonker Walk. Oh-My. Hundreds of praises for Malacca River Cruise. 

45 minutes of cruising prior to walking back to Jonker Walk and deciding to chilling in Bistro Year 1673. A bucket of chilled beer and a plate of Lychee Prawn did wonders for us to rest back.  

By the next an hour plus, we decided its about time we want dinner though we had no slightest clue where it should be and our walk for the 10 minutes or so, landing us in Eleven Bistro (Jalan Hang Lekir). Not at all a regret. Delicious typical Nyonya Food. Cincaluk Egg, Winged Beans Belacan and Chilli Crab. So satisfying.

Getting back to Philea Resort thereafter, idling our time away and lights off for the day.   

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