Monday, June 4, 2012

Malacca (Malaysia) – Travel By Nava K (Part 1)

We settled down. I mean, we checked into Philea Resort, and then came the bomb shell. I actually didn’t do my homework. My fault. I must be blamed. I wholeheartedly accept it. I didn’t find out about the distance between Philea Resort and Malacca City. Ayer Keroh to Malacca City is still along the same route, but really further far inside. Asking the staff if they provide any feeder service made me realise that we have to call for a cab. They did obliged by calling, cab arrived within the next 10 minutes, we hop in, before getting down somewhere close to Jonker Walk. Paying RM70.00 didn’t go down well with us, I guess there was no other choice though. Lunch was quickly made done at the road side coffee shop since hungry literally killed us. So, it didn’t really matter what we tucked into, as long as hunger was conquered instantly, we were satisfied. 

Lunch was followed by walking towards Jonker Walk. My first time ever, we just went with the flow, simultaneously stopping by for glimpsing at the shops and road side stalls. That’s when our eyes caught the “Gula Ketuk”. Ahhh! How to forget? Our favourite sweet during our growing up years. Naturally we longed for a packet, unfortunately such a sheer let down. Lost of taste, didn’t taste any close to how it used to be, until we threw the balance.

From this point in Jonker Walk, we allowed our legs to walk us and there we were. In front of Cheng Hoong Teng Temple. Significantly a pride of Malacca, Chen Hoong Teng Temple, a Taoist temple, founded in 1600’s, is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia. Dedicated to Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, Chen Hoon Teng Temple is the central worship place for Melaka Buddhist community. We did a quick walking in, we noted the alter, we prayed as well and we made a right about turn out of Cheng Hoon Teng Temple which has garnered a prestigious UNESCO award for its outstanding architectural restoration. 

Back to walking, at this juncture, we spotted Kampung Kling Mosque. Mosque was close, neither were we like keen to enter. I too was not appropriately dressed. I doubt my knee length pants would have been appropriate. Thus, logically, we stood under the blistering sun to view Kampung Kling Mosque, also known as Masjid Kampung Pali (Kampung Pali Mosque), Masjid Kampung Balik Pali (Kampung Balik Pali Mosque) and Masjid Kampung Kapur (Kampung Kapur Mosque). Intriguing history and all that coming with it as I gathered from the signboard.

From Kampung Kling Mosque, as we started walking, we somehow arrived in front of Cheng Ho Cultural Museum. The couple backed off from going inside. While they sat outside, I paid, I walked in, consequently, I sat through the documentary about Ming dynasty Admiral Cheng Ho. Wow! Indeed, a good moment of knowing what actually took place back then many years ago in Malacca. Next, I took my own pace for going from one section to the other for reading, as well as viewing the artifacts/exhibits in Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, the one and only museum outside China, dedicated to admiral Cheng Ho.

Out of Cheng Ho Cultural Museum and to Christ Church. Within akin a square, a famous one too, where Malaysians and tourists must stop-by. Christ Church situated just close further behind the fountain, recognized as the brick-red building with a huge white cross right atop, is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. I however didn’t view the interior, I took a look at the meaningful clock tower at the corner though, after grabbing a cold drink and of course, you should consider doing a round of Malacca town by paying and then hopping into the colorfully decorated rickshaw, awaiting in a long line for customers. 

We rested for a while, thereafter, we didn’t know what else is in store in Malacca. Asking the policemen lead us for an adventure of Malacca River Cruise, at Muara Jetty and next to Quayside Heritage Centre and Maritime Museum. RM10.00 for Malacca River Cruise is really affordable, one which will cruise you up and down Malacca river while passing by the colorful artistic murals, also for glimpsing at Kampung Morten (traditional Malay village and living museum), Pirate Park, Malacca Ghost Bridge, Kampung Jawa, Clock Tower and Jonker Walk. All of these seen while you are cruising (Venice Gondola Ride). Amazing. I sincerely loved it. Albeit being eaten up by our scorching afternoon weather.

45 minutes of cruise over, we walked back to  Jonker Walk. Rest and relax called for at Bistro Year 1673. A bucket of chilled beer and a plate of Lychee Prawn did wonders as we sat back to enjoy our moment.

By the next hour, time has caught up for dinner. No idea whatsoever where it should be, logically, walking further landed us in Eleven Bistro (Jalan Hang Lekir). Not at all a regret. Delicious typical Nyonya Food. Cincaluk Egg, Winged Beans Belacan, Chilli Crab and the rest of the dishes were a fab. Satisfied us till the last bit and bite.

Subsequently, trying to flag down a cab got us waiting. Eventually, back to Philea Resort and after we idled our time outside our cabin by staring at the sky, we hit the bed. 

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