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Perth, Australia - My Knowledge Travel Venture (Part 1)

An unexpected bonus. In fact, not in my slightest moment would I have thought I will flying to Perth. Just within a month after returning from my tour to Vietnam & Cambodia (Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi). And remember, before that, my first ever solo me alone (Chonburi & Bangkok Part 2). ravel ( (Bangkok Thailand Through My Lens). Me flying to Perth thereafter? Gods must be loving me. They must be knowing this lady should continue travelling. Actually, me heading to Perth for one particular reason. Knowledge gaining for the program I have been teaching for the last 12 years or so. Curtin University Degree Twinning Program. 

Honestly, I never expected I will be the one selected. Then again, when it came my way? Why  should I reject? Of course not. All arrangements made by my college and the counterpart in Perth, I flew before arriving in Perth airport. What a bad impressing of Perth the moment my passport was stamped and me legally entering Perth. First stop? The officer who was curious in finding out what is my purpose in Perth? So many questions and thank god I had the printed itinerary of my Curtin training program. Over. Next stop? The rude and almost screaming into my ears lady officer. B!!!! Just because I declared I am carrying some lozenges in my handbag. Such a barbaric character and once I showed her the lozenges for my cough, she staring at me before walking away. 

The next test of my confidence in Perth? Taxi driver who, instead of dropping me off in front of Miss Maud Boutique Hotel where I will be staying for one week, he had to stop me across the road and quite a distance. Imagine me dragging my big luggage and my hand carried bag, plus my handbag for crossing the road? Guess then? 
Key given and thank god the staff helping in carrying my luggage to my room on the third floor. Not bad. Nice room though rather small, but I suppose should be okay for one person. Clean, neat, spic and span, and all the needed in my room. The best part of it all? My room facing the rooftop herbs garden. Especially seeing the lemons grown in big drums? Wah!

Subsequently? For the next two hours, me walking up and down aimlessly within Murray Street. How? Like another street in Malaysia and as though I am really in Malaysia. Why? All walks of life race and religion people.  Traffic as well. Who said no traffic in Perth? Also, eateries, watering holes, retails and buildings. 

Back to my room for refreshing up, and to Miss Maud Restaurant for dinner. Prior booked already and because I was told by my Malaysian friends that either I pack food back to my room or I have to starve to death. Seemingly according to them, everything will shut down by 5.00pm in Perth. What? Not in Murray Street I found out later. Furthermore, paying AUS50.00 for dinner in Miss Maud Restaurant and where I will be having breakfast for the next one week? Duh! Into the restaurant which is like just next door to Miss Maud Hotel and prior to being seated amongst the rest of the customers. Cozy, classy and homey ambiance and a good spread to buffet.   

Overall, an appreciated meal. To my room thereafter, after like tossing and turning for the next 3 hours, finally, I managed to shut down.   


  1. oh you went to Australia! I have never been there before.

  2. Love the pretty and homely!

  3. The the surrounding greenery is such a twist to a classy location :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I seee~ Lovely place that outside the restaurant, they do plant herbs. :) Smell good don't they?

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter


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