Friday, November 9, 2012

Perth, Australia - My Knowledge Travel Venture (Part 1)

The next country on my list? Australia. Specifically Perth city. Yes, Perth my next travel destination (Hanoi Vietnam My Tour Venture). Two months upon returning from my quite an adventurous, fun and joyous travel venture. Cambodia and Vietnam holiday (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). But this Perth trip of mine must be regarded as the unexpected. Not one I planned nor I paid for (Bangkok Thailand Through My Lens). In fact, can you believe it, I was the chosen one for our counterpart twinning program. One week of knowledge thirsting training. Come to think of it, I myself couldn't believe me. Took me by surprise as well. Wonder why me this time? Seriously, I myself couldn't comprehend. Then again, why say no? Why not to training which definitely will further spiral me towards my work performance. On another note, trust me, aside to training, I sincerely hoped I can throw in some sightseeing too. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Let's see how things goes. On my own of course. Meaning me travelling alone. I packed and accompanied by my other half-half till the airport whilst battling my inner fear of me-solo-me, I departed. Prior to stepping foot in Perth airport after approximately 4 hours.  

All seemingly turned out well, but hell beginning thereafter. As it is I was like a nerve wreck, I was stopped by the officer who wanted to find out what's to me and Perth alone. So I told him and to further substantiate the fact, thank god in my handbag was the full program listing and where I will be staying. Cleared. Next, the lady officer who literally raise her voice almost loudest. All because I declared I am carrying some sweets in my handbag. Oh-god! Taking out the sweets to show her, can you believe it, she snubbing me and walking away. Out of the airport and grabbing a cab, another idiot this car driver who dropped me across the road instead of in front of Ms Maud Swedish Hotel whereby I had to struggle to carrying my luggage. I did fine though.  
Collecting my key, thank god help came for carrying my luggage before I made my way into my room. Not bad. Impressive though not a really big room.  But so nice welcoming me. Clean, neat, spic and span, all the needed like toiletries there, more importantly I loved it so much that my room is facing the rooftop garden. My-My! All the herbs and including luscious lemons at its full bloom. 

What did I do next? Well, for the next two hours, I walked up and down, aimlessly within Murray Street. Basically, I walked, I paused and I continued walking which gave me an idea of Perth's true composite. As if I am back in Malaysia. You name it, you  see the multicolored people in this so called cosmopolitan city. Another busy bustling city like the rest in other parts of the world. Nothing special neither great for me personally. The usual traffic, eateries, watering holes, retails and buildings. 

Back to my room for refreshing up, later, I headed for buffet dinner in Ms Maud Restaurant. Prior booking already done by yours truly the moment the fear instilled by my Malaysian friends who kept telling me that Perth is dead by 5.00pm, kept playing on my mind. These my friends also made it a point that I may consider packing room at my own room service. How wrong these people are? Wonder which part of Perth they were thrown into? Seemingly, not the case. Murray Street by itself is happening and those eateries presumably are open till at least 7.00pm. Wish I knew earlier. A bit too late to regret anyway, by 7.30pm, I was already seated in Maud Restaurant. Cozy, charming and rustic ambiance, attended to by the pleasant manager and me tucking into their appetizing, quite a spread, ample choices of dishes, appreciated meal. Wondrous. No doubt.  

Returning back to my room, I then realise that  I have jumped the gun by wasting my AUS50 for the buffet dinner because my stay in Ms Maud Hotel is inclusive of buffet breakfast in Ms Maud Restaurant for the next one week. Grrr!! Should have like my friends told me, packed some bites for room eating. Next morning, training being the 9 to 5 itinerary. Transport provided to and fro from hotel, and me meeting the rest of the other counterparts who are also staying in Ms Maud Hotel at the training. Training, mind you, did crack my skull into two, imagine a full day of learning? Relaxation mode turned on once we returned from training, followed by we  food venturing and albeit going Dutch, still expensive for a Malaysian like me in regards to AUS to RM. Stay tuned for my Part 2 Perth in my next pitching.  

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  1. oh you went to Australia! I have never been there before.

  2. Love the pretty and homely!

  3. The the surrounding greenery is such a twist to a classy location :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I seee~ Lovely place that outside the restaurant, they do plant herbs. :) Smell good don't they?

    Meitzeu @ Blog

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    Meitzeu @ Twitter


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