Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sapporo/Hokkaido - Japan (Day 6)

A disappointing start on Day 6, our half a day sightseeing unfortunately was cancelled due to Sapporo's (Otaru Day 5) forecasted winter storm. In fact, we were told to be prepared for delay in returning home next morning if at all the unfavorable weather continues. Hence, on this day, we couldn't visit "Okurayama Viewing Point", the venue for sky jumping event for 1972 Winter Olympic Games. Also, a no go to the entire Sapporo city (Sapporo Day 4) from atop the peak and to Sapporo Shrine located in Maruyama Park. I of course was expressively upset because for me sightseeing (Noboribetsu Day 3) is utmostly the real-true pleasure of travelling more than anything else (Vietnam/Cambodia). Even so, as a seasoned traveller (Solo Travel To Bangkok Govindas Perth), I have accepted that "expecting the unexpected" is not only part and parcel of travelling but one which (Lake Como Switzerland) has moulded me to be a resilient traveller (Sri Lanka & Myanmar/Chiang Rai).

Therefore, once I digested the fact that there will be no sightseeing throughout the whole day, within the next couple of minutes, I bounced back to look forward to shopping at the wet market and at the trendy-modern shopping malls (Pretoria South Africa & Fish Market Norway) although shopping is long gone with the wind. Basically, I not only wanted to check out the varieties of fresh and dried local seafood produce, but also on the spoken and regarded as worth the buy Burberry blue label handbags.

But hopes were dashed, especially when I saw the really unimpressive tiny collection of back then many seasons bags in most of the retail outlets. Anyway, honestly, I wasn't really keen in spending on a branded bag, thankfully by the next few hours, I had a chance to rest my legs and to shun away from shivering when we headed to Sapporo-Sushi. Pretty much a lunch with a standard sashimi we have been having for the time we arrived in Chitose New Airport & Hilton Niseko Villagethis lunch however came with a daintily slowly grilled over charcoal flame abalone.

Not bad and can be applauded as a decent meal, our next shopping destination was Mitsui Factory Outlet. Oh no, not again factory outlets I have been to in other countries (Phuket Premium OutletFranciacorta Outlet Village Milan & Grand Bazaar Turkey), all I did was walk from one store to the other to see the products and later to the food court for a bowl of the pleasurable pork spicy ramen I much loved. Yum! 
Trying to kill as much time while chatting and tucking in, we then returned to the entrance to await our friends who seemed over hyped up with shopping. Only god know why. Thereafter, we journeyed for dinner to Sapporo Kani Honke, Sapporo Ekimae Honten for crab feast  - cheese baked crab, fresh raw crab legs, crab steamboat and the finale was a thick gooey, stirred with eggs and topped with spring onion crab porridge in the same steamboat broth.

I basically pushed all my share to others who actually did a good job of glorying into the crab dishes. After dinner, we returned to Keio Plaza Hotel to snooze our night away. Our last meal in Hokkaido had to be the the satisfying my kind of buffet breakfast the next morning. Transported to the airport within the next hour, we certainly returned home with fond memories of this 7 days Hokkaido/Sapporo winter holiday.

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  1. I think Japan is a paradise for sea food lovers.

  2. heaven for non-veg lovers
    keep in touch

  3. My mouth is watering, Nava...all those seafood look super tempting!

  4. These pictures are making me hungry. Looks so delicious!

  5. Great write up and different style of cuisine.... :)

  6. I personally don't like sea food that much bt wud be amazing fr those who enjoy ..the food looks yummy though

  7. wow..super! love sea foods but with loads of spices..


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