Thursday, August 18, 2016

Chitose & Hokkaido (Japan) - Day 1

How time flies. More than a year passed by so quickly for me to eagerly pack (South Africa) for another love-travel lust with my imperfect soul mate in a tour group. Everything planned 6 months earlier, this 8 days 6 nights travel will be our first full blown winter holiday compared to the summer coldness I couldn't tolerate previously in Norway & Denmark and in Turkey where I experienced snow for the first time during my solo travel (Century Sultanhani Caravanserai & Koru Hotel, Bolu).

Despite anxiously looking forward to our lovey-dovey moments together, I knew it. I knew I will shiver and freeze in the severely colder winter in Hokkaido, moreover if the temperature drops to below zero. Still, undoubtedly, I was excited as well as curious to find out why thousands of Malaysian Chinese flock to Hokkaido throughout the year regardless of being a pricey yet known as one of the best winter destinations. Amidst taking almost a week to pack my huge luggage with ample winter clothes and the necessary skin care to keep my skin supple and moist, the day I patiently waited for came by to depart and transit via Bangkok. By 10am the next morning, we were already in the New Chitose International Airport.

For the next one hour, instead of joining fellow tour buddies for ramen or udon, since we were still full after the breakfast on board, we opted for a hot beverage at the stylish-classy "Miyakoshiya Coffee House"". What a pricey start we realize, later, we leisurely walked passed the rest of eateries and beween the retail outlets, I had to, yes, I browsed through the Kitty merchandisers (Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe Sunway).   



Thereafter we journeyed to Chitose Factory Outlet for shopping at the known and unknown brand outlets (Phuket Premium Outlet). For me, shopping is no longer trilling (Colombo Sri Lanka). Long gone shopping from my travel list, enough of desiring branded stuffs (Pretoria Nelson Mandela Square), enough of crowding my house (Franciacorta Outlet Village Milan) and enough of buying for the sake of it (The Golden Triangle Chiang Rai & Grand Bazaar Turkey) or blindly spending because others do it (Cashew Nut Factory Phuket). Nonetheless, we checked out a couple of the outlets, later, when hunger kicked in, we adjourned to within the vicinity Food Forest food court.   

At the self-service counter, between the limited choices considering not many stalls were yet open, I ordered crab meat udon whereas my other half opted for the Japanese vegetable curry paired with rice. Indeed, an appetizing first meal in Japan we truly enjoyed to every bit.  

I then picked up a variety of bubble tea from the huge and fascinating selection and also the simply irresistible, lusciously smooth and creamy creamia cone ice-cream. Marvelous. Super yum both of these,  the Japanese ice-cream was an absolute great stuff!

From Chitose Airport, we traveled for approximately 2 hours, while a comfort break called in between and then, the moment of truth. Hello to Hilton Niseko Village, a premium skin resort in Hokkaido, located at the south base of Niseko Annupuri Mountain. Oh-wow! Niseko is a jaw dropping gorgeous winter beauty, perhaps the most exclusive place so far for us (Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Premium Suite Penang). No wonder, I now understood why we paid a lot more for holidaying at Hokkaido. 

By then, the sky has turned dark yet after a quick glance at the famous for its great quality snow , we quickly dashed into the huge lobby area and then we left to our super clean, spacious and comfortable room with full amenities - complete set of toiletries, inclusive of Shiseido shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand wash, and a high tech toilet seat. Feeling really pleased and pleasurable, we rested for a while, showered and came down to the dining area for the lavish dinner buffet. 

Lavish, really, lots to tuck into, most importantly, sitting close to the windows and watching snow falling in the snow paradise felt enchanting and magical as we took our time to enjoy and finished off the meal with a hot cup of coffee.   


Roughly an hour at the dining area, we then relaxed at the lobby with the familiar faces and chatted about tomorrow's fun and adventure between the options of skiing, snow sports and exploring more of Hilton Niseko Resort. At about 11pm, we returned to our room hoping we can sleep off soonest possible. 

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  1. love the hello kitty goodies adorable

  2. Nava.... Awesome! I just have a request. When you tour next time could you also please do a review on vegetarian outlets around. Would be so helpful for people who don t eat meat. Hope I am not asking for too much. Thanks much

  3. OMG I wud hv fainted at the Hello Kitty counter.. so much cute stuff.. amazing travel story with delicious food :)

  4. Wow....! beautiful Japan... I would like to drink that latte .... Food pics are awesome.... Urs duo pic and ur solo pic are beautiful....! :)

  5. OMG, you're driving me crazy with those Hello Kitty shots, Nava! Your post reminds me of my Hokkaido trip..... I wanna revisit! xoxo

  6. Looks pretty cold over there.. wish to have some of the cold weather here

  7. Wow awesome and you rock in that coat I wish I could have a cup of one of those coffee now.

  8. What a treat to go through your pictures, Nava. I can't get over the fact that even a simple bowl of soup is so artistically arranged with carrot, okra, baby corn, lotus stem...It's Japan, after all.:) Beautiful!


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