Monday, July 4, 2016

Thai Green Crab Curry

I'm back home. I returned late last night from another travel-lust (Indian Spicy Crab Soup) which certainly was an absolute amazing exposure to a different culture. But let you tell you that people everywhere are the same because you meet the great, the good, the bad and the ugly characters. Still. travelling is a fantastic learning curve and experience (South Africa, Turkey, Norway/Denmark, Cambodia/Vietnam & Italy) to explore the world and to expand the mind. By travelling, I have learned to be more adaptable, complain less, appreciate my country and most importantly, appreciate my own life. Right now, I am still busy with unpacking and clearing the pending house work, so I shall stop at this point and let the recipe speak for itself (Krabi/Phuket). Showcasing the quintessential Thai flavours (Thai Green Vegetable Curry, Thai Chicken Green Curry & Thai Massaman Curry), Thai Green Crab Curry is spicy, tangy and wonderfully aromatic with basil leaves (Pepper Basil Crabs).

For the crab
5 crabs - clean and cut into two
1/2 tbsp corn flour
1/2 tbsp rice flour
1 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste

For the curry paste
2 sprigs spring onion
6 green chillies
5 garlic
1/2 inch ginger
6 shallots
2 sprigs coriander leaves (with the stalks)
1/2 tbsp coriander powder
**blend/pulse these ingredients with some water for a thick paste

Other ingredients
1 tbsp fish sauce
One piece palm sugar (or as needed)
Lime juice (as needed)
Some basil leaves
Salt ( use sparingly as fish sauce is salty)
Enough oil

Mix crab with the ingredients listed above.
Heat enough oil and fry crab till light brown in colour.
Remove and keep aside.
Leave about 5 to 6 tbsp of oil in the same pan/wok.
Add curry paste.
Fry and cook till aromatic and oil splits.
Season with salt, fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice.
Pour 1/4 cup of water.
Stir and add crabs.
Stir all together, off the heat and combine in the basil leaves.

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  1. I never cooked crab at home..looks tempting

  2. I love it this way with lots of spices... Aromatic....

  3. Never eaten crab in my life but this curry looks super yummy

  4. Though I do not eat crab but the presentation is calling me...

  5. I have tried thai chicken curry, this one is new for me.

  6. Mouthwatering! I miss good seafood.

  7. It's looks super yummy...feel like grabbing it flavourful and yumm

  8. thanks for the recipe...hows travel ...where are you now

  9. I'm honestly not a big fan of curry and crab. But I might try this one day. :)

  10. Irresistible crab....! beautiful pic... esp the first one... :)

  11. So true become more adaptable complain less and understand how good our own country is. How I wish people all around this world thought like that. Anyway that crab looks finger licking good.

  12. I love crabs & pairing with green curry is just brilliant, dear! xoxo

  13. We crab in a different way. Will try this recipe next time.

  14. I always love to come here and check out the amazing dishes!! :)

  15. Crabs r not my fav sea food bt the dish looks tempting.. Thanks fr the recipe


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