Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super Star Libra Cruise - My Solo Cruising

What’s latest with me and my solo travelling gram? Let me tell you. I actually booked this 4 days 3 nights cruise even before I knew a trip to Perth is on my way. Remember I already told you (Perth - My Knowledge Travel Venture)? So close actually, within a month I took off for this cruising. I trigger booked this cruise mainly because it's inclusive of shore excursion to Phuket and Krabi, known as Thailand’s wonder must do, and also, highly spoken about two famous tourists spots I am yet to travel conquer (Verona & Milan). Day arrived, morning kick started really very early. Rising up by 5.00pm and leaving home by the next hour to arrive in front Berjaya Times Square before 7.00am. Thank god it was a Sunday. Otherwise, all hell traffic and human inconvenience loose. City traffic let me tell you is terrible messy, glad that I "escape" it while driving from Shah Alam.  

Into the awaiting coach along with those unknown people, two comfort short breaks in between, prior to getting down at Penang Star Cruises terminal by afternoon. Subsequently, lunch with my Penang cousin who was already on stand-by. Back to the terminal, worried if I will miss the ship, I hurriedly and quickly boarded. Formality of the prerequisite, upon entering the ship, trouble troubled me in identifying my cabin. Eventually, somehow, after asking around, I located my cabin and once I walked in, I went like –what, this tiny space gonna be my overnight stay for the next 3 nights? Ohh hack! But in all fairness, I must say that cabin was clean and well setup. Luckily too it will be me, myself and mine only. Otherwise, there would have been, most probably some sort of ship battle space. Seriously, nothing much in the room. You just got to treat it as a sleeping zone only. The tv is just a show. All shaky and rocky, that's about it. Moreover, you should forget about wifi. Wifi is only available at the corridor few computers, nonetheless, honesty, don’t waste your RM7.00. I was told wifi hardly moves.  
Leaving my things in the cabin, to tell you the truth, I shouldn't have carried my high-five laptop. Sincerely, I was worried. Safest bet was putting it in my luggage and key-locking instead of allowing it to sit in my hand carried bag. Thereafter, I left my cabin to return to the reception area where I met those people who travelled with me in the coach. They insisted I shouldn't miss the high tea food moment. Sure. Into the huge dining area where hunger ugliness cast its spell. What else except crazy gawking. Nothing new to me. I have seen it all. Instead of getting worked up, I  brushed it aside, I eat a tiny bit of the snacks and gulped down a cup of coffee. Next I aimlessly walked around. Literally covering the whole ship within the next 30 minutes. On the last deck, upon noticing the spa centre, I decided. Better a spa treatment instead of idling doing nothing. Thumbs up to the spa therapy I opted for. Firstly, feet pampering, thereafter body pampering by following the masseur to one of the cabins. Akin a tiny spa room, a great sight indeed, my masseur did a good job. Absolutely.

Back to walking within the last deck where the pool is, the Indian shocking culture unravelled right in front of me. Almost like a sex show. Oh-my-alarming. Indians. Believe me. Indians from India. These supposedly angelic obedient, religious and cultured souls. You should have seen them. Kissing openly, hugging, fondling and lying on each other on the lazy chairs, literally, shocking India. They were not bothered. That is not all. The humpty-dumpty rolly-polly huge Indian buggers in the jazuzzi, leaving no space non, the ladies on the other hand jumping into the pool in their Punjabi Suits and Maxis. Notably, some sort of underground tunnel affairs were also smoking. Of course, amidst all of it, our Chinese Malaysian sweet young dollings must parade up and down in skimpy bikinis. Phew! Aiyo! Appa! 
My eye balls almost rolled out. This modern Indian woman, yes me, actually felt out of space? How liberal I should be I questioned myself. Then again? Time by this hour had flew by to indicate that I should helped myself to the buffet dinner within the pool area. No qualms with food. Great varieties and tastes. What else next? Nothing else, except push forcing sleep over me. 

So, what was like for me and this cruise?
Not for me. I actually felt cooked up. Tiny cabin, no wifi, can’t watch tv and despite two nights of fun lively performances, boredom indeed.
I also didn't really like enjoy the magic show which took place on the 3rd morning, How can you possibly enjoy when there were so many people crowding around? Tell me please. 
I should have opted for a better cabin. Then again, I trusted the travel agent who didn’t bother advising me.
Food no doubt is aplenty, almost for every meal, but because I am not the pigging kind, so much so.
Rushing and pushing. Not so bad when boarding, but boarding out, speak about the ill-mannered Indians. As if they won't get their chance of getting out of the ship. In fact, the 4th day was only about patiently waiting to board out.  
Will I do cruise again? Maybe. Probably those of a bigger deal. 

Lesson learned - I still can't get over and done with the shocking India discovery.  

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  1. Wow!! Spa on the ship!! Must be some fun.. i would so love to have one :)

  2. Ahhhh, massage sounds so relaxing.. I want one so bad..
    I have never been in ship:(
    I am inviting you to enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  3. You make me want to jump into that cruise right away. Great pictures and so informative. I'm sure a lot of people would want to plan a getaway after reading your posts.

  4. time is beautiful relaxing time for anyone...hope you had great time too

  5. My spa appointment is done after reading this.

  6. THink the spa people have done a great job.

  7. Nice to get a massage on a cruise,though i haven't been to one.


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