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Krabi, Thailand (Super Star Libra Cruise) - My Solo Cruising

Thank god I slept well. I actually managed, can you believe it? Regardless of sea water rocking and shaking and me actually a person who have a problem sleeping in a new place. Thanks to my lucky stars as well I didn't throw up due ship moving left and right throughout the night. Up from bed in the morning, I showered, I tucked into breakfast and just at this juncture broadcast news (Super Star Libra - My Solo Cruising) came flashing. For informing us that we must gather at the specific section and in our respective groups for our different shore excursions we have opted for. Mine was Krabi sightseeing. Heading over to that particular section and standing alongside the rest, we were briefed on the do’s and don’ts. Particularly we must carry our passport and we must return to ship,  by hook or crook, 9.00pm. For me, I don't think the time part of it will matter because I'll just stick with whatever is scheduled for my Krabi tour and I will return with the rest. After all, what am I going to do alone in Krabi? I wouldn't dare anyway (Halong Bay Cruising). 

Once briefing was over, we were akin let loose from our cage for getting down from ship and prior to boarding the boat. Duh! Unbelievable! Those India coming Indians. I tell you. So barbaric. They wouldn’t stop pushing and rushing for getting into the boat and they even reserving seats for their family members or whoever else. Goodness me! Never mind if they were small in frame. The one I sat beside, almost left no space for my butt and the rest just couldn't keep quiet. Walking up and down and ensuring they were standing closest to the windows until those of us who were seated couldn't see the outside view. Nevertheless, once boat started moving further and further, they calmed down whereas those standing near the windows wouldn't budge throughout the whole journey. I remained calm and composed and every now and then, me trying my utter best in admiring the outside water views (Fremantle - Perth). Came to getting down in Krabi, because I was practically jolted aside and I also took some pictures along the way, by the time I turned around and had a look, everyone has akin vanished in thin air.  

Panic struck. Frantically trying to find out where should I head to, life bounced back once I noticed the Krabi sign on the coach. Ohhhhh! Up into the coach, we were greeted by the matured and pleasant lady tour guide who did her job well by explaining Krabi's background while and throughout our journey to Krabi King Cobra Snake Show (Chonburi & Pattaya - My Solo Trail). Snake show? Yes snake. Show started, and obviously, the snaking tricks and act. Snake man and snake stunts simultaneously. Was I terrified? Maybe a tiny bit. Did I enjoy this show? Pass.

We then adjourned to the other section for Monkey Show. Monkey business. Obedient monkeys. Well trained and adhering to their master’s rope, these charming and adorable cuties made me happy.  In fact, monkeys were far out more entertaining compared to snakes (Ayutthaya Thailand).
Show time over, we left for Giant Catfish Farm while heavy rain mercilessly trending at the back and in front of us. Really heavy. Fitting into the plastic raincoat, which didn’t do much justice, we walked within this nature farm and at the river or pool or whatever you call it, the white lady threw meat pieces for luring the Giant Catfish. Sadly, Giant Catfish was no way to be seen despite us patiently waiting. Instead the tiny cat fish were the ones hopping for the meat. Blame it on the rain according to the white lady, we had to leave.

Time out from catfish farm and time in for lunch at the garden paradise setting Thai restaurant. I can’t tell you the name, maybe its one of those Thailand’s non friendly English tourism? Nonetheless, food was superb and equally superb was the serene, cool and nature surrounded ambiance. What a sincerely and genuinely appreciated dining experience.
Hunger settled, we journeyed to Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Thum Sua). Obviously, as the name suggests, Tiger Cave Temple? Tiger and cave right? Of course. Tiger which took shelter in this cave for the longest time, but once monks wrecked its peace, tiger bolted forever. What else is there in Tiger Cave Temple (Angkor Wat Siem Reap)?

Gods statues and steps leading higher up. Since our stop-clock was only for half an hour, we couldn't neither we were keen in climbing the steps. But I made sure I did a full round within the surrounding, including at the altar and prior to hopping back in the coach for our Krabi finale. Our next stop? Krabi beach. Dead! Literally dead. Except for a small number of tourists, no bikini free show, neither boozing or wild behavior. Maybe because it’s the off peak season? Maybe. I actually preferred it. Less hustle and bustle, but traffic on the narrow road still crazy, I walked  as far as I could for finding out what's in store in Krabi. Eateries, retail outlets, tour agents and hotels. Another hour still to kill, I grabbed a drink and sat at the bench for wailing my time away. Was Krabi a winner for me? Neh. Unless you are a party animal or you want to immerse in Krabi water or you have other plans up your sleeves, you will most probably be intrigued.    

End of Krabi shore excursion. Back to ship, free flow of dinner, live performance and bed time.  


  1. The view is beautiful.. OMG , cobra is so poisons... Cobra mouth open pic is so well clicked..
    Awww, those monkeys are too cute..

  2. Nice interesting place it is in my Wish list too. anyhow Nice Images. . . :)

  3. Great virtual tour as always :)
    Initially i thought that the king cobra show might be something like madari ka khel.. But this was much different. and the guy kissing the snake!! I almost fainted..

  4. Show with cobra very gutsy, the last click is cute.

  5. Wow, very interesting and lovely show Nava, love the Monkey riding the bike and very beautiful clicks... love the last click...

  6. What an eventful day! I have to admit that snakes scare me like hell. But the monkeys here do look like a lot of fun.


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