Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super Star Libra Cruise - My Solo Cruising

What’s latest with me and my solo travelling gram? Let me tell you. I actually booked this 4 days 3 nights cruise even before I knew a trip to Perth is on my card. Remember I already told you (Perth - My Knowledge Travel Venture)? So close actually. Like within a month upon returning from Perth, off I left for cruising. Cruising inclusive of sightseeing or as they call it, shore excursion to Phuket and Krabi. Supposedly Phuket and Krabi are the must explore in Thailand and highly spoken about mostly by, if I am not mistaken Westerners or those who love beach, sunshine and bikini. World known destinations potentially (Verona & Milan)? Of course, I am yet to explore? The day arrive. The day I had to wake up so early. Rise and shine by 5.00pm and leaving home by the next hour to arrive in front Berjaya Times Square before 7.00am. Thank god it was a Sunday. Otherwise, all hell traffic and human traffic would have broken loose.   

Into the awaiting coach alongside those unknown people, and two comfort short breaks taking place in between and prior to us getting down in front of Penang Star Cruises terminal by afternoon. Subsequently, I met up with my Penang cousin who was already on stand-by. Lunch over and back to the terminal. In fact earlier than I am suppose to because me alone and me worrying if ship will depart without me. This kinda fright when I solo travel? Trust me, still bounces back and forth. Hurriedly boarding without wasting much time, and after the necessary showing my documents before boarding. Once I stepped foot inside, actually I blindly followed the rest without knowing which direction I am heading, I was lost. So many people swarmed until I didn't know where my cabin is and asking the front counter staff? She gave me a stare and without uttering a single word, pointing to the direction. Thank god, I managed to locate my cabin and once I walked inside, I went like. This tiny space gonna be my overnight for the next 3 nights? Don't get me wrong please. Just that my first experience and seriously, I didn't expect. But in all fairness, I must say that cabin was clean and well setup. Luckily too it will be me, myself and mine only. Otherwise? Imagine two people squeezed inside this cabin? Hardly any space to move around except a tiny pathway for you to enter the tiny bathroom and for you to hop on bed. Mind you, I don't think you will want to stay put the room even for resting and addtionally, forget about watching tv. What tv? All shaky like the sea water and if you are one person who can't live without wifi, doom. Unless you are willing to pay RM7.00 for wifi at the computers at the corridor which by far, as I noticed, seriously, don't waste your money.   
I actually regretted carrying my laptop. Shouldn't have brought along in the first place and leaving it in my cabin also threw some questions on my mind. To be on a save side, I placed it my luggage and secured with a lock. Thereafter, I return to the lobby where I met those people I travelled with in the bus. They literally coaxing me to tea time. And so I did in the dining area. Crazy! Like a mad house and people gawking as though they have not eaten for days. Duh! All walks of people mind you. I helped myself to some of the snacks mostly and had a cup of coffee and left. I then aimlessly walked around. From one floor to the other until I arrived at the top deck where the spa is. Alright. Maybe time to treat myself? Sure. Thumbs up to the spa therapy. Firstly, feet pampering, followed by following the masseur to one of the cabins. Beautiful. No doubt the size of my cabin, but really nice and masseur who knew her job. 

Sincerely appreciated to utmost spa therapy, back to walking my legs again to where the pool is at the open deck. My-my! What a scene especially from the Indian tourists. In fact a shocker. Nevermind to the huge buggers conquering the Jacuzzi, the ladies jumping into the pool in the maxis and the worst of it all was the free lovey-dovey show time. Free. Were they bothered? They couldn't care less. Lying on each other, grabbing each other so tight, kissing and as though they are in an isolated island by themselves. God! Speak about their profound Indian culture. Of course, giving them a good run were the Chinese, I think Malaysian dollings. Bikini skimpiness and walking up and down. Phew? Did all these bother me? Not at all. But definitely an eye opener especially the Indians who alerted a big bulb in my head. 
Spending my next, say an hour idling my time away at the top deck, once sun began to set, I help within this area to dinner. Quite a good and tasty spread between the various items. Great satisfying meal.

After dinner? Well, what else was there? Back to my cabin and literally forcing sleep over me. 

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  1. Wow!! Spa on the ship!! Must be some fun.. i would so love to have one :)

  2. Ahhhh, massage sounds so relaxing.. I want one so bad..
    I have never been in ship:(
    I am inviting you to enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  3. You make me want to jump into that cruise right away. Great pictures and so informative. I'm sure a lot of people would want to plan a getaway after reading your posts.

  4. time is beautiful relaxing time for anyone...hope you had great time too

  5. My spa appointment is done after reading this.

  6. THink the spa people have done a great job.

  7. Nice to get a massage on a cruise,though i haven't been to one.


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