Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bangkok,Thailand - Through My Canon (Part 2)

In all excitement (Ayutthaya Thailand), but food is still a must, instead of a full course meal, I grabbed two bites from MBK Mall. Hunger settled, down to the lobby and into the van for Calypso Show via the mad madness traffic which almost drove me up the wall. We still made it 10 minutes before show time though. Curtins drawn aside, show time began appealingly. Fantastic colorful costumes, impressive dance movements and amazing sound system, Calypso rocked and rolled. Raunchy, sexy, fun, laughter and crowd teasing, lady boys performed super duperly. I couldn't get enough, but unfortunately show came to an end. What an unbelievable utter trilling show. Never will I forget forever.

Back to Pathumwan Hotel, I slept off prior to another early morning by 5am for another Bangkok here I am coming to conquer you (Bangkok Part 1). Started off at the pier, alongside the rest of the Westerners, long tail boat twilighted and twinned in the water, prior to us getting down at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Food, shopping and some animal fun thrown in, I tucked into pancakes from the boat trader, washed down with a cuppa of coffee. Thereafter, I walked around, shopping in no way lured me, instead I grabbed two packets of Thai saffron, I continued walking till it was time to depart.

We then visited the Royal Thai Handicraft Center, followed by Phra Pathom Chedi (Nakhon Pathom) where we climbed the marble stairs, leading to the standing golden Buddha in Pang Ham Yati posture, in this 6th century largest museum in the world. Located in one of the oldest cities in Bangkok, Phra Pathom Chedi is the largest pagoda in Thailand, as well as the official provincial symbol of Nakhon Pathom. Built during the reign of King Rama IV in 1853, the Lankan style, bell-shaped Chedi, covered by shiny brown tiles, is the pride of Phra Pathom Chedi. Additionally, you will see a huge golden Buddha reclining inside a large room at the back of the stupa, a white circular gallery displaying hundreds of representations of Lord Buddha, the little bell towers, chapels, a small museum, a large market selling Buddha amulet and also stalls selling varieties of Thai food. Sincerely, all of these were too much for me. Burning sun, and enough of Buddhist Temples by now.

Thankfully, lunch was the next call. In Rose Garden Riverside. Bright red roses welcoming you in, Rose Garden is actually a huge place. Trees, plants and pond across the restaurant where we had lunch. Great Western and Thai dishes. Thai food especially was a winner, I particularly loved the authentic, coconut milk and screwpine leaves laced desserts and the crackling pork skin. Yum. 

While lunching, I got to know the Caucasian couple who were seated with me. We spoke and when I told them that I am actually solo-traveling, they couldn't believe their eyes. But why? I thought its a norm for Caucasians ladies to travel alone, I did bump into a couple of them while sightseeing. Maybe because I am an Indian lady, and maybe it was akin a cultural shock for them? Just saying, though honestly, they are not the first people who reacted that way. In fact many other I bumped into had to ask me why I am Bangkok alone. Duh! Anyway, after lunching I walked across to the Cultural Center, I did take a moment or two to look at the herbs and the tiny akin museum, prior to following the rest inside for the Cultural Show. Started off promisingly, but within the next 10 minutes, boredom crept in. Not at this time after tummy filling and when sleep was slowly pulling me in. I forced stay put inside, I think I was the first person to walk out once show was over.

Back to the hotel, back again to the adjourned MBK Mall (Santa'S Fast Food) for dinner before night called. Bye bye Bangkok, I returned to Chonburi for one simple reason. My luggage was left behind there. Otherwise, I could have flown back from Bangkok itself. Anyway, bye bye Thailand (Pattaya Street Food) next morning, before coming home in one piece.

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  1. How do I get there? how much is it?

    Many thanks!

  2. Foodie - The tour agent in Pathumwan made the arrangements. It was RM200 inclusive of transport.

  3. Attended a similar one in Phuket. The lady boys are certainly very pretty!

  4. Haha that sounds like so much fun to attend :D



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