Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bangkok,Thailand - Through My Canon (Part 2)

Back to the hotel after a fulfilling tour in Ayutthaya (Ayutthaya Thailand). Quite a tiring one too. In and out of the bus and sightseeing by itself, you gotto walk your legs from one end to the other hunny bunny. Let's not also forget about the weather in Thailand. Mostly, burning sun. Even so, my enthusiasm for more of Bangkok (Bangkok Thailand Part 1) didn't dwell. I still wanted more and the more awaiting me tonight, Calypso Cabaret Show. Sandwich and a drink packed back from MBK Mall and me tucking in, in my room and by 7.00pm, off to Calypso Cabaret Show by hopping into the van. Calypso Cabaret Show. My-My! Colorful costumes, fun, fantastic, lively, raunchy, sexy, laughter, crowd pleasing, crowd teasing and polished performance by the lady boys. What a show. A show which kept my glued to my seat for an hour. Simply superb. 

In fact, I was sort of disappointed when show ended. I went like, oh-no. Can I have some more please? Then again? Reality check. Obviously, show has ended. Duh! Back to the hotel, (Pathumwan Hotel), I showered and good night Bangkok. Next morning, another early jump start. 6.30am start for my part 2 in Bangkok. Where to? To the pier for hopping into the long tail boat ride. Ride? Loved it to every bit. An adventurous enthralling ride. Like a mini water world nature ride for half an hour and before getting down Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market? Basically floating in water and where you eat, drink, shop or just walk around doing nothing. What did I do? Pancakes from the trader and a coffee for filling up my tummy. I had too because my tummy was literally empty. Thereafter, me doing my rounds, around the shops and buying two packets of saffron strands. That's about it for my shopping and me in Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. 

What else or where else next? Royal Thai Handicraft Center. Followed by Phra Pathom Chedi (Nakhon Pathom) where we climbed the marble staircase leading to golden Buddha standing in Pang Ham Yati posture. Phra Pathom Chedi (Nakhon Pathom)? Located in one of the oldest cities in Bangkok, the largest pagoda in Thailand, the official provincial symbol of Nakhon Pathom and built in 1853 during the reign of King Rama IV. The main highlight in Phra Pathom Chedi? Bell shaped Lankan style Chedi, covered by shining brown tiles. Also, where you will see the huge golden reclining Buddha, a white circular gallery displaying hundreds of representations of Lord Buddha, little bell towers, chapels, a small museum, a large market selling Buddha amulet and stalls selling varieties of Thai food. Honestly, by this hour, I had enough of Buddhist Temples and the scorching heat making it worst.  

Thank god, next was lunch. Lunch in Rose Garden Riverside. Bright red roses welcoming you in, and Rose Garden located in a huge nature area. Trees, plants and pond across the restaurant where we had lunch. Great Western and Thai dishes. Thai food especially a winner and me loving those authentic, coconut milk and screwpine leaves laced desserts and the crackling pork skin. Yum. 

After lunch, to the theater across the road and prior to the start of Thai cultural show, me taking a look at the things displayed in the mini museum and all the herbs in the mini garden. Cultural show? What started promisingly, eventually, almost putting me to sleep. Hack!

I still sat through though. To the hotel subsequently, and next morning, bye-bye Bangkok before heading back to Chonburi. A night in Chonburi and off in the air and home sweet home. Bangkok on my own. My first ever solo trip. A pat on my shoulders. Yippie Yeh! I did it. 


  1. How do I get there? how much is it?

    Many thanks!

  2. Foodie - The tour agent in Pathumwan made the arrangements. It was RM200 inclusive of transport.

  3. Attended a similar one in Phuket. The lady boys are certainly very pretty!

  4. Haha that sounds like so much fun to attend :D



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