Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perth, Australia (My Knowledge Travel Venture) Part 2

Are you now asking me how it was like in Perth? Obviously, I am already back home (Perth, Australia Part 1), Perth by itself was quite an interesting knowledge venture travel for me. Come to think of it, Perth did actually open up quite sensational compared to how my Malaysian friends describe it. Wanna know what these friends of mine told me before I left for Perth? They actually said Perth is boring. Rubbish. Utter rubbish. Believe me, it is not. In fact, I discovered some interesting sightseeing spots which you may consider if you are heading to Perth. Or maybe, you have been to Perth, but have not really venture out yet. Let me now spill all of it on sightseeing instead of my primary reason of knowledge gaining during this one week Perth venture.

On the first weekend, that being a Saturday, our Curtin University Of Technology associates made it a point to throw in sightseeing. Sincerely appreciated albeit I didn’t see it coming. Thanks guys. Our day started with buffet breakfast in Ms Maud Restaurant, followed by being transported to Mandurah. Arriving earlier, we had the leverage for walking around. Retail outlets, arts significance and eateries, albeit just a few or maybe because we didn’t walk far out, lunch dolphin cruise began once we hopped into the boat (Venice Cruising). 

Boat started cruising while we sat back to admire, basically nature. Admirable nature indeed (Halong Bay Vietnam). I by the way love such a thing of water cruising which potentially does a whole lot of reflection on my body, mind and soul. Especially during mid-morning when sun is slowly rising to shine Vitamin D on me. Food popped up next. Fish and chips, washed down with canned drinks. An appreciated meal, of course, batter coated and fried fish definitely showcased the fresh catch. Lovely inviting crunch and eaten alongside fried potato batons, we sure were filled up.
Apart from that, it was just relaxing and awaiting for the moment of dolphins. I especially eagerly looked forward until I couldn’t sit. I walked to the edge of the boat and kept staring into the water. There they popped. Plunging high up and down. Bouncing back and forth akin showing off their water dancing rhythms. Admirable. Sincerely. 10 minutes and show was over. Dolphins just refused to appear again at all.
Nevertheless, it was really worth
awing these sensational sea creatures. My first time of seeing dolphins. Oh-my-fantastic. That’s about it, meanwhile boat made a U-turn at the far end where you will see the huge houses of the rich and famous and coming with it their own boats. Wow! Mesmerizing elite lifestyle. It’s all about the money honey. Money bomb for a luxurious lifestyle. I’m happy for these rich people. I am.

Returning back to the pier within 45 minutes, our next sightseeing took place in Kings Park. Amazing. Serenely maintained and the green-green grass of Kings Park is akin a luscious soft bed. That’s why, most probably why people just veg on the grass, do nothing, or read a book or stare at the sky.
Kings Park, notably, besides picnicking and all that, is a favorite spot for tying the knot. Speak about garden wedding, here in Kings Park. While walking around, I took my moment of akin a standing ovation at the edge of the hill for a helicopter view of Swan Lake, the contour of Perth, additionally, I made sure I saw the significant meaningful structures as well.

Bye bye Kings Park prior to returning to Ms Maud Swedish by late evening. Subsequently we walked, quite a long walk actually, to James Street for dinner. The Indian food we tucked into was not a letdown, but waiting to be served almost tested our patience. Well, we had to wait. No other choice. Walking back to Ms Maud Hotel, we had a stop at Chocolateria San Churro. Massively full house, we quickly secured on the only vacant table outside, order placing volunteered by the friend, by the way it’s self-service, followed by eating or drinking. Not my kind of treat. Not at all. I am not into these really sweet stuffs. In fact between the two of us, we struggled with the churros, whereas the rest extremely pleasured into milk shakes. God! How on earth?  Anyway, I accepted the fact that one man’s or woman’s meat is another man’s or woman’s poison.

The next day, Sunday, remember I told you on our Fremantle Day?  Back from Fremantle, I headed to Western Australian Museum. Just so close to Perth Train Station, but because time was not on my side, I had only half an hour. Quickly rushing at the constant reminder of the staff on closing time, in fact they were actually like trailing me all the way till the third floor. Again and again reminding me I need to leave 5 minutes before Museum is closed at 5.00pm. Nevertheless, within the short period of time, I managed to gasp on back then and till now, history of Australia, I also saw the collections of objects, Dampier Marine, mammal, bird and butterfly galleries.

Knowledge gaining followed for the next two days, on the last day, since I had some time in hand, I decided to venture on my own. Bravely I flagged down a cab, so happened the driver was an Indonesian. Oh what a talking joy. We spoke about literally everything under the sun, before I got down at Perth Zoo. Entrance fees paid, thereafter Perth Zoo was all mine for the next an hour.  Dating back to 1898, Perth Zoo features at least 1,200 different animals from over 160 species. Really a huge area, I saw the recreated natural habitats, African savanna, Australian and Asian wetlands, and Australian bush-walk.

Another rush actually because I wanted to head to the Bell Tower (Ayutthaya Thailand). Wasn’t an easy task trying to get a cab, at least 30 minutes of waiting at the road side, finally, off to Bell Tower. One of Perth's most unique landmarks, but I really know it existed, Bell Tower, a cultural icon showcases bells and clocks from all over the world. Restored and preserved through the ages. Actually, to tell you the truth, from the outside I couldn’t see the bells and clocks, neither did I go inside since my friends had arrived to take me for lunch.

We agreed upon Govinda's Restaurant (William Street, Northbridge - Perth,WA) where it was really heavenly vegetarian food. Smell of food waffling in the air, Hare Rama music playing on the background and my lunch was superbly delicious. Loved it to its every last mouthful.
And? Off to the airport. Overall, I must pat my shoulders for this another solo badge of mine which hopefully will trigger many more.

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  1. Nothing more enjoyable than a calming, peaceful cruise, get to see and experience both land and water and have time to daydream and mull things. That 6th photo reminds me of the Taiping Lake Gardens way back in the past. Harks back to the good 'ole days minus the hustle and bustle.

  2. So beautiful. The water so clear over there. can even see the stone the bird standing on

  3. I love cruises...not many cruises available in malaysia for day trips.


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