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Shimla - Nava's Travelog (Part 1)

The journey, the long journey from New Delhi (New Delhi To Shimla) for landing us in Shimla. Shimla! The summer capital of Himachal Pradesh state, northern India, renowned for its breathtaking nature surrounding. Hills, mountains, valleys, all of these as one big nature bundle, alongside greens, trees, and flowers, for capturing Shimla as the essence to nature unspoiled, at its best. However, all of these, Shimla's nature beauty, were massively shadowed, swarmed by pitch dark darkness, due to night has fallen. Right from the beginning, from the bottom-up drive, all the way before we step foot in the resort, perched atop a hill, at about 10.30pm. Ms. Nava, feeling a bit off-track, tell me about it, the hours being seated in the coach and also, the winded drive up, she decided to split away from the rest by skipping dinner in the resort. 

To my room without wasting no time, bags aside, a quick shower, before instantly crashing on the bed. In fact, I didn't even pay much attention to anything, except the clean bed and bathroom. Only then next morning, I realized that I was not short changed in terms of a well cared, comfortable room in JADE VINE RESORT. Ah, lovely. Truly, a marvel! Everything, including the scenery outside resort's façade. A couple of photo shots outside, including yours truly dancing for her social media platforms, prior to breakfast is served.

Breakfast. Breakfast? The standard North Indian array of dishes and you know me or not, I'm not one of those who complain about food. Anything goes. In fact, for me, breakfast at home is simplicity. Just oats, cereals, fruits and coffee. Therefore, hotel meals are actually lavish for a small eater like me. Precisely why I don't demand, request, neither I have high expectations out of hotel breakfast buffets, no matter in whichever hotel. 

After breakfast, next on our Shimla travelogue? Kufri, Himachal Pradesh, where the must try, furthermore. said as, a must do life time experience - Horse Ride to Mahasu Peak, the highest peak in Kufri. Aside to those who opted out, yours truly on the other hand, one who is forever gamed for such new ventures, she went for it after the head count and paying (sorry, can't remember how much I paid). What a blessings as well it was for me because Shimla's winter at this point of time of the year (mid November, 2022), didn't lash me down, nor broke my bones. Millions of thanks to winter for someone like me who really shiver and crumble in winter, even when winter is just beginning to dance and sing. Let alone, I don't even want to mention winter's chilling wind.  

Now, as for the horse ride, some call it pony ride, all of the beauties, the horses, lined up or programmed to behave themselves by whoever is in charge of them. My guide, let's just call him my horse ride guide, oh-wow, such an amazing soul. He held my hands, lifted me up gently for being seated on the horse. Also reminding me that, I should hold on tight to the rope, in sign language, because I don't speak Hindi, neither is English his mother tongue. My horse too, wow, another darling and I decided its a him. We somehow felt the connection between both our souls. Must be, perhaps, my lover from my previous birth. Hahahaha! Just kidding. Still, there was a magical thing for him with him for me. Wallalalala!!!

Horse ride, this one in Kufri, I must tell you, is no ordinary ride. It is actually on a muddy, loads of rocks and winded path. If you don't hold on tight due to the bouncing and jerking on the path, I'm afraid, you probably will go flying. Just like the couple who were in front of me. Having said that, its a real game changer, real adventure, akin Indiana Jones, or Shimla Jones. I, to tell you the truth, was feeling jerky inside me. What if? In case? Thankfully, thanks to my holding on tight skills, I did good all the way, passing by many others who were going up or coming down, and about one kilometer away before the walk up to Mahasu Peak? Ah, Ah, Ah, another tender, loving, care moment by my guide who daintily held my hands for lifting me from the darling horse. Thereafter, handing me his number to call once I'm done with walking up to Mahasu Peak.  

To be continued in Part 2...............


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