Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hokkaido, Japan - Day 2 (Winter Time)

Always and forever, the first night away from home is the most difficult night to sleeping. In fact, this matter to sleeping while travelling has always and I think will always be a code non cracker for me. Hammer house of horror scariness mostly is the main reason, thankfully, during this Hokkaido/Sapporo travel venturing, I had my other half-half, the love of my life with me. That pretty much calmed me down from ghost haunting playing on my mind and of course, on the other hand, for winter snazzy cuddling, warmth lovey-dovey bed time. Still, when you have to sleep over in a bed which is not your familiar home bed, it will I guess, no matter what, be an interrupted sleeping rhythm. Most to most, I reckon both of us slept for maybe 4 to  hours. Up by 7.00pm for showering and believe me, layering yourself in winter clothes can eat up on your time as well. To the dining area by 8.00am, we tucked into the favourable spread. Great meal. My kinda meal of all sorts. My-My! Utterly satisfying Western, Asian and Japanese food goodness. 


Subsequently, we had to decide. Either skiing or snow mobile ride. Both options at our own expense. Basically, its supposedly our free and easy half a day for also doing whatever at our own pleasure,  including staying put in Hilton Niseko Village for doing none (Chitose & Hokkaido Day 1). Locking myself in the room? No way! Are you kidding me? Coming this far and not discovering Hokkaido don't you think is such a waste? I might as well should have stayed at home, don't you think so? Decision time drew closer and while the skiing enthusiasts got moving to Hilton Niseko Village hilltop, we journeyed to a nearby area for snow mobile ride.  

God! Shivering and frozen by winter lashing at its one of the highest peak foams in Hokkaido, I was actually in two minds. Should I or should I not? Can I handle the monstrous mobile on my own throughout slopping towards the winding hill and back down again. At the encouragement and support of my other half-half, yet he just refused to ride with me, I agreed. The given boots, gloves and helmet on me, we sat on the snow mobile which was given a hard push for kicking starting our ride. I was the first in line. I struggled. I thought its the end of the road for me. But I did it and once up there, we had a 10 minutes comfort break. On the way down, the rest went ahead first and I was the last in line for following them.  

The last to arrive back at the grins and laughter of my other half-half, believe me, snow mobile almost three times heavier than me was not easy to handle. What an experience manoeuvring it until I thought I am going to tumble and fall from the cliff. But eventually, its an achievement I must be proud of. I did it people. I am a winner on that count. 
Over and done and both of us till giggling none stop, we made our way to the next door tiny stall for sipping into hot milk. While at it, I couldn't contain my excitement. I kept jabbering for the longest time until we got moving. 
To Yukitei Niseko Restaurant, we hungrily dived into the individually served and adorably presented pot of steaming broth alongside seafood and Japanese vegetables, accompanied by rice, bento box side dishes and hot Japanese tea. 

Absolutely a delectable meal in a clean and traditional Japanese ambiance, we then returned to Hilton Niseko Village. As much as, as much I badly wanted to, eagerness to walking around fizzled off considering the lashing snow and wind. In the end, we decided it will best if we discover Nilton Niseko Vllage within its inside ground and until dinner bells rang for dinner in Yotei Restaurant. Pigging time basically. All you can eat till you drop. Yucks to those we were seated with and their ugly table mannerism of spilling the shells all over the table. Gross! Some people, sorry to say behaved as though they have not eaten for days. We really couldn't believe our eyes and we couldn't stand their ugly sight. We quickly ate and off to our room for calling it a night.    

To be continued..................

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