Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Bentong, Pahang (Nava K's Discovery)

Embarking on another adventure (BETONG THAILAND) to Bentong, Pahang, with my favorite travel buddies was a delightful spur-of-the-moment decision. They're the kind who enjoy the thrill of trying new foods and are always up for a relaxed journey. With no set plans, we hit the road on a leisurely weekday, letting the road guide us.

Bentong, once a quiet town, now buzzes with life. We were caught off guard by the bustling traffic and the hunt for parking in the town center. After some maneuvering and a stroke of luck, we found a spot and set off on foot to explore the coffee shops.Between these, we agreed upon Thong Kee Kopitiam, a bustling hub even at 11:00am. We ordered Wanton Mee, Pan Mee, Chicken Rice, and hot beverages. The food was satisfying, though not mind-blowing - comfort fare found throughout Malaysia.

Karaikudi Kozhi Kuzhumbu/Chicken Curry

Karaikudi chicken curry, a delightful South Indian dish from Tamil Nadu's Chettinad region, is famed for its bold, spicy, and aroma...