Thursday, August 18, 2016

Chitose & Hokkaido (Japan) - Day 1

Time obviously, as far as I can sense has flown by. As if so quickly at the glimpse of my body, mind and soul. Looking back now, I feel, I must actually, feel proud. Unlike our current generation who start travelling even when they are sleeping together without strings attached, I legally tied the knot and waiting patiently for almost 12 years before my love marriage travelling sparked. Touch wood. Trust me, when you are married to a man who is married to his business, I guess your patience is tested beyond. Really beyond until you start questioning yourself if you will ever get a chance to travelling together. Then again, in all fairness, I agreed, I understand and I accept the fact that no money, marriage can rock and fall apart too. Additionally, compared to travelling, building our financial stability for our retirement I believe should be our priority. Basically, its the "Catch 22" marriage reality for women like me in our fifties age era. Nevertheless, call me selfish if you like, I didn't sit around and feel sorry for myself. I actually moved on. On my own towards my solo travelling bucket wish (Colombo Sri Lanka). 

As for our rekindling our marriage travelling, we started off favourably just three years back (South Africa, Denmark/Norway & Italy) and this Hokkaido/Sapporo trip is the latest on our marriage record card. Did I jump almost reaching to the moon and stars? Of course. Who wouldn't, tell me please? Albeit believe me, I am not a winter friendly person. My first winter me holiday literally broke my bones (Turkey). It did mind you though it was just a mild winter. Winter in Hokkaido on the other hand I was told can be massively shivering wrecking. Yet, seemingly, winter in Hokaido is the number one love for our Malaysian Chinese. Thousands of them actually flock to Hokkaido for reasons only they know best. But none of these people, mind you, those whom I know personally have actually told me the exact reasons why winter in Hokkaido is a must do. I suppose then, its for me to find out if winter in Hokkaido is gonna be a travelling game changer?

Eagerness to Hokkaido/Sapporo suspense without a doubt started playing on my head from the moment our trip was confirmed and all the way through from the time we departed from KLIA and transited from Bangkok to land in New Chitose International Airport by 10am next morning. For the next 2 hours, we were left alone for our free and easy to our whims and fancy. Lunch was supposedly but since breakfast on board had filled us up, instead of joining fellow tour buddies in tucking into ramen or udon, we decided on Japanese winter hot beverage drinking culture.  

Into "Miyakoshiya Coffee House", a classy, slightly dimmed and stylish set-up, we ordered Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. My-My! What a pricey start. Not cheap. Whoever said hot beverage drinking culture in Hokkaido is a cheap fare? Not me. Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate on the contrary didn't fail us, no, but to say you have to travel to Hokkaido for the best brew is utterly lame.  

Subsequently, we did the walk in New Chitose International Airport. Anything special compared to the rest of the airports in the world? Neh! Its basically the same. Food of course, in Chitose has to be Japanese noodles, Japanese set meals, Japanese cheesecakes and snacks, what actually caught my attention was the Hello Kitty Store. All sorts of kitty stuffs. You name it, you will see it in the store. Sincerely a kitty crazy.


Did Kitty brand badly tempt me? Not at all because I am not an ardent Kitty thingies collector. Nice to look at, certainly, but why on earth  should temptation run wild on my mind? Honestly guys, buying for the sake of buying is a close chapter on my travelling diary. Moreover, I had enough of crowding my house with unnecessary stuffs and coming with it dusting and cleaning. I in fact, over the years, especially once I achieved my fifties, my concept to living is back to basic simplest on every count, including occupying my house with only the essentials. New International Chitose Airport screened to almost every corner, we then journeyed to Chitose Factory Outlet. Shopping indeed.    

To those of you who have been travelling regularly, I am certain you know what to expect? Such outlets are common sight in most countries? You bet. Whether you shop or not, that's besides the point, but do not miss out on checking out the goods, let alone whether price worthy against your currency. We sure did. Shopping gone with winter wind within the next half an hour, oh yes, I was literally trembling and with hunger slowly playing sparks on our stomach, we walked into Food Forest Food Court which was slowly getting ready for welcoming customers. Not many choices at this point in time, yet we went ahead. I opted for crab meat udon whereas my other half gave a go to Japanese vegetable curry teamed alongside rice. Wow Walla! Food happiness. Truly an appetizing first meal in Japan. Every bit enjoyed to every bit.   

Of course, when its Japan, how can one resist their bubble tea and simply irresistible, lusciously smooth and creamy creamia cone ice-cream? I couldn't. I had to try. Marvelous. Japanese ice-cream especially was an absolute satisfaction! One of the best among the rest I have slurped into so far.

From Chitose Airport, we traveled for approximately 2 hours, in between a comfort break and then, the moment of truth. The moment to why Hilton Niseko Village is the pride of Hokkaido. A premium skin resort located at the south base of Niseko Annupuri Mountain. Hilton Niseko Village, you gotto believe me when I say is a jaw dropping gorgeous winter beauty. Fab! Really!  

By this hour, approximately 5.00pm, Hilton Niseko Village had deepen to darkness. What do you expect? One of those things about winter. Shorter days and longer nights. And winter in Hokkaido during this winter season lemme tell you was in full force. Massive snow falling and wind lashing at its highest speed until, just within less than 5 minutes of taking a quick glimpse at Hokkaido's snow, known as quality snow all over the world, I literally dashed into the lobby. Luggage and room card collected, we headed into our clean, spacious and comfortable room. Speak about Shiseido the brand to shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and hand wash, also, high tech toilet bowl for your ass? Tadaa! Nothing really short in our room, nothing to complain about, we rested for a while, we showered and later we came down to the dining area for buffet dinner.  

Food to glory, eat till you drop, go ahead, gawk as much as you can and the pleasure of it all for me was sitting nearby the window. Gosh! I felt as though I am in a wonder snow paradise.      


Roughly an hour for dinner, we relaxed at the lobby for another half an hour and off to our room. Bed time soon came calling for drawing our day one in Chitose and Hokkaido. Stay tune for our day 2 in Hokkaido.  

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